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Gluten Free Fresh Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce

Moms Caramel Apple Cake GF

Today over in my main section I am sharing a recipe for my mom’s apple cake with caramel sauce. It is a delicious and moist apple cake that my mom has made for years. You really can’t go wrong with apple cake covered in caramel sauce. It is kind of like a caramel apple, but in cake form.

This cake is so good that I knew I had to adapt it to gluten free. Moist cakes like this usually adapt well, so I thought this cake was the perfect cake to try gluten free. And it was worth. The gluten free version was delicious!

Now I will say that this cake is not an everyday cake. It is a special treat cake. One of those cakes you make a few times a year. Not healthy, but so worth it. Really this is a must make gluten free cake for fall.

Moms Caramel Apple Cake Gluten Free

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