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Quick and Easy Cookie Bars~ 5 Ingredient Recipe

Quick and Easy Cookie Bars-

Quick and easy cookie bars anyone? Or should I say quick and easy chocolate cookie bars anyone?

A few weeks ago I shared the meal that I took to my husband’s office for a staff lunch. When I take dessert for lunches like this I try to keep it quick and easy. I also try to make something simple because I don’t do a lot of non gluten free baking in my house because of the cross contamination. I do some, but clean up is a pain and not usually worth doing often.

So, I find it easiest to use cake mixes when making desserts like this. Yes, they have gluten, but they are easier to use than regular flour. Plus, cake mix are one of those shortcuts in the kitchen that I love.

And yes, I love from scratch homemade cake, but let’s face it, cake mixes are also great. You can easily make a last minute cake and some frosting with a box cake mix. You can also use the mix as a base and doctor it up and make many other desserts with it. And you can make a simple cookie bar like I am sharing today with a cake mix.


Quick and Easy Cookies Bars-

These quick and easy cookie bars are adapted from the classic cake mix cookie recipe. And I say classic because I have been making them for year, but if you have never tried the cake mix cookies, you need to. They are easy and delicious!

These are that basic recipe turned into a bar. I used butter in the bar version and I added a little water to make them more brownie like. They turned out great and everyone loved them.

5 ingredients or less

Plus this recipe is a 5 ingredient or less recipe so it fits great with my 5 Ingredients or Less series.

If you want to make these gluten free, just use a King Arthur gluten free cake mix. I have made them that way and they were delicious as well.

Quick and Easy Cookie Bars



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  1. Patsey Manning says:

    These do look like they will be yummy!!

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