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Overnight Baked Oatmeal with Udi’s Steel Cut Oats

This post is sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today is the last day of 2014. Tomorrow is the start of a new year and for many people a time to restart with healthy eating and a new diet.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions for things like losing weight or eating healthier. I do however use the time to reflect on what I accomplished over the last year and what I hope to do for the new year.

I also often feel that after the holidays, and all the holiday food, that I need a restart of sorts. A way to get back to regular eating and a regular routine. I am always more than ready to get back to a healthier and more normal life when it comes to eating.

For me this means less sweets and baked goods. I eat gluten free and managed to stay gluten free during the holidays, but that does not mean that I ate healthy. We have eaten way too many sugary desserts. I need to get back to more normal eating.

One of the best places to start with healthy eating is breakfast. And one of my family’s favorite breakfasts to make is baked oatmeal. We love baked oatmeal.

A few months ago Udi’s Gluten Free sent me some of their gluten free products to try. Included in the package were some steel cut oats. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them. I had been wanting to try my basic baked oatmeal recipe with steel cut oats and I knew this was a great time to do just that.

I wanted to keep the baked oatmeal easy, but I knew with the steel cut oats it would need a little tweaking from my regular recipe. I decided to start by trying this an overnight version. All I really did was make the recipe up like normal, but I increased the liquid slightly.

I then put it in the refrigerator overnight to let the oats soak and soften up. I knew this would make the cooking time in the morning shorter.

And it worked perfectly. This baked oatmeal was similar to my regular baked oatmeal, but different enough that it was a nice change. It was also a little heartier than my regular baked oatmeal.

It also made for a really easy gluten free breakfast.

I used Udi’s Steel Cut Oats with Currants, Flax, and Chia, but you could also use Udi’s Plain Steel Cut Oats. With the plain steel cut oats you could easily add in all kinds of things to change it up. You could stir in some raisins, dried cherries, blueberries, peaches or even mashed bananas or applesauce. There are a lot of variations that you could do to make an easy and healthy gluten free breakfast.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Udi’s Gluten Free. The opinions and text are all mine.

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