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Gluten Free Reviews {King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix}

Gluten Free Product Reviews

Today we are talking cake mixes. More specifically gluten free cake mixes.

Now, I have a love hate relationship with cakes mixes. I think I always have.

I prefer a homemade rich and delicious cake. Don’t we all? There is just something about a made from scratch rich and delicious cake. But I love the convenience and consistent results of a cake mix. Again, don’t we all.

When using a cake mix I like making a basic cake with homemade frosting, but my favorite ways to use cake mixes are to doctor them up. You can do so many things with a basic cake mix.

Over the last five years I have tried a lot of gluten free cake mixes. Some were okay and some were awful. My number one complaint with gluten free cake mixes is the size though. Most gluten free cake mixes only make one layer or an 8×8 pan. Who wants only a one layer cake or a just a small pan?!

So, yes I know there are times when you only need a small amount of gluten free cake, but usually when I want a gluten free cake mix, I want it to be close to the real thing. I want to use it just like I would use a regular cake mix.

Of course I also want it to taste great and have a great texture, which can be hard to do in a gluten free product.

King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix

When it comes to gluten free cake mixes King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix and Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix are my current favorite.

First of all they are the right size. They make a two layer cake or a 9×13 pan or the same basic number of cupcakes that a regular cake mix would. And not only is the size of the mix right, so is the taste.

When it comes to a cake mix, King Arthur’s gluten free mixes are the closest to the real thing when it come to taste and texture. It is not 100% the same,  but it is very close. You can tell that they took the time to get them right.

If I share a recipe in my main section that uses a cake mix, you can pretty much guarantee that I have used a King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix.

Blueberry Upside Down Cake__


I used it in the Blueberry Upside Down Cake that I shared recently. I use them for making Cake Mix Cookies and also for making Dump Cakes. Really, I use them all the time.

I also love the fact that many regular grocery stores now carry them. The gluten free chocolate cake mix is pretty easy to find. The gluten free yellow one is a little harder to find, but I can usually still find them. Even the Braum’s stores in my area have started carrying the King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mixes.

And this is not a sponsored post at all. I don’t think King Arthur Flour even knows who I am. I am just sharing a gluten free product that I love.

Have you tried these cake mixes? What do you think? 





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  1. Brenda Wright says:

    I agree King Authur cake mixes are the best GF cake mix. I take the yellow mix and add some cocoa to about a cup of the yellow mix and make it a marble cake or cupcakes. Always a hit!
    Always use my buttercream frosting to top it off!

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