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Glutino Toaster Pastries {Gluten Free Reviews}

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Today I am sharing one of my girls’ favorite gluten free treats.

When it comes to gluten free eating I have noticed that what I miss is not the same thing that my daughters miss. I think that is because we all have different tastes and therefore different favorites that we miss.

I also think is has something to do with the fact that I am an adult and they are kids. Let’s face it, some of the food we loved as a kid is not so great as an adult. Yes, some things we still love, but others are just not what they used to be.

One of those things that my girls love and miss are toaster pastries. You know that famous ones that come in a box.

Let me just say that I am not entirely sure why they miss these. I rarely bought them. As in once or twice a year if I found them really cheap. They were far from a staple in our house and yet my girls missed them.

Glutino Toaster Pastry

So they were thrilled the first time I bought a box of Glutino Toaster Pastries. And they loved them. It satisfied their craving for that famous treat that they missed.

I had different thoughts on these however. To me they did not taste like the real thing. Yes, they were good, but the real thing, they are not. If I am going to eat something sweet like this, I would much rather it be something else.

But my kids disagree and love them, so I buy them occasionally. Yes, I do. They aren’t an everyday thing, but they do make for a nice treat and give my girls something similar to what they miss.

And Glutino has no clue who I am. They did not pay me to share this. I am simply sharing one of my kids favorite gluten free treats.

If you have tried these what do you think? 

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  1. Gloria Gagnon says:

    In a glass of milk(almond or your choice) I mix 1/2 …3/4. cup chia seed wth sweetener of vice (you judge for amount ) to make a pudding. Can add coco or mashed fruit for additional flavor. Let sit a few hours or over night as the chia seeds swell and jell and get soft.
    I’ve even mixed 1/2 cup chia seed with just fruit that has been puréed or well mashed (small amount…cup or so) to made a jam, no need for sugar unless you choose, again it has to stay a few hours to jell.
    Chia seeds need liquid to jell,so even if you take them on your food the need liquid to do there thing properly.

    • I keep seeing this and hearing people mention it and I have not tried it yet, but I need to! It sounds so simple and pretty healthy.

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