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What Is It Wednesday {Wild Garlic}


Last week’s What Is It Wednesday was so much fun! I loved reading all the answers.

wild garlic

The correct answer, which several of you got, was wild garlic.

Some of you guessed wild onion and I can see why. They look a lot alike, but once you smell them, or pick them, you can tell the difference.

Wild garlic smells and tastes just like garlic. Wild onions smells and tastes like onions. The flowers on them are also slightly different.

In Oklahoma both grow wild all over the place. We have them both on our property during the spring and summer.

Do any of you have wild garlic or wild onions growing on your property?


What Is It Wednesday is a series that I started back in 2011 as a way to encourage my family to try new things. It also became a fun way to share new and unusual foods with my readers. So each week I share a new food that my family tried, how we liked it, and how I cooked it. I also often ask you to guess what it is and then the next week I follow up with the correct answer.

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  1. Marybeth S says:

    Can you eat wild onions? Growing up we were always told they were poisonous.

    • I wonder if there are different types of wild onions. I know people eat the ones that grow here in Oklahoma, but there may be different types in different parts of the country.

  2. Marybeth S says:

    I live in Georgia but I have no idea if ours are different from the ones there.I think this will be a good homeschool project to find out and see how many other things we can eat from our yard.Who know’s,maybe Moma was wrong.

  3. Come over here to the Appalachians and have a taste of ramps. You’ll smell like garlic for a week. LOL

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