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Gluten Free Nut Thins {Gluten Free Reviews}

Gluten Free Product ReviewsNut Thins were the first gluten free cracker I tried and they are one my favorite gluten free crackers.

For those of you that know my daughter has a nut allergy that may seem strange because we don’t eat nuts. But there was a short time where we were gluten free and could have nuts.

I went gluten free in the fall of 2009. My daughter did not develop her nut allergy until early 2010. There were a few months where we enjoyed all kinds of gluten free nut filled goodness. Nut Thins were one of those things.

Nut Thins

My younger daughter recently went Oregon for a quick trip. My oldest daughter, the one with the nut allergy stayed home. This meant that we enjoyed all kinds of nut and peanut filled food while we were in Oregon.

We actually went on a bit of a gluten free nut filled overload. Seriously we ate a ton of stuff and it was all so good!

Nut Thins were one of those things we enjoyed. I forgot how much I enjoyed Nut Thins. Gluten free crackers just aren’t the same as regular crackers. The taste and texture are so different, but Nut Thins are so good. They have a great texture and taste and are gluten free.

We think they are delicious and I would totally buy them regularly if my daughter could have them. They come in several flavors and all the ones we have tried are good. I also love that most grocery stores now carry Nut Thins.

If you are gluten free and have not tried them you should. I think you will enjoy them. If you have tried them I would love to hear what you think of them.

(And Nut Thins has no clue who I am. This is not a sponsored post I am just sharing a product that I love.)


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  1. I love them as well and it;s my son who is gluten free! I recently found a recipe to make them, I am wondering if you could substitute sunflower seed meal? But I don’t know if sunflower seeds would behave the same as almonds…..

    Here is the link if you care to take a look!


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