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Gluten Free Rice A Roni

If you used to love Rice A Roni and miss it since going gluten free, this Gluten Free Rice A Roni recipe is perfect for you!

Homemade Rice A Roni

Years ago, long before I went gluten free, I shared a recipe for Homemade Rice A Roni. We loved that recipe and I made it often because it was a great side dish for so many main dishes.

I kind of forgot about the recipe until recently and I decided to give it a try gluten free. It worked great gluten free. In fact, you really could not tell it is gluten free. It was so good.

This recipe works with both beef broth and chicken broth, so it works great for both beef and chicken meals. It is also so easy to make.

If you used to love Rice A Roni this gluten free Rice A Roni is a must make. If you have never had Rice A Roni than it is also a must make because it is a great side dish for just about any meal!

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  1. Do you have one for Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice? Please. B

  2. Cheryle says:

    Lynn – I would love to have a version for Spanish Rice A Roni, but am unsure what to put in it. Tomatoes & sauce, green peppers? I am totally clueless about what spices to use. I have to avoid Rotel because it’s too spicy. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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