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Cleaning A Double Oven {Ask the Readers}


Several years ago when we were remodeling our kitchen I did an Ask the Readers post on double oven ranges and if they were worth it. The comments readers left on that post were great.

I ended up keeping the double oven we had, but so many readers found your comments and thoughts on double oven ranges helpful. That post is several years old, but readers are still finding it helpful. If you are looking for a new oven you might want to take the time to read the post and comments. I think you will enjoy them.

I recently got a comment on that post that I did not know the answer to, but I knew some of you would. I decided it would be a perfect question for an Ask the Readers post. I love it when my readers can help each other. And I am hoping some of you can help this reader out.

Here is her question.

I own a GE profile double oven and I love it. I mostly use the top oven, which heats up very quickly.

I have a question for your readers –  my top oven is very dirty and have tried the self cleaning  option but it is still dirty. Had my cleaning lady clean using oven cleaner in the past.

The problem is that it is so small and awkward at the top of the oven, I can’t clean under the heating element and it does not seem to pull out.   Does anyone have a suggestion?


If you have a double oven range do you have any tips or thoughts? Can you help this reader out?

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