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Freezing Cookies

freezing cookies

It is no secret that my family loves cookies. Homemade cookies are our favorite.

We have been well supplied in cookies the last few months because I have been working on my new cookie project. At times we have had too many cookies. Well maybe not too many cookies because I am not sure you can ever have too many cookies, but we have had a lot of cookies.

The trouble with too many cookies is that we eat them. If they are here where everyone can see them they are gone in no time. Cookies are good, but cookies all the time is not good. Everything in moderation right. That includes cookies.

My solution has been to freeze the cookies. Often times I just freeze them in a large zip top type freezer bag, but lately I have been freezing them in the small snack size freezer bags and it is working so much better.

Why is this working better? Portion control. If I don’t have a whole bag of cookies on the counter we will not eat a whole bag of cookies.

freezing cookies

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference.

So often when it comes to food it is not what we eat, but how much we eat. Portion control can make all the difference. The reality is that if I have a bunch of cookies on my counter I will eat them. And if my kids see cookies on the counter they will eat them.

So freezing them in small bags and then putting the small bags into a big freezer bags works so much better. We can just take out a small bag for a quick snack, lunchbox treat, or dessert and we are not tempted to eat the whole bag of cookies.

What is your favorite way to freeze cookies?

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  1. Brenda Wright says:

    Freeze cookie dough balls on a cookie sheet and put into a freezer bag. Then you can have fresh cookies anytime.

    • Yes, I love doing that too. During the summer when it is hot I like to bake them all at once and not heat up the house, but fresh cookies are always better and freezing the dough is a great way to do it!

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