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Gluten Free Quesadillas and My Favorite Tortillas To Use

gluten free quesadillas

If you asked me what I miss most since going gluten free at the top of the list would be cinnamon rolls and flour tortillas. I have mentioned my love of cinnamon rolls many times and my issues with coming up with a gluten free cinnamon rolls.

When it comes to flour tortillas though I will admit that I miss them more than bread. Yes, I do. That might seem strange to many people, but I loved flour tortillas.

Oven Quesadillas

Corn tortillas work and most are gluten free, but they are not the same. In my opinion flour tortillas are just better.

When it comes to gluten free tortillas though most of them are lacking. The texture is just off compared to what a regular flour tortilla has.

I love the Mission Gluten Free Tortillas and get them any time I am on the west coast. They work great for tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and quesadillas, but I can’t find them here in Oklahoma.

Gluten Free Quesadillas

What I can find though is ALDI gluten free wraps and I have found that they make great gluten free quesadillas. Not quite as good as the Mission Gluten Free Tortillas, but close. And I think they are far better than a quesadilla with a corn tortilla.

Now I know a lot of you love corn tortillas. For many things corn tortillas are what are traditional, but they still aren’t my favorite. If you love them great, but if you miss flour tortillas like I do try the Mission Gluten Free Tortillas if you live on the west coast. If you have an ALDI near you try their gluten free wraps. They are great was well.

And yes Udi’s and other brands work as well, but I have found that the two I mentioned above are my favorite for quesadillas.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to make quesadillas.

Note: Mission and ALDI did not sponsor this post. I am just sharing a couple of gluten free products that I love.


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