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Nut Free Larabar (Like) Bites Recipe

Nut Free Larabar Bites

Dealing with food allergies can be challenging. Actually it is challenging. I think snacks are the hardest.

A couple of months ago I shared my homemade nut free larabar like snack. We love them and I make them several times a month.

I recently adapted them into a nut free larbar bite like snack that we also love. My son actually loves the bits even more. He told me last weekend that I should make them at least twice a week.

I love hearing that from him because these are a snack that is pretty healthy and filling for a teen boy. I don’t mind making them for him at all.

The main reason I make these is because my daughter has a nut allergy and we can’t have the real ones. I use Sunbutter when I make them. However, if you can have nuts or peanuts feel free to make them using peanut butter or another nut butter. I am sure they would be even better with the real thing.

Nut Free Larabar Bites

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