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Three Simple Recipes {Week 9}

This week’s three simple recipes includes a salad and two make at home favorites.

Main dish salads are great during the summer. They are quick and easy to make and don’t require the use of the oven!

Chicken Bacon Salad

Chicken Bacon Salad is a favorite at our house. I like to use leftover or rotisserie chicken when making it because it is an easy way to have two meals in one. We can have chicken one night and use the leftovers for this salad the next.

Croutons on not necessary on salad, but they are delicious! I love the crunch they give a basic green salad. Homemade croutons are so easy to make. If you have never tried them you should. They are a great way to use up bread that might not be the freshest. They also work great with gluten free bread for gluten free croutons.

If you have kids or grand kids Homemade Magic Shell is a must make! It only has two ingredients and is so easy to make. It makes summer ice cream fun and delicious. And adults love it too!

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