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Ask the Readers { Double Oven Range Are They Worth It?}

Today’s Ask the Readers question comes from me and is all about ovens.

My kitchen is small, with very little counter top or storage space. It is the one part of my house that I really do not like. I love to cook and spend time in the kitchen and I have lived with a kitchen that was not at all designed for someone that loved cooking.

However, I love the view from my kitchen sink. It is something that would be hard to replace. When we bought the house almost 9 years ago, I knew I could change the kitchen, but I could not change the property, so I have made the kitchen work.

This summer though we hope to do some remodeling of the kitchen to make it fit our family and lifestyle better. And since I am a planner and want to make sure I know what I really want, I am already thinking about what to do.

I would love to knock down walls and rearrange spaces, but I have decided the more practical and budget friendly option would be just to redo the current space to really maximize it and make it more user friendly.

One of the things I really need is more counter top space. My kitchen is a one person kitchen. With two girls that are developing a love for cooking, this is becoming more and more of a problem. Actually it has been a problem for while, but it is getting more difficult as my kids get older.

Right now I have a double wall oven, which I love, but I am thinking of taking it out and putting in one of these instead.

Not necessarily that brand or model, but a double oven stove. I love having double oven, especially when having company or during the holidays. So, I am a little afraid to give up my double ovens now that I am used to them, but really I need more counter space more than a I need two large ovens.

I think a stove like the one above might be a good option because I would gain counter space without really losing much cupboard space. But I don’t know anything about them and I don’t know anyone that has one.

I am wondering how they heat and cook. I know the manufactures claim you can still fit a whole turkey, or other really large items in them, but can you really and still have it cook and heat right?

So, I am wondering what you all think. Does anyone have an oven like this? Can you help me out?

What are your thoughts on how they cook? Good idea or bad?


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. My oven died right before Thanksgiving & I talked my husband into the double ovens. We bought an LG after much research & I love it! Yes, the bottom oven will hold a large turkey (mine was 24 lbs) but it was right at the limit. That being said, I love it! I would, however, prefer to have the two wall ovens but that has to wait for a much larger redo than just replacing the stove/oven combo. Oh & as an added bonus, the LG is a beautiful blue on the inside! 🙂

  2. Tina Rheinford says

    We purchased a stove like the one you showed several years ago. The pros, I can cook multiple things at two different temps, the small oven is great for most things I cook for dinner, the lower oven is big enough for a whole turkey and multiple pizzas. Cons, the low oven is so low that its kinda dangerous when our 5 yo son comes around (the door opens up flat against the floor), both my husband and I have burned ourselves on both ovens because they are a little hard to get stuff in and out of (at least in our model). We purchased a convection model, the first one I’ve ever owned. My co-worker swears by hers. I personally don’t like cooking with it and won’t purchase another convection oven. So, I guess the magic question would be if I’d buy another one, and I’d have to say maybe. The pros and cons kinda even each other out so it would depend on our budget when that time comes again.

    Hope this helps

  3. I have one of those, inherited when I bought my house. I actually really love it. It does sometimes act a little different, but once I learned the two ovens it was not a problem. I say go for it!

  4. I’m curious to see the responses to this post. I’ve been wanting a double oven, but not sure which option would be best for us. We are leaning more toward the wall double oven, but, as you stated, space-wise the double oven range may be a better option.

  5. I bought the LG convection double oven and was so excited – however, once it was installed, the bottom oven was so low to the floor, I was having to really squat down or bend over. When I thought about lifting a large casserole dish or a turkey out of it, I really didn’t know if my knees would like all that bending. So I ended up returning the double oven and getting the single LG convection oven instead. It has that beautiful blue inside and works great, I love the cooktop better, it is black with speckles, so it doesn’t show smudges. My ideal preference would be the double wall ovens, though – would love having it up higher.

    • This is my concern on the double oven as well with it being low to the ground. I wish they would switch it for the top being bigger than the bottom. We also have an island that would block us for bending over straight on. I love the ideas of the two ovens and really was ready to buy one, till I keep reading the cons to the double oven. Julie, what model did you end up getting. We are looking to purchase a stove, refrigerator and microwave all before Christmas. Your recommendation is appreciated. 🙂

  6. Don’t do it. I’ve experienced both, and I’d never part with double wall ovens on purpose. They’re much better than the oven you showed above.

  7. Barry Dixon says

    I absolutely love my double oven range. I have the Whirlpool Gold and it is a joy to use. To be able to bake at 2 different temperatures helps when you want food to come out at the same time for dinner. My Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners are so much easier with 2 ovens. I do not haveenough kitchen space for 2 full size wall ovens, do this does the trick! Thanks for asking!

  8. I love mine. I’ve had one for aqlmost 5 years, it’s propane gas fueled. I mostly use the smaller upper oven since there are just 2 of us now.

    The downside is the bottom oven door does pretty much open to the floor and I have to watch with my dogs and cats. I just open the door, roll our the shelf which is on glider rollers (love that!) then stand up and pick up the dish. Easy peasey.

    The smaller top oven does cook a little hotter/faster than the bottom. The bottom is plenty big enough for a ham or turkey.

    All in all, highly recommend it. My next range with be the duel fuel, gas top and electric oven.

  9. I love my double oven stove. Yes, it does open low to the ground, but previous stoves I have had had a drawer on the bottom that was either empty or used as a broiler, which I never used. I say if you really need counter space, (and with all your wonderful recipes, it seems like you do!) you should go for the double oven stove. Maybe you should go to the store one day and browse and mess around with one of these types of stoves and see if you like it?

  10. If you have room for an island that is how I would go to obtain the counter space you need. I have a u shapd kitchen and love the long counter top on one side as I can use it from either side and for lot’s more than just cooking.
    I do not have a double oven so can not comment on that except to say plain black is terrible to keep clean I think. My newer stove has a black top/cooking area with a stainless front. Good luck

  11. That bottom oven is soooo low!! It is hard getting anything out of it. Ave you “played” with one at the store? If not, be sure and do that and pretend to pick up something envy out of it.

    That said, I’m pretty sure that you’ll use the top oven WAY more than the lower.

  12. cookie stein says

    I have a Frigidaire double oven and I love it. Both self clean, and yes, the top one is big enough for a large turkey. The top one is convection, but the lower is not. It is no problem cooking at different temps, nor is it a problem using either one independently. The shelves go in either oven, so you can remove them from the ‘turkey’ oven and use them to put 3 trays of appetisers or cookies in the other. Another option for you is to get an electric roaster for your turkey, and put it on a movable cart to plug in somewhere other than the kitchen. Then, the rest of the year, store the cart/roaster, and choose your stove based on other criteria, rather than turkey roasting..

    The drawback, if any, is that if you cook something heavy in the bottom oven, you are unable to use good lifting practices, and end up lifting with your back…that is why I use the upper oven for my turkey, even though it fits in either. I am 66, so my situation may be entirely differnt than yours…I no longer bend or lift well, let alone in combination.

  13. Misty Hines says

    My inlaws house was destroyed inside by a flood a couple years ago. When it came time to remodel, they allowed my husband & I to do so since the house will eventually be ours, and we opted for the double oven stove instead of a double wall oven. I have used it multiple times for entertaining and love it! We also purchase a microwave that has the convection option, and I love it. We can now cook at 3 different temperatures! The bottom oven is low, but I think it is worth it if you entertain or host family gatherings!!

  14. Kristina Hays says

    To add to everyone’s comments about the low-on-the-floor lower oven, I had to learn really quick to turn my face away when I opened it. Steam facial that hurts! I too inherited mine with the house and will not buy one after my experiences with it. Mine has only a broiler on top, cheaper model for a rental property I guess!

  15. We’ve got one and I really like it. I think the top oven heats up slower, not sure why though. It’s great, especially in the summer to just have to use the small oven when the girls want chicken and fries for lunch, doesn’t heat up the whole house just to fix lunch. Yes, the bigger one is closer to the floor but I haven’t had any issues with that. It does hold a turkey. It’s great when you’ve got a casserole to cook at one temp and something bigger to cook at a different temp. Not too often that I’ve had to use both ovens at the same time but it sure comes in handy when I need to.

  16. I have a Maytag Gemini double oven and I LOVE IT! I mostly just use the top oven, which is the smaller one, so it heats up really fast. While I use the top part most often, I don’t recommend it for baking bread… if the bread raises a little too high, it doesn’t take much to reach the top heating element. I once had caramel rolls rise too high and stick, that was not a fun mess to clean up!

    I have hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the last 2 years and I usually cook a 16-pound turkey, which fits with no problem into the bigger bottom oven, and you could even fit a bigger turkey than that in there. I just make sure to take out 2 of the 3 racks so I can utilize all of the space. And while that’s cooking undisturbed in the bottom oven, I love the top oven for all the side dishes. I did really miss the storage at the bottom which you don’t get with these models, but that was a minor thing. But by far my FAVORITE thing about my oven is that the bottom is a convection oven, so I can fit 3 trays of cookies into the bottom, and still fit a 4th one into the top oven which means I can bake 4 dozen cookies in about 15 minutes, love that!

  17. I really think it depends on your personal preference. I checked one out in the store and would not buy one for the simple reason that the bottom oven is way to low. I have bad knees and back and the thought of lifting anything from that low just doesn’t work. The higher double wall ovens would be the way I would go. Is there a way you can fit an island in for the extra counter space?

  18. I would LOVE a double-oven range, but I’ve been told they aren’t recommended for using a pressure canner, and in fact, have been told NOT to use a canner on one. For that reason alone, I won’t be getting one. If my information is incorrect, I’d sure like to know!

  19. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! Even after all the family growing up, I still enjoy having 2 ovens. I don’t use them every day, but for holiday time and dinner parties, I would be lost without them. Don’t hesitate.

  20. I have no idea about ovens but, a different look at things – to increase counter space. When we looked at tiny seminary apartments that were available close to campus, this one lady (very smart!) had quite a few tricks to have temporary space. She would place a board across the top of her washer and dryer. You could also have built a moveable flip-top-style tray board. Almost like restaurants do to block customers from entering the cashier area. I’m sure you do this (I don’t read here all the time), we often pull out ingredients and mix at the table instead of on a kitchen counter. It’s really hard to beat a great view! 🙂

  21. Love my in the wall double ovens. Have a large family and works great for holidays with all the grandkids. Wouldn’t want an oven the opens up on the floor. It is like a disaster waiting to happen for me. Have a small island that helps for counter space.

  22. Hi,
    Love your site. I get tons of great advice all the time.
    I have had the oven you are looking at-a Maytag for at least 10-15 yrs.. I love it. All my kids are gone now so I really give the top over a workout. It is also self cleaning so no chemicals but I live in south central Texas and I watch the temp to clean it. It really makes the kitchen hot. I also give both oven workouts with the kids and families visit. I have just discovered (thanks to my daughter-in-law) about Mr. Clean oven cleaning pads. These works great on the plastic knobs and oven door handle. It also works great on the cooktop. My husband also cooks alot but no wipe up. Most of the time his cooking beats him not cleaning. When we retired I told him that I cooked the first 42 years and he could cook the next 42. If only he would do vegetables.
    Thank you for your site.

  23. I miss my double oven range. I have never had 2 wall ovens although I would have loved this. In lieu of spending that kind of money we went with a dual fuel GE profile double oven w/ convection. It is a model that was produced back in 05 so I am sure they have changed the name and model. I love cooking with gas for the stove top but I was not so keen on gas temp regulation in the oven. The larger oven was on top and the small one inside the drawer on the bottom. It was low to the ground but it worked quite well as I have no back or knee issues! Only the large oven has the convection feature but I usually only used this when cooking/baking something that I wanted to be crunchy like french fries. It will not be the same as your double oven, but it will be a good compromise for counter space. What you will probably have to decide is how large you want the ‘big oven’ part to be. There are doubles that have the second oven that is NOT a drawer but my best advice is to not buy anything unless you can get a good feel for it! Best of luck!
    When we moved from WA to FL on 08 I wanted to take my oven with me, but when I heard that most Floridians did not have access to natural gas, I cried! Besides my family, it was the hardest things to leave behind. The house we bought has a very low grade oven but I have to wait for it to die before justifying the one I want! 🙂

  24. Betty Sievert says

    I had a double wall oven as well, and I really miss it. It was in a rental, so when I moved, I couldn’t take it with me. I now use a small oven, with a large toaster oven back up. I am going to buy a home this coming year, as I will retire. I think I would prefer the double oven stove, as opposed to a double wall oven. It just seems to be more convienent (Can’t spell, sorry,)

  25. I’ve had both (wall ovens and two-oven stove which I have presently). I do love my stove now. However, it has a smaller top oven which I use 98% of the time. Most things I cook will fit in it. A smaller top oven has the advantage of making the bottom oven (convection) handle, etc. not as far down. I am happy with it. I would like more counter space in your situation.

  26. I have the GE cafe series double oven. I love that the bigger unit is on top and the lower unit is a drawer. This eliminates the problem of having to bend over for heavy things. Mine is dual fuel so I have the gas for the stove and electric for the oven (the best of both worlds!) I also have convection, but admit that I haven’t really learned how to use it. I don’t use to little oven as much as I thought I would,but it is nice to have the option. I love my unit, but probably wouldn’t spend the extra money to buy a double oven again.

  27. Yes, Yes, Yes, definitely get a double oven! I’ve been cooking 40 years and it will always come in handy.

  28. We just upgraded to a double oven made by Frigidaire. Both of the ovens are the same size so we can cook a turkey in both ovens. So far I love having the ability to cook two different things at two different temperatures. I agree that the bottom oven is low, but it is totally worth the extra bending to have more cooking space. Ours has the feature of cooking with a confection oven in both the top and bottom ovens. My parents have the older version of the double oven (small oven on top and a larger oven on the bottom) and they love theirs. If you can afford the double oven I would so do it!

  29. I don’t have double ovens, but I’ve always been told that separate components are much better in the end, instead of combos. We have no choice with our current kitchen configuration, so need to have a range (stovetop and oven combined) but that advice was apparent to me when the oven portion of our former range recently broke, and we decided to replace the whole thing as it was an older appliance. If we had a separate cooktop and oven, we would have only had to replace the oven. So, although I have no experience with the combo you referenced, I’d lean towards staying with the wall ovens so if one dies you only have to replace that one component. just my 2 cents!

  30. My mom just got a Maytag double oven range within the last year and loves it!( I do too, I am secretly hoping mine kicks the bucket soon so I can replace it with the same one!) There are 5 burners on the top, one is rapid heat one and one is adjustable to the size on your pan. The bottom oven is also a convection oven and has rapid preheat. It is super easy to use, and so much easier for cooking during the holidays and anytime. The top oven is big enough for lasagna and the bottom one is definitely big enough for almost any size turkey. Love, love, love it and would recommend a double oven in a heartbeat!

  31. I looked at a double oven stove because I too wanted 2 ovens. I decided against a double oven like the one pictured because the bottom oven when open is all the way to the floor and I felt this would be very difficult to get big roasters etc out of the oven when having to bend down that far. Instead I opted for an above the counter(stove in my case) microwave that can be used as a regular oven as well. has been a great decision for me.

  32. millie alverio says

    I need to ask, with a double oven can you just use one oven at a time or will both ovens heat up?? I currently use my oven for large items but mostly use a counter toaster oven for regular family meals (no need to heat an entire oven to cook 4 chicken breast) I am currently looking to replace my range and would purchase a double oven if I can eliminate my toaster oven.

    • I am pretty sure that they all heated separate from each other, at least the ones that I have seen. You can use one or both and each has their own temperature so you can set them differently. I hope that helps.

  33. I have had my Maytag Gemini double oven for at least 9 years. I love it. Yes you can cook with just one oven heating up. The low door thing is something you notice at first but after a while you don’t even think about it. Other than a large turkey (which i don’t even find a problem) I can’t see anything else being a problem to get out. I don’t find the door that much lower than traditional ovens but maybe thats because I’ve used mine for so long. And yes you will use the top smaller oven the most. I like that if I’m in the middle of baking a batch of bread in the lower oven, I can make supper in the top oven and not wait on all the loaves to be done baking. Don’t comprise having only one oven because it might be somewhat heavy to lift a turkey once or twice a year. I will not consider buying another stove without 2 ovens.

  34. I purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite double oven two years ago – the week before Thanksgiving. I specifically asked the sales man if it would hold a 22 # turkey and he said yes. Guess what? It didn’t even hold a 15# turkey!! As i slid my smallest turkey every – stuffed and seasoned into the oven, it would not fit. 15# !!!! how the heck do they think a 22# would???? I have called Sears many times and asked them if this model would hold a 18=22# turkey and they still say yes, misleading one customer after another. So now I have to just do Turkey parts. Not the same.

  35. I have a 50 year old oven. Bronze color. It is 42″ wide, four burners, double ovens ……it works great. What is it worth?

  36. I have the same question! What did you decide?

  37. Angel Arnold says

    WOW!!! Our oven went kaput night before last without warning and now the money we were going to spend on redoing our floors, will be spent on buying a new stove/ oven. I sent hubby a picture similar to the one you have because I want a double oven…24 years we have lived in base housing where there has only been single ovens and I also “complained” at big meals that I would love to be able to cook everything at the same time. My mom had a double wall oven and I loved using hers when I went to visit….so I use to tell myself that when we retired from the military and bought our first house…I was going to have a double oven. THEN……then I read all of the reviews here and just the thought of possibly struggling to lift something heavy out of the bottom oven or having one of our dogs burn their little noisy noses or what about when one of the grandchildren (non yet…knock on wood but…in the future) is running around while Im cooking:-(
    Think I will stick to my single oven.
    Thanks guys for helping me make the decision!!!

  38. The oven on the bottom is impossible to reach, you have to kneel down. If you are short on storage, go for the tradtional oven/stove with roomy storage drawer under.

  39. I have had double wall ovens for 20 years. My husband put it in for me and it was the best thing he ever did. Like most women I only had one large oven. I am a cook, have raised seven children and bake and make bread almost every day. I loved my double oven as even in the winter when it gets cold I can rise bread in one oven and preheat the other to the correct temperature. Also I am a cookie maker! I love having two separate convection oven’s as my cookies are done in no time. Needless to say when my husband and I bought our fixer-upper, he proudly bought a combination Samsung brand stove induction, and double oven. I would give anything for my two ovens separately in the wall! The biggest problems seem to be that my heating element is only on the top. That is where I normally keep things warm and bake in the lower oven where it is larger. Unfortunately everything on top gets burnt and my bottom oven turns out very poor results. I think it is a personal choice as my sister loves my oven because she does not cook much except reheating frozen pizza etc. For me a professional cook as I have my own Catering business, I will dump this oven in a New York minute and go back to the double oven wall units. Where you have complete control over temperatures and quality.

  40. I own a GE profile double oven and I love it. Mostly use the top oven, which heats up very quickly.

    I have a question for your readers – my top oven is very dirty and have tried the self cleaning option but it is still dirty. Had my cleaning lady clean using oven cleaner in the past.

    The problem is that it is so small and awkward at the top of the oven, I can’t clean under the heating element and it does not seem to pull out. Does anyone have a suggestion?


  41. Years ago I had a Tappen electric double oven stove (in Avocado). The smaller oven was situated above the range top and I loved it. No stooping or bending to get food out. Unfortunately now a days, that space is now taken up by built in microwaves. I would rather have that space being used by the 2nd oven and a small countertop micro. Does anyone know of any manufacturers who make a stove like I am referring to.

  42. My GE electric double oven smoothtop is going on 6 years. Not a convection. No problems except difficult to clean. We only use the top oven for cooking, the bottom oven for storage of pots and pans. My wife wants one easier to clean.

    We are now looking at upgrading. We have noticed that only the bottom ovens have true convection. That is our storage area. Some top ovens have a fan but are not true convection. We have decided to buy one without visible elements under the food. Visible elements make cleaning difficult.

    We want a double oven, but with the true convection only on the bottom, it makes no sense to buy a convection oven you can’t use. The true convection ovens have the element in the rear, around the fan, and do not interfere with cleaning. Right now we use the top oven as a large toaster oven.

    Decision not yet made,

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