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Ask The Readers: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Today’s question is all about eggs.

My family loves eggs, and I have many egg recipes on my site. We love baked egg cups, oven omelets, and scrambled eggs, but we also love eggs cooked over easy served with toast.

If I had to choose my favorite way to eat eggs it would probably be either scrambled or in my baked eggs cups.

Now I am curious what is your favorite way to cook and eat eggs?

Do you like them over easy, sunny side up, scrambled, or in an omelet.ย Do you like your eggs a little soft in the center or do you prefer the yolks hard?

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite way to eat eggs?

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  1. I LOVE eggs! over easy is my fave but i love omelets too, deviled, scrambled, eggg salad….however i can get them i will eat!

  2. I like my eggs sunny side up with a soft yolk with a side order of bacon and toast. Especially when I’m camping and they are cooked over an open fire. They just taste so good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like mine cooked any way, as long as the whites are completely cooked. I think my favorite, though, is fried in bacon grease over medium…the whites are completely set but the yolk is still soft and liquid.

  4. Mrs H in WV says

    I’m bookmarking this one! We recently moved to a rural area and my sweet neighbors raises chickens for eggs and just brought me 3 dozen of her reject eggs (double yolked)..

  5. Either scrambled with cheese or fried with a soft yolk, to dip bacon in.

  6. I poach my eggs and have them on toast with mayo and a side of tomatoes steamed spinach. I have it about three times a week! Love it!!

  7. My kids love their eggs hardboiled. We also do a lot of scrambled. I think their most favorite way to eat them is fried, over a bowl of steamed rice with a slice of bacon.

  8. I love eggs and will eat them any way you want to fix them. We had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner tonight. My absolute favorites are egg in a hole and fried in bacon grease, both dishes with solid whites and runny yolks.

  9. omlettes or scrambled. i used to like dippy eggs but now that i’ve grown up the have to be well done or they just turn my stomach. I can’t wait to try your baked omlette though!

  10. I’m with Sandy. My favorite is egg in a hole with solid whites and runny yolks. I’ve recently discovered I can make them even more perfect on my new electric griddle because it cooks more evenly, which makes me a very happy camper.

  11. Scrambled, preferably in bacon grease. I also like ’em hardboiled, and deviled eggs are fantastic. Not a huge fan of fried or runny eggs.

    I really need to get some canadian bacon so we can try those baked egg cups. They look quite good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I like my eggs fried with the center runny to dip my toast in, but can only eat them way at supper time. Early in the day and they make me feel ill. Weird, I know! ๐Ÿ™‚ My absolute favorite way though is your baked omelet … I either use salmon and some dried dill or this morning I am making it with mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese. Yumm!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Wendy, I just realized that you have a couple of oven omelet recipes – the one I am referring to is your recipe for an oven omelet roll. It is a major favorite in our house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. The only way I’ll eat eggs is scrambled. It may be scrambled with cheese or in a quiche or in a breakfast burrito or plain…heck, I’ve even ask for scrambled eggs Benedict, but I just can’t and won’t eat them unscrambled.

  14. I like my eggs in an omelet with lots of veggies (like mushrooms, pepers, onions and brocolli) and cheesse.

  15. We like eggs in just about any form, but my favorite is scrambled soft, then wrapped in a tortilla with cheese and salsa. Ooh.. and deviled eggs never last long here either.

  16. I like my eggs over-easy, with runny yolks to dip my toast in. Since I prefer the yolk and my husband the whites, it’s perfect. We disect it and take the part we like.

    Wendy, I can kind of relate that you can’t eat them until later in the day, since having my gall bladder removed the whites make me very ill no matter how they are prepared.

  17. Inside cookies or cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Only hard-boiled in this house, sadly. My youngest is AIRBORNE allergic to eggs, which means we can’t cook them as scrambled, fried, baked, omelette, sunny side up, etc. We can boil & eat as hard boiled, that’s it. (i can bake w/them, too)

    My kids like sleepover parties where the breakfast is eggs; that’s the only way they get their favorite–scrambled eggs–these days. =(

  19. I like either fried egg whites or boiled eggs. I boil a bunch of eggs at night, peel them and put them in a baggie for quick and easy protein for breakfasts.

  20. Our family’s favorite way is to eat Eggs & Rice. We steam our leftover rice in a skillet, add butter and salt. Pour over scrambled eggs and cook until eggs are firm.

  21. Poached eggs are excellent. My boys love them. We also like egg sandwhiches(eggs, slice of cheese, & mayo on toasted whole grain bread).

  22. Soft-boiled…when the center still has some of the delicious liquid in it, but the whites are completely cooked. Heaven!

  23. Over medium or easy (whichever has the white part cooked but the middle still runny)

    On hashbrowns, in between pancakes, fried egg sandwich. And my Dad’s deviled eggs, he only makes them for holidays and they’re so yummy.

  24. I guess my favorite way would be in cookies. But as eggs alone I like them fried in a little bit of butter yoke broke and fried hard till the edges are crispy

  25. I LOVE my omelets!! The more veggies and meat in it, the better!! If I could, I would make omelets everyday =) If I had to choose an omelet recipe, it would be the pretty basic one with onions, peppers, & ham…but I’m always open to adding different veggies and meats to my omelets!

  26. My favorite is over easy with toast. I also like scrambled and hard boiled. Surprisingly I have never tried egg salad. I need a good recipe to try ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. my favorite way to eat an egg is over easy in bacon drippings! BUT, my favorite company eggs or special occasion eggs is YOUR Oven Omlett Roll….it is a hit everytime!!!!!

  28. Eggs in a Basket!! My very very favorite. I understand that some people call it Egg in a Hole or Frog in a Hole. I dont understand the Frog part….We once drove 4 hours to the nearest Cracker Barrel because I wanted someone to make them for me…sad, I know.

  29. Omelet!
    Beat eggs in bowl, then pour in omelet pan. Favorite add-ins are mushrooms, diced tomatoes, olives, bacon, ham. I forget about spinach, it would be a great add-in as well.

    My husband makes an omelet for the kids every Sunday morning. He makes it fun for them by adding a “surprise” ingredient that they have to guess. He’s added everything from salmon to corn to broccoli and ranch dressing.

  30. I’ve always loved “slapped” eggs. Fry them in bacon grease until the whites set, then slap some of the hot grease over the top of the egg to finish cooking the top. The yolk will still be runny but will have a whitish finish to it. It’s kind of like having them over easy but still sunny side up.

    It isn’t the healthiest way because you need rather a lot of grease. Usually I just microwave my bacon and put a little dab in a non-stick skillet, for flavor, to fry my eggs in. The consolation prize is that when I cook them that way I get to play with tossing the eggs over in the skillet like Julia Child did in _Julie and Julia_.

  31. Karin Goodman says

    School mornings are usually hetic at my house. This am I had my favorite fast breakfast which is egg over easy with white all the way cooked and yoke runny over gf toast. I also love scambled eggs with chopped ham and grated chesse. This is a sortof omlet that is scrambled. Omelets are usually great on weekends. My Breakfast for dinner is pancakes, waffles or hashbrown quiche. We are having blintz pancakes for dinner tonight. The recipe is in the betty crocker red and white cookbook. Full of protien and very yummy.

  32. katklaw777 says

    I grew up as the only one in the house who ate her eggs over hard. My dad would make Sunday morning breakfast for everyone and leave my eggs in the frying pan for me to take out when I thought they were done. When we went to a restaurant, I’d ask for my eggs over, hard, dead, killed and burnt and they still wouldn’t get them right. lol
    Now I am a omelet lover, anyway, anytime, anyplace!

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