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Ask The Readers- How Do You Like Your Steak?

It is spring which means it is also the beginning of grilling season. One of our favorite things to grill is steak, so today I thought we would talk about steak.

I grew up eating steak that was cooked very well done. My dad does not like any pink to his meat, so my mom never cooked our steaks with even a hint of pink to them. We always ate them well done and I always thought I did not like steak.

Then I got married and my husband is the exact opposite of my dad when it comes to how he eats his meat. He  likes lots of pink, actually more like red to his meat. He would rather have you error on the side of not done enough than over done.

After a few years of cooking steak for my husband I realized that I actually do like steak, I just don’t like over done steak. Steak really does have much better  flavor with a little pink to it.

Now, I still don’t like my steak rare, but I do like it cooked medium well.

Now I am curious how do you like your steak cooked? Do you like it well done, medium, medium rare, or rare?

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  1. I prefer my steak medium. Mmm! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says

    I don’t eat a lot of steak, but I agree with you that it loses its flavor if it is overcooked. However, I tend to just get grossed out if there’s too much pink in the steak, so I need it to really bee medium-well if I can eat it. But then I do enjoy it. 🙂

  3. love bbq after a long cold winter….med-well for me with sauteed mushrooms and onions…yum

  4. Medium well…yet with a little crispy on the edges, does that make sense? I like you, grew up on very well done steak, but then my husband likes alot of pink…so I ended up somewhere in the middle.

  5. I absolutely love steak! I prefer it no more than medium, though :3 The more pink, the more flavor it has!

  6. I think medium is really the way to go with most cuts, not only more flavor, but the texture is so much better. And charred meat has more carcinogens, so why not just grill responsibly 🙂

  7. I’ve realized over time that you’re generally influenced by the people around you, even about the little things like how you prefer your meat. I grew up in a house of “medium well” and that’s how I always cooked and ordered my meat. Then, when I married, my husband’s family was a rare-as-you-can-legally-serve-it family and slowly but surely I got dragged towards the pinker side of life. I now typically order meat medium, mainly because you never know what quality of meat a place will serve but cook it medium-rare when I’ve selected the meat myself.

  8. Well done, and absolutely no pink. I wouldn’t eat any other meat under-cooked, so why steak?

  9. Perfect for me is just the rare side of medium. But I will eat it anywhere between medium-rare and medium-well.

  10. I grew up in a medium-rare family, but my husband was always a well-done kind of person. After six years together, we both love steak anywhere between medium-rare and medium-well.

  11. I like mine practically still mooing. 🙂
    But, like someone said above, I only eat it that way when I’ve purchased the meat and cooked it myself. In a restaurant I order it medium.

    • @CherubMamma, My aunt was ordering steak at a restaurant years ago and there was some question of how rare she actually wanted it to be. My uncle told the waiter to “knock it in the head, wipe its butt, and put it on the plate.” I’ve never forgotten that.

      • @Lisa, HAHAHAHA! I love it!

      • Amandaruth says

        this comment made me remember a story my mom use to tell me about a great uncle that would tell the waitress to just run it by and he’d catch it on it’s way out…
        and i’m definitly a medium well, but my husband has gotten me to eat medium with a little pink. What is it with men and not cooking their food all the way??

  12. Kim Kauffman says

    I used to eat it well done but my husband has converted me and now I usually get medium well. It really does taste much better!

  13. I prefer medium-rare. I feel like past medium you start losing flavor. I do believe in allowing steak to rest for awhile after taking it off the heat so you don’t lose all the juices when you slice it open.

  14. I grew up like you, my parents always ate/cooked their steaks to a charcoal well done. Hubby has slowly converted me to enjoy a medium or medium-well steak now. I like a lot of pink, but very little red. The texture of steak any rarer than that grosses me out for some reason.

  15. I love steak. Must have some pink in the middle!

  16. Medium rare is the only way to have it, in my opinion, otherwise I usually find steak to be too tough or chewy.

  17. Karen Aubrey-Garrett says

    I like steak the way my father grills them & has taught my husband to grill them. The fire has to be sizzling hot, searing, & somewhat charring, the outside of the steak & leaving the inside medium to medium rare. This keeps the juices in.

    It’s gotten so we’d rather eat a steak at home than at a restaurant.

  18. I usually enjoy my steak more on the pink side of medium, although I order it medium rare when we go out. Very few places seem to be able to cook steaks correctly around here – including the high-dollar steak restaurants.

  19. Linda Stokes says

    I like mine very rare, I have been told it’s called blue rare. If I’m cooking it myself , no more than 2 minutes on each side. Just enough to color the outside a little. Lisa’s comment about “knock it in the head, wipe its butt, and put it on the plate.” pretty much describes it.

  20. I used to be a medium-well kind of girl, but my husband has pulled me into the medium camp. 😀

  21. You’re story sounds just like my husband. His mom always cooked steak very well-done and he could never figure out why people liked steak so much because he thought it was tough and dry. Then in college, someone gave him a medium-rare steak and now he loves it. We both prefer ours to be cooked medium rare. Anything more is too dry and too tough for me.

  22. Rarely eat steak, (no pun intended), but when I do…I like it medium rare.

  23. Julie Huey says

    The nice flavor does go away when overdone like you said. My husband likes them medium. I’m not a fan of red-looking meat, so I like them medium-well (pink).

  24. Def. for us it’s medium, maybe leaning a little towards rare. I like to marinate the steak for about an hour in worcestershire, garlic and horseradish, I also will make a foil packet along side the steaks of mushrooms, onions and chopped tomatoes mmmmmmmmmmm
    making me hungry!

  25. I like my vension steak cooked medium rare, cooked the same way your husband does. My husband taught my son to “moo” everytime I would cut my steak and a little juice would run out. I would hear mooing at the table.


  26. Medium or medium well here, although DH always overcooks them 🙁

  27. Paula Cameranesi says

    The whole family likes our steaks medium rare. Now I want steaks!

  28. My husband worked in a meat packing plant as a teen and will only eat it just this side of burnt. I still have my illusions and I prefer medium rare, but order medium when I’m out. Besides it was a sausage packer – who knows what the ingredients are besides sawdust and he still eats them so how bad could it really be?

  29. Don’t shoot me….I don’t like steak. If it is served to me when I am at someone’s home, cook it well done (no Moo – covered it in A-1). I do like to cut it up in small pieces and make taco’s out of it – so much better than ground beef tacos.

  30. medium rare–definitely

  31. I rarely eat steak, largely because it is so difficult to cook it the way I like it! I like it well- done: absolutely no pink, but not overdone. It is a very difficult balancing act. My husband however is in the camp of those who like it as rare as it can get.

  32. Karen Pruneau says

    Brown on the outside and all the way through, no black anywhere.

  33. medium rare to medium…..i cook it often for me as my kids don’t like it and i then add it to a salad!

  34. Shannon W. says

    Mmmm bloody! lol. I really disliked steak growing up because my mother always made it well done and if we went out she would not allow us to get it any other way. As soon as I was out of the house I was making/eating steak from medium rare to medium. Any more than that and it’s too tough.

  35. I like mine as steak tartar, I want it to bleed when I cut it. I like my fish raw too :0) Chicken and pork are the only things I cook to medium.

  36. I like my steak medium rare to medium. I want a warm pink center.

  37. I prefer mine rare or as my father would say, I like it to walk up to the table and go “moo!”

  38. Medium with lots of A1 Steak Sauce on the side 🙂

  39. It is funny because I was reading the previous comments and saw that a few people order their steaks cooked more when they are at a restaurant. I am the opposite. I like my steaks medium-rare, but when we eat out, I order it rare because I usually end up bringing some of it home to re-heat the next day. When I re-heat it, it cooks it more and if it was rare to begin with, it is usually medium-rare after it is reheated. I do not worry about safety because things like e-coli and that, live on the surface of steak. It is when you grind the meat that the bacteria and such can get mixed into it and it becomes a safety issue.

  40. I am always disappointed when steaks go on sale. Even with the sale price it is too expensive for our budget. My dh and I will usually share one so luckily we both like it just a little pink. Does any one buy the Omaha steaks? If so, happy with them?

  41. Evelyn Eggert says

    My husband and I love our steak medium.

  42. I like mine medium (a hot red center). When it errs on being mostly pink, I’m okay. Just not bloody – eww.

  43. I’m with your husband; better underdone than overdone (though like you, I grew up in a family that practically roasted steaks — well I should say “steaks” as I thought round steak was the only kind there was).

    I also like to top mine with some herb butter, often with a nice roquefort mixed in. One of my favorite meals.

  44. Well before I met my husband I enjoyed my steak being well done, something about any pink sickened me. But now after meeting him, I am now a vegetarian. Yes drastic change but it is not so hard anymore. Fake meat and meatless products are the way to go for me.

  45. My husband likes medium-well. I prefer medium to medium rare depending on the cut.

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