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Ask The Readers: What Is Your Favorite Color?

Today’s ask the readers question has nothing to do with food, but I thought it would still be a fun question to ask.

We are in the process of deciding on a paint color for my girl’s bedroom. I had no idea the issues we would have in picking out a color.

My girls have totally different personalities and that means that their favorite colors are very different. Let’s just say my eleven and thirteen year are having a hard time deciding on something they both like.

The whole back and forth of listening to them and what they like and do not like has been interesting. It has mad me think about the wide variety of colors that people like and dislike.

So, today I thought it would be fun to talk about favorite colors. Not necessarily what you would paint a room, but just your favorite color in general. Do you have one? If so what is it?


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  1. Grandpa’s quick solution to this problem is white or off-white & let the kids use their favorite color(s) in the accessories. Simple & keeps the room bright & cheerful. Too dark of a color on the walls makes one feel like they are living in a cave anyway! Depressing & makes for sour moods!

    • @Dad, We will probably be doing just that. Plus things are easier to change when they get tired of their current favorite color. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @Lynn, I like his suggestion. And you are right. It’s much easier to change the accessories. We just finished re-accessorizing my dd’s room. It went from little girl to tween/tween and zebra motif.

  2. Can’t you do 2 walls one color and 2 walls another? If you can get them to somewhat coordinate, you should be good to go!

    • @Mandy, If they could agree on colors that would compliment each other we might try that, but they really do like two totally different ranges. I think we will end up going light in color and let them pick out things in the color they like.

      • @Lynn,
        I do a lot of decorating and find that colors on opposite ends of the color spectrum complement each other beautifully (e.g. blue/yellow, green/pink). I did a beautiful “movie room” in deep brown, with red and green accents — the red and green trick your mind into feeling brown, if that makes any sense at all. For a kid’s playroom I once painted the ceiling a bright fire engine red, the walls sky blue, the closets and doors schoolbus yellow. I put a one-inch band of black around all the windows, doors, floorboards, and framing each wall. Then I threw a remnant of black and white checked vinyl flooring down — not glued down so it could be ripped out later, and the kids could make all the mess of it they wanted. And in my current living room, I used orange and hot pink to beautiful effect. Not a color combination I would have imagined liking, but being surrounded by water, I wanted something bright and distinctive to compliment the blues and grays of the water. So don’t worry about colors not complementing each other — with the right shades and accents, you can pull it off.

  3. My favorite color is any shade of purple. My favorite color for wall paint is light yellow. I think it makes the room bright and happy. I agree with your Dad I think dark wall colors, even when they are “the” style, are depressing and make for dark moods.

  4. My favorite color is blue.

  5. What if the girls each got to pick a color and you did the top half in one and the bottom half in another. Put a chair rail on the line or allow a white border line between the two. Then they can each have accessories in their color or find a theme that includes both colors. There is so much fun stuff out there right now. And it is so easy to change paint colors when you want to!

  6. Try a pale silvery gray, both girls can choose colors for their side of the room and when they leave to go off to school you don’t have to repaint.

  7. When I told my kids that they had to decide on colors together or I would paint it “sunshine yellow”, they quickly came to an agreement. The walls are going to be aqua, and my daughter will be accenting it with teal and my son with black.

  8. My favorite color is orange. I painted my kitchen this color in my last house. My oldest daughter had her room repainted when she was 11 (she is 13) it is a burnt orange color on two walls and a redish brown on the other two. She has a lime green comforter and purple swirl curtains. My youngest just had hers repainted this summer (she is 10) hers is a dark lavendar on two walls and an canary yellow on the other two. She has fuzzy purple curtains and a bright fushia bed spread. Sounds weird but it looks really good. My husband is great with colors (I am not) so he did their rooms. I paint I just don’t pick it out. We did paint the focal wall of our family room orange a couple of years ago.
    Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nicole N. says

    I love green. We did our nursery in a light or sea green and it coordinates really well with pink, purple, yellow, etc. If we have a boy next, it really could go with blue as well. Good luck!

  10. My favorite color is purple. Recently two two of my friends painted their daughters bedrooms lavender. And I must say, they came out great!
    Good Luck.

  11. My teenage daughter’s room was fushia pink, her closet, lime green & her sewing room purple flirp! That room “glowed” from the downstairs! In this house, she painted her room lemon yellow – still bright! My other daughters rooms were a celery green (it was supposed to be a garden theme – moved before that happened) and the other one is now pink (she’s our last girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Our boys have khaki (because I bought too much for the main floor of the house! LOL!

  12. you could do white and then just do an accent wall where their beds are if their fave colors aren’t too off? or just use their comforters or whatever define their favorite colors.

    For me, toss up between green and yellow – I love both of those colors.

  13. Rachel Landers says

    I adore apple green. It feels fresh and new and just makes me feel happy! We recently painted our daughter’s bathroom apple green and it makes a beautiful room.

  14. I like “Dad”s idea. We’ve never actually had this problem because we have 2 boys who care nothing about decorating. However, I do have a little girl who wants everything customized to her, lol. We’ve had to accessorize because we are renting.

    My favorite color is green. A color that I just love is Midnight Blue.

  15. Wez Bailey says

    I would go for white and then use wall decorations and accessories in the colors that your kids want-I believe it’s a less daunting task to find accessories when your walls are white-any color would match!

  16. My favorite color is green. Pale green to me is a peaceful color and very relaxing. You would be able to take each child’s favorite color and use it as an accent (pillow,curtain trim,ect). Nature can’t be wrong…look at all the flowers that go with green.

  17. When my girls were young they shared a room and when we were going to paint it one year they could not agree on colors so they each got to pick two walls. The ceiling was done in white and one daughter picked pink and purple and other picked blue and yellow so the room was painted just like that and they loved it for years! The best part was any pair of curtain and any bedspread they picked went with the room. Now they have grown up ๐Ÿ™ and I have repainted the room all pink for my granddaughters to use. Good luck!
    Remember, they are only young once and it doesn’t last very long!

  18. I love the idea of a neutral paint and then colored accessories. That has worked well for us in the past, whether it was a color or a cartoon character. Its much easier to swap out a Diego pillowcase for a Spiderman pillowcase than it is to redo a whole room. Good luck and enjoy!

  19. Z's mom says

    Well my favorite color has changed throughout my years. It started with blues and green’s which seemed to be the only two colors that I would wear do to having red hair. But now my favorite color has become pink. I have a few items that are pink, but I love pink do to that my Mimi is a cancer survivor and I’m the only girl in my family that consist of my husband and two boys. So pink just makes me feel like a girl when you need a little girl time.


  21. Karin Goodman says

    My fav color is green. Any shade except lime. This is probably not the best for a girl’s room though. I agree with “dad” go with a cream color and accessorize.

  22. Purple! Hubby is even going to let me paint our front door a dark purple ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did paint our tiny half bath lime green – with orange and yellow towels and accessories.

    I hate to paint, but it is such an inexpensive way to make a major change. I grew up in military housing – white cinderblock walls – YUCK!

    There are SO many different styles of vinyl wall decorations that can be picked up everywhere from Lowe’s to Hobby Lobby – they’d be a super easy way to personalize each girls’ space, and easy to change. Oh, Etsy also!

  23. Periwinkle. It has been my favorite color for years!

  24. Joslyn Keathley says

    I {heart} green…just about any shade of it except Hunter…bleck.


  25. My favourite colour is purple.
    I like accessories and clothes in all shades of the colour, mauve right through to violet and lilac.
    We’re shortly going to be moving to our new home, and I plan on painting one wall of my small sitting-room, in one of these “A Hint OF” colours.
    I find the colour to be calming and highly energising. It lifts my mood everytime.

  26. Tammie D says

    My signature color is purple (yes, I “borrowed” and adapted it from the line in Steel Magnolias), but I have always loved purple, any shade, since I was a little girl. My momma had a clown and curtains and a whole bed linen set made for me in several shades of purple. They were gorgeous. My bedroom now is accented in purple(my hubby’s ok with it) and pink. Pink being my #2 color. Everyone in my house has a different favorite color, but we incorporate everyone’s color into the house as much as possible. We have neutral rooms also thru the house. My girls share a bathroom, but they both like pink and various shades of it so it was pretty easy for them to agree on a color for the bathroom. We then accented with colors that was specific to each of their likes. It was fun. We are getting ready to move in about 4 weeks, so it will be neat to start over again and see what we get this time!!!

  27. Oranges. Especially with blues or browns.

  28. I have three colors that I consider my faves: lavendar, aquamarine and burgundy =0)

  29. PURPLE! and RED!
    although they may not be the greatest wall colors, I’m learning that pale, neutral walls are fine w/me as long as I have lotsa color splashed all over the room, curtains, throw rugs, wall decor, etc. And one or two fabrics that have all the various colors.

  30. Julie Huey says

    Our daughters’ rooms have pastel yellow walls. I thought chalkboard paint on the bottom of the walls looked nice in magazines at one point, but realized that the mess from all the chalk may not be so bearable for many moms. If I were to do the girls’ rooms over again, I would do a two tone…one of the walls having a different color. But, you asked what my favorite color was. I would have to say it’s tan/beige. If my kids’ rooms were my rooms, I would do three walls tan/beige and one wall a pastel green…reminds me of my garden. The possibilities for decorating the room flowers and outdoorsy things are endless.

  31. I like neutrals if you’re having color choice issues. White, off white, some color of taupe or tan. My 3 girls share a bedroom that is granny smith green.
    My favorite color is orange, but I’m not really brave enough to use it in decor.

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