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Ask The Readers- What Is Your Favorite Food?

Today’s question is all about your favorite food.

My favorite food is chocolate.

Now, I know I could not live on chocolate alone, but if I had to pick my favorite food, it would definitely be chocolate. And I am guessing I am not alone on that one.

What is your favorite food? Are you a chocolate person or would you choose something different for your favorite food?

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  1. Ha ha! I love chocolate, although if I eat too much it gives me a headache. I would have to say pasta for me! So comforting!!!

  2. Martha Artyomenko says:

    My favorite food would be salad. A really yummy salad! Leaf lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber, grated carrot, and balsamic vinegar and oil with pepper and salt…

  3. Tacos – with deliciously slow-cooked chicken/beef/pork, crispy lettuce, freshly shredded cheese, homemade salsa, sour cream, tomatoes… mmmmmm!

  4. No Lynn, you are not alone. My favourite food is also chocolate, followed by strawberries 🙂

  5. I love chocolate also but, I really like all kinds of foods. It is hard to say what is my favorate is. LOL

  6. Pie -homemade lemon or coconut or chocolate, cherry and apple and pecan are pretty nice too.

  7. Old-fashioned southern fried chicken.
    Although Mamie almost made me change my answer to tacos. Those are might tasty, too!

  8. Pizza without a doubt! I could eat it every day. Chocolate is good too though.

  9. Melissa V says:

    Fruit, any kind, any time.

  10. Jenni R. says:

    Um if we’re talking real sustenance then anything Italian or Mexican. But if we’re talking indulgence, it’s a caramel chocolate combo. There’s this pie… mmmmmm!

  11. Pass the chocolate! But pasta, sushi, lobster and soft shelled crab are up there too!

  12. amberlee says:

    Of course I love chocolate, but I also love real homemade Mexican food….so of course Mole Poblano is a way to combine those 2 loves. 🙂 I also really enjoy sushi, Italian, all sorts of Ice Cream and Chinese foods….oh heck, I love all food! 🙂 (chocolate and Mexican still top the list).

  13. I have to agree with Mamie on Tacos – they are just the best.

  14. French fries or maybe homemade bread with butter?

  15. Favorite food??? Oh please don’t make me choose..LOL!! I love to cook and I LOVE to eat it. I am fond of sweets especially ice cream and cake. Give me the 2 together and I’m in Heaven. On a serious note though I do eat healthy including a lot of salads and fruits.

  16. My favorite food would be peanut butter and banana sandwich.

  17. Nickalli says:

    One? I have to chose one? I guess if I was offered something over and over and could never say no – it would have to be bread. Not like sandwich loaf bread, but bakery fresh baked loaves of artisan bread. Sourdough, french, rye, dill, potato, hawaiian,…… just keep ’em coming!!

  18. Mmm..I love food. I might have to say rice is my favorite. Rice dishes. I absolutely love a good Thai red curry with rice, or one of my favorites at the moment is rice and quinoa pilaf. I also LOVE homemade fresh bread with butter, homemade tacos, avacados, cheese, nuts, olives, most vegetables, and fruit, specifically guavas, pears, mangos, cherries, and strawberries. A little piece of dark chocolate also hits the spot, but milk chocolate is gross, especially Hershey’s.

  19. 5 years living in Korea made me a Korean food fan! That is my ultimate favorite food (Bulgolki, Yakimandu, and Galbi are my top 3 favorite Korean dishes). 2nd place goes to Italian…with lots and lots of sauce and cheese!!!!


  21. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt!!

  22. Linda from Georgia says:

    I love ANYTHING mexican — or really hot hot wings.

  23. Mine would be tomatoes. I love them in any way, any form. My husband gardens for me, and he planted 34 plants this year. Each and every one of those tomatoes will be eaten this year, none preserved (there won’t be enough–I have to buy more specifically to can). I just adore them. Thankfully, he’s a good tomato farmer! 🙂

  24. Seafood. Any seafood! Then white chocolate. Unfortunately, all other forms of chocolate are on the forbidden food list here. Sigh….

  25. I prefer salty to sweet, carbs to fiber. Put those two together and you have Pennsylvania Dutch style Chicken Potpie (resembles southern chicken and rolled dumplings). I grew up on that stuff and can still eat it three meals a day. Oh, it’s so bad for diabetes, but it tastes sooooo good. I think after that it would either be bacon or dried beef gravy – minus the toast. I seriously prefer salty over sweet.

  26. I just love food period, but cookies are my downfall. Any size, shape or flavor; put a cookie in front of me and I am a goner. I think I was Cookie Monster’s mother in a past life. Let’s hear it for cookies!

  27. Oh, it just has to be veggies of ANY kind and the more unique the better, such as artichokes – YUMMER! Fix veggies any way, but fried, and I can’t get enough of them!

  28. Ice cream is my fav!! I LOVE it!!!

    But dark chocolate is pretty close behind…

  29. Julie Huey says:

    On the not-so-healthy side…Lays potato chips, homemade caramel popcorn, homemade almond chiffon cake (super moist ones), homemade chocolate cake (super moist ones made with dark Ghirardelli chocolate), cinnamon buns (cakey with lots of cinnamon sugar), apple strudel (flaky crusted ones topped with sugar crystals), homemade apple pie (topped with sugar crystals), Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream, Ghirardelli dark chocolate icecream, homemade carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting), ramen noodles, seared shrimp and asparagus on a bed of super buttery linguine, linguine in a rich creamy clam sauce, clam chowder (rich and creamy in a bread bowl), Korean BBQ Beef (Bulgogi), Banh Mi (with fresh baked bread), won ton soup (mixture of pork, shrimp, and chicken paste), bell pepper beef (without pineapple or sweeteners), homemade egg rolls (thin skinned), rib-eye steak (topped with mushroom sauce), prime rib (top with homemade mushroom gravy), mash potatoes (rich and creamy), all American breakfast (sausages, over-easy eggs, hash browns, and toast), garlic fries, sweet potato fries, deep-fried tofu stuffed with ground shrimp (contains egg white for binding), chicken fried steak (without sauce), nachos (the works), Mexican hot chocolate, Nathan’s or Hebrew National hotdogs, brandy fried chicken, and Round Table’s King Arthur combo pizza (thin crust and lots of cheese).

    On the healthier side…homemade wild-caught Alaskan cod over a bed of spinach with pinon nuts, homemade orange roughy over a bed of swiss chard/mash potatoes, ratatouille, baked potatoes, pistachio nuts, homemade pan-fried bell peppers stuffed with marinated ground shrimp, pan-fried ground shrimp patties over a bed of wild rice, broccoli/zucchini/gyote squash/swiss chard/asparagus with oyster sauce, California rolls (ones with snow crab), Singapore rice noodles, Chow Fun rice pasta, Vietnamese catfish, chicken enchiladas (with lots of cheese on top), homemade seven layered dip, homemade chicken fajitas, homemade chicken tacos, homemade chicken quesadillas.

  30. BeingJennifer says:

    Without a doubt or a hesitation, Macaroni and Cheese. Almost any kind is good, but my homemade and 12 Bones here in Asheville are the best ever! mmmmmmmm

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