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Ask The Readers {What Would You Like To Ask}

I hope you all enjoy my weekly Ask The Readers question as much as I do. We have discussed such a wide range of subjects over the last few months and you all have been so helpful in sharing your knowledge on various subjects.

We have talked about milk and the different prices we pay. We have discussed our favorite foods and the trouble with dishwasher detergent.

You have shared your thoughts about tomato plants, canning pickles, healthy freezer friendly foodscooking while camping, and so many other things.

I love the fact that my readers share their thoughts and knowledge every week. Thank you!

Today for my Ask The Readers question I thought I would turn it over to you. I would love to hear what you would like to discuss over the next few weeks and months. What questions would you like me to ask?

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I’m curious as to what foods people have stopped buying (or never bought) in commercial versions in favour of homemade, and what others they would like to make themselves. I know in the past several years I have started making a lot of things myself- bread, yogurt, granola, pudding (thank you!), etc, and still have to consistently master mayonnaise.

    Are people really buying fewer ready to eat, processed items from the grocery store and making more things from scratch? If so, is it for economic, political, taste or health reasons? Do fewer processed foods mean a wider variety of unprocessed?

  2. Here are some things I would love to learn more about, I am not sure if they are doable or not, but here is my list:

    homemade pantry mixes, convenient foods
    favorite passed-down family recipes
    favorite kitchen utensils, gadgets, cookware, etc
    ways to organize and keep track of recipes
    kitchen cleaning tips and tricks

    • I would so LOVE to talk about these things as well!! Also, I have recently made my grocery list so everything would be from scratch, and more healthy for my family, instead of processed, (almost) ready-made foods (like rice dishes, side kicks and the such) and when I did my budget for the grocery shopping, the food was going to cost more doing it from scratch instead of buying the processed, ready-made stuff. I’m SO frustrated. I want to be able to do this, but the cost is turning out to be more to eat healthier for my family. Any tips or ideas would be GREAT!! Thanks in advance!!

  3. oh yeah… one more…

    I would love to learn more about making yogurt homemade at home. I have read recipes where you make it in your crockpot, but I am scared that I will poison my family LOL. I love my crockpot and would love to learn to cook it this way, I am just unsure of the safeness and science behind it. Our baby boy eats yogurt each and every day…so if I could master making it at home, that would save us a ton of money and probably be healthier all around too.

  4. I would love to know what is your dinner weekend meal you love to cook because you have a little more time including dessert?

  5. Since Fall and the Holidays are around the corner (alreaday!?)
    -easy freezer meals
    -crockpot meals
    -holidays meals where you can do shortcuts but still homemade
    -low sodium meal ideas
    -making your own cheese?

    I think that is all for now.

  6. It really doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy reading your posts and questions. You are a very skilled cook and a very creative person.

  7. I would like to learn how to make meals that will help my hubby and I with weight control but also provide my boys with all the nutrition that they need. I am having a hard time trying to get us all fed and meeting these goals.

  8. I would like to hear how others deal with having a picky eater in the house! My 10 year old daughter and I have always enjoyed cooking and trying new things, but I got married recently and while my husband is mostly like my daughter and I his daughter doesn’t eat much of anything. Unfortunately we only have her every other weekend and I think we’re the only ones that expect her to eat real food, everyone else gives in and feeds her candy or popsicles. I really worry that her health is suffering because of this (she’s 7, maybe 45 lbs and weak physically) so I would really appreciate any suggestions 🙂

    • My suggestion for this is to make each of what you put on her plate different colors, so it doesn’t look bland or boring. My ex’s daughter was fussy like that and he would make something like a grilled cheese sandwich and cut it into “fingers” and put ketchup on her plate and say that she could dip the dinosaurs fingers into the kecthup. Make something up with the “fun” food you’re serving her. Make it fun for her to eat it and she’ll be more likely to eat it (it worked for my ex’s daughter lol). The “fun” thing didn’t work for my kids, so I just decided to give them a time limit to eat and if they didn’t eat it, then I would put saran wrap around it and they would eat it for the next meal. Eventually they get hungry and evenually they’ll get hungry enough to eat it. Therefore, you’re not giving in to their demands and you’re not wasting your costly food.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.