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Breakfast Cookies

I finally have a post that is healthy, really healthy. Can you believe it? This recipe is so healthy that I hesitate to call it a cookie. It really does not taste cookie like. But I could not come up with a better name. My husband called them nutri cookies. But please don’t expect these to be a regular cookie.

If you want/need a chocolate or sugar fix these are not what you are looking for. But if you are needing a treat for breakfast or wanting a quick grab and go breakfast this recipe will work great. This reminds me of a cookie I ate at Bob’s Red Mill store in OR. This is definitely a cookie like you would find at a health food store.

I am not a breakfast person, I have said this before. My normal breakfast is to grab a banana or a granola bar about 10:00. In our journey towards eating healthier I am trying to find an alternative to granola bars. I want something that my kids can eat for breakfast, but also something that I can grab instead of a granola bar. I want something easy like a granola bar, but healthier and more frugal.

I have tried several breakfast cookies or bars. None have been very good. In fact the last ones I made my husband made me throw in the trash. He said they were terrible and he would not eat them. The recipe was rated well by others, but it did not work for us.

I decided I should just do some tweaking to come up with my own version. This recipe is a combination of several recipes and I think it is really good. I have been eating them for breakfast and also for an afternoon snack. My kids even liked them. They ate them for breakfast with yogurt, and my husband says they are quite good for breakfast.

There are two ingredients in these though that I think really help the texture. One is the chunky peanut butter. I like the crunch it gives it. The other one is the crispy rice cereal. This is the unhealthy part of the cookie, but this also gives it a better texture.

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  1. By the grace of God ... says

    these look really good — but we don’t eat peanut butter — any suggestions on what to substitute?
    They look so good!!

  2. I am not sure on that. I think the peanut butter is what helps make them good. 🙂 Can you use other nut butters? Maybe try one of those.

  3. betterislittle says

    Great recipe! Maybe I’ll make some this week! I was just thinking that I’d like to make something up for breakfasts this weekend…

  4. Almond butter is usually a good substitute in recipes I have made.

    Also – have you tried these with regular oats instead of quick-cooking ones?

  5. Faith, I have not tried reg oats in this. But it probably would work fine. I prefer quick oats in most cookies because I think they give a better texture in cookies. Even though I know reg oats are better for you. 🙂 It should work fine though. You could also grind the regular oats a little in a food proc. or blender to make them finer. I might try that next time.

  6. I made these this afternoon, and they turned out very good!

  7. These sound good. I should try them too…

  8. appliejuice says

    That does look good. I have been searching for a “breakfast cookie”, but all of them contain nuts. My son is allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts. *sigh* The search continues…

    • My daughter is highly allergic to all nuts, so we use sunbutter. It’s ground sunflower seeds, and can be used in place of any nut butter in any recipe.

  9. Hi Lynne….I just made these. Yummy!!! I did half cranberries and half raisins. I also added some chopped walnuts. I think my hubby will really like them because they’re not overly sweet!

  10. I was also going to mention that I found some organic brown rice crispy cereal at our local grocery outlet!

  11. Hi Lynne…someone was asking me about how many calories were in these…any idea? I see I’ve missed some amazing recipes…no internet at home right now…I need to catch up

    • @Kirstin,

      I’m not sure how many cookies the recipe is supposed to make, but if you make 24 cookies from the recipe, each would have the following nutrition info (according to LoseIt):
      206 calories
      10.8 g fat
      1.6 g sat fat
      17.6 g. cholesterol
      156.5 mg sodium
      25.6 g carbs
      2.3 g fiber
      13 g. sugar
      5.1 g protein

  12. Kirstin, I really have no idea on the calories. Sorry, it prob has quite a few with the oil and peanut butter. But overall I would consider this a pretty healthy way to get calories.

  13. To all those looking for a sub. for nuts and peanut butter: You can use tahini (sesame paste) as a substitute for peanut butter, and sunflower seeds for nuts. I would also just leave out nuts and put in other yummies like dried cranberries or apple bits.

  14. Maria Hallihan says

    I don’t have any whole wheat flour. Can I use unbleached white flour and would it be the same amount?


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