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Our Favorite Soups

Soup is one of my favorite gluten free meals to serve. Most soups are so easy to make or adapt to be gluten free. Not only that soup is one of those meals that no one can tell is gluten free. You can serve it to both gluten free and non gluten free people and everyone will enjoy it. Here are a few of our […]

Fold Over Enchiladas

I miss flour tortillas. Well okay I do not miss the flour in the tortillas, but I miss how nice and pretty my enchiladas looked when using flour tortillas. In my opinion corn tortillas just are not the same. Yes, they taste good, but they are much more challenging to work with and I often end up with a big mess. Because of this I […]

Gluten Free Asian Soup

I posted a very simple and gluten free soup on my main site today. It is perfect for a cool fall or winter day.

Ground Beef Fried Rice

I have mainly focused this site on gluten free, nut free baked goods, tips, and ideas. However, if you have been gluten free or nut free for long then you know that there is a lot more to gluten free/nut free cooking than just breads, muffins, and desserts. It involves a whole change in how you cook. When I was first gluten free I was […]

Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese

Although we love my rice cooker macaroni and cheese, there are times that we want something a little different and more like a classic macaroni and cheese. I had several macaroni and cheese recipes that I made and loved, before going gluten free, but since going gluten free my family has missed them. I have tried to adapt my old favorites, using gluten free pastas, […]

Gluten Free Sausage Gravy

My family loves biscuits and gravy. They have missed them since I went gluten free. Honestly, I can do without them. I will eat them, and I made them because my family loves them, but they are certainly not on my top list of things I miss. However, since my family has told me several times in the last few months how much they missed […]

Gluten Free Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

One of the things I have struggled with since going gluten free has been lunch. I miss bread. I don’t really miss bread, I miss the convenience of having bread for sandwiches. Yes, I can make gluten free bread, but it is not as convenient to make. Not only that, it is quite expensive to feed gluten free bread to three kids on a daily basis. So, yes we […]

Paula Deen’s Black Bean Soup

This recipe is a recipe I found in Paula Deen’s magazine. By the way, have I mentioned that I love her magazine. I know I have mentioned that several times, but it really is becoming my new favorite magazine. I did not change this recipe at all. Usually I tweak and change recipe, but this one was so simple that I made it just like Paula […]

Three Cheese Beef Enchiladas

Three Cheese Beef Enchiladas is an easy dinner that contains only a few ingredients. It also makes a great freezer meal. A few weeks ago I posted about my Three Cheese Chicken Enchiladas. A reader left a comment that they had tried it with beef and it was really good. I love getting comments like this because I love to hear how you like my […]

Easy Pasta Sauce

It is not secret that I love quick and easy dinners. This easy pasta sauce is just that. It is so quick and easy to make. There is no need to use a jar of pasta sauce when you can make it in just a few minutes. Pasta sauce really can be made in a just a few minutes using basic ingredients. I think homemade […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.