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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Egg Free Bread

We have been enjoying my gluten free sandwich bread, but I have been looking for something a little different. I wanted something a little more dense. I was looking for a bread that would work well for panini’s or grilled cheese sandwiches. I recently saw a recipe for a gluten free, dairy free, and egg free bread, for the bread machine. It sounded like what […]

Gluten Free Brownies

My family loves brownies. I had several regular brownie recipes that we loved, but making gluten free brownies, that were worth eating, proved to be a bit difficult. Yes, I made some some gluten free brownies that were ok, but if I am going to eat a brownie, I want it to be good. I was looking for a really good, fudgy, gluten free brownie. […]

Gluten Free Baking

During the first few weeks and months of being gluten free, I was overwhelmed with what to cook. I found myself not knowing where to even start. I ended up turning to quite a few mixes and boxed items. I choose these options because I knew that they were safe to eat, but I did not really like using them. In general, I like to make homemade […]

Gluten Free Cooking and a New Section of My Site

Life is a journey. It is a continual process of growing and changing. When I started this blog just over two years ago, I had no idea how well the title would fit my cooking journey. The last few months have definitely been a cooking adventure for me. I also had no idea when I started this site how much it would help me deal with […]

Lynn’s Recipe Adventures

Welcome to Lynn’s Recipe Adventures! Lynn’s Recipe Adventures is part of my main site Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Some of you may be wondering why I wanted a new and separate section to my site. The majority of my readers are not gluten free and are not dealing with food allergies or issues. I love my site and what I do, so I did not want […]

Gluten Free Overnight Coffee Cake

This is my first official gluten free recipe. I have lots of recipes that are gluten free, but this is the first one that I have posted that calls for gluten free flours. I have been reading a lot about gluten free baking. I have spent a lot of time reading websites. I checked out some cookbooks from the library and I have even bought […]

Gluten Free Bread Machine Bread

Gluten free bread is one of the gluten free things that I have dreaded making. I did not want to tackle it. I have had so many gluten free failures that I knew gluten free bread was sure to give me trouble, but my family misses bread, so I knew I needed to try. I started out buying a loaf of store bought bread once […]

Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Dump Cake

I recently posted my mom’s recipe for Peach Cobbler Dump Cake. I love that recipe and it is a childhood favorite that I still enjoy. Now that I am eating gluten free, I can no longer eat many of the desserts that I used to enjoy. I am slowly learning new favorites, but I miss a few of the things that I used to eat. I […]

Gluten Free Applesauce Cake

I have been trying a lot of gluten free recipes, but I have realized that if I use a few simple techniques that incorporate the science behind gluten free cooking, I can easily adapt my favorite recipes to be gluten free. And honestly I find that the recipes that I adapt, usually turn out better than the recipes specifically for gluten free cooking. Today’s recipe is an […]

Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies

I am fairly new to gluten free cooking. I have only been gluten free for about five months. I have had a lot of disasters when it comes to baking. Everything is so different when you are dealing with gluten free flours. This has been hard on my family. I used to bake all the time. I would make cookies, muffins, cakes, etc. Since going […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.