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Holiday Planning Notebook

I enjoy having groups of people over, especially during the holidays. We always have a large Christmas party for my husband’s staff and their families. We also enjoy having family and/or friends over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Over the years I have learned what makes these gatherings much easier on me and that is planning, planning, and more planning. We have had our office party […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

My Day

I did not do much baking or cooking this week. I cooked our regular meals, but I did not fix anything extra. Today, though I made up for it. I made two loaves of whole wheat bread. Then I made two loaves of applesauce bread to use for breakfast this week. I fixed a pan of enchiladas for dinner and than we had caramel apple […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Making My Job My Passion

I am reading the book “The Martha Rules” by Martha Stewart. I have not finished the book, so I can not give a full review of it, but so far I am enjoying it. In just reading the first chapter Martha got my attention. She discusses finding your passion. She is talking mainly about the business world, but I realized this also applies to me […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures