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Whole Wheat Molasses Ginger Cookies

My husband love molasses cookies. In fact he loves just about anything that has the flavor of molasses. I have several different versions of molasses cookies that I make. I have been adapting my favorite recipe some. I have also add some whole wheat to it to make it a little healthier. This is one of those recipes where you really do not notice the […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Those of you that have read my blog for awhile know that I am trying to avoid packaged and processed things. Vanilla extract was one of those things that I had never thought about really being processed. I never thought about making my own. But after seeing a couple of sites talk about making their own vanilla extract I thought I might give it a […]

Green or Semi Green Smoothie

My sisters are going to think I am crazy for doing this and even crazier for posting about it. But I decided to post about it anyway. Plus they probably already think I am crazy. 🙂 I have read on several other blogs about putting spinach in smoothies. When I first read this I thought what a great idea. What a great way to get […]

Making Pancakes Even Healthier

I have been experimenting with making my overnight pancakes healthier for a while now. I have tried several versions using different amounts of whole wheat and/or ten grain flour. They have all been really good. The basic version of this pancake recipe has become one of my favorites because you make the batter up ahead of time. It is so nice when I don’t have […]

Whole Wheat Brownies

One of the challenges of trying to cook healthier has been making desserts. Yes, you can make desserts from scratch thus avoiding the packaged and processed part, but most desserts are still very unhealthy. I am slowly trying to adapt some of my recipes to make them healthier. The main way I am doing this is to add whole wheat flour to things. I will […]

100% Whole Wheat Cookies

Today I am posting my Gratituesday and my kitchen tip in one post., because I am thankful for this great recipe. I have been struggling with making my desserts healthier. When we want dessert, we want dessert, not a healthy, not very good dessert. But I know that I need to make at least some of our desserts healthier. I have been trying to add […]

Homemade Brownie Mix Recipe

One of my favorite make at home convenient foods is brownie mixes. I always keep them on hand to use for a fast dessert. Store bought brownie mixes have a distinct texture that my family loves. This homemade brownie mix is very close to the real thing that you buy in a box at the store. In fact, my family loves these more than those […]

Whole Wheat Muffins

I wanted to do a healthy recipe today to show you that I have not given up on trying to eat healthier. I decided to join in on Nourishing Gourmet’s portable healthy food challenge. These are healthy and they work great for lunches. I really have been cooking healthier, especially for our main meals, even though my recipes and posts have not shown it. I […]

Healthier Banana Bread

In my quest to try and use more whole grains in my cooking I decided to try and make my banana bread a little healthier. I used my regular Martha Stewart Banana Bread recipe. I used 1/2 whole wheat. I did use the white whole wheat though. I really like it. In fact no one even said a thing. Not even my husband who can […]

Fish Mama’s Trail Mix Cookies

In my quest to cook healthier I decided to try the Trail Mix Cookies that Fish Mama posted today. I was wanting to make something for dessert tonight but did not know what. When I saw these on her blog this afternoon I decided to give them a try. Now, they are still not super healthy. They are still a cookie, but they have quite […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.