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Menu Plan {April 29 – May 5}

I just got back from spending a few days in Oklahoma City with my husband and oldest daughter. So, the next few days will be catch up time. My husband had a two day meeting in Oklahoma City, so we decided that my oldest daughter and I would go along and enjoy some mother daughter time shopping and having fun together while my husband was […]

Menu Plan {April 22nd-28th}

Over the last few weeks I have had several of you ask me to share what we do for lunch. Well, the reason that I often do not post my lunch plan is that we usually just do whatever and do not always follow a plan for that meal. Sometimes it is leftovers, sometimes it is quesadillas, sometimes sandwiches, and sometimes my kids just get […]

Menu Plan {April 15th-21st}

One of the things that I have found very helpful when it comes to cooking and menu planning is to occasionally do a big cooking day. I then use that food for the next few days meals, so that I do not have to cook as much. I also put some in the freezer to use when I need a really quick meal. Yesterday was […]

Menu Plan {April 8th-14th}

Last week I shared the page I use for my menu planning and shopping list each week. If you missed it, be sure to download your copy. It is free and it is my favorite menu planning page to use.  I also shared Ten Ways To Use Leftover Ham last week, so if you have leftover ham at your house and need some ideas, you […]

Free Menu Planning Grocery Shopping Page

Several weeks ago I posted a picture of the menu planning page that I use each week. After sharing that picture I received several emails and comments asking where I got my menu planning notebook. My notebook is actually a notebook that I put together at the beginning of the year, but the planning page that I use for my menu in the notebook was one that a friend designed […]

Menu Plan {April 1st- April 7th}

I want to start by thanking you all for your kind comments on my keeping it real post from last week. I think we all feel better knowing we are not alone in our struggle to get it all done. The fact is we can’t do it all and it helps to know that others understand that struggle. Thanks for letting me keep it real. This […]

Menu Plan {March 25th-31st}

The weather last week did not turn out very well for grilling, so I ended up changing my menu plan quite a bit. Instead of a couple days of rain, we had four days of almost constant rain. We needed the rain and are very thankful for it, so I can’t complain, but I am thankful that this week looks much warmer and nicer. This week I am […]

Grocery Shopping, Menu Planning, and Shopping Sales {Part Two}

Last week I talked about making your grocery shopping and menu planning work for you and for today I thought I would start with just the basics of what I do before I even make out a grocery list or a menu plan. Before I plan my menu or my shopping list I do these four things. I look at my calender for the week […]

Menu Plan {March 18th- 24th}

We enjoyed some beautiful spring weather here in Oklahoma last week. Spring has arrived early this year and I love it. It looks like the first part of this week will be rainy for us, but the second half of the week looks greats, so I am thinking some grilling will be in order. How is the weather where you are? Here is the plan for […]

Grocery Shopping, Menu Planning, and Shopping Sales

One of the questions that I have been asked many times over the last few years is how do I plan my grocery shopping and menu plan each week. I know  many of you have questions because you are over whelmed with where to start when it comes to menu planning and others of you are looking for ways to change up what may not […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.