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Coconut Flour Oven Pancake and a Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway


The winner is Margie, I like Bob’s Red Mill gluten free oatmeal and their Gluten free All purpose flour. Margie I will be emailing you. Enjoy your gift card!


I was recently contacted by Bob’s Red Mill about trying their coconut flour and developing a recipe using their coconut flour. Well, I am always up for a cooking challenge, so I was willing to give it a try.

When I think of coconut flour, I usually think breakfast foods, so I came up with an oven pancake that turned out great. My recipe and guest post is being featured today on the Bob’s Red Mill Blog. If you enjoy coconut flour be sure to check it out.

It is no secret that I love Bob’s Red Mill and their products, so I was thrilled when they also offered to give one of my readers a $50 gift card to use at their online store.  (Well that is unless you are lucky enough to live close enough to drive to their store to spend the gift card if you win it. And if you live close enough to drive I am a little jealous, in a good way. 🙂 )

All you have to do to enter the giveaway for the $50 gift card is to leave a comment sharing what your favorite gluten free Bob’s Red Mill product is. I can’t wait to see what you all love.

Giveaway will end Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

If you are reading this by email you must click here and leave a comment to enter.

Please see my giveaway policy for more information.

Disclaimer: I received some free product and a gift card for working with Bob’s Red Mill, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. I have loved Bob’s Red Mill for years and love what they do for gluten free living. 

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  1. My fave is BRM brown rice flour because I use it to make my favorite flour blend!

  2. Kristin W. says

    My favorite product is the GF oats, love them!

  3. I have been enjoying their Almond Flour but coconut flour is next on my list.

  4. Hard to pick a favorite! I love Bob’s gf bread mix, gf oats & pancake mix the best!

  5. I love the Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Oats. Thank you!!

  6. It’s hard to choose one, but my favorite would have to be Bob’s Brown Rice Flour.

  7. I enjoy their oats, and gf hot cereal, and almond meal. I guess it’s hard to pick one!

  8. Deborah J Austin says

    Almond flour, but I LOVE Bob’s products….PERIOD.. 🙂

  9. Ashley walker says

    I like their GF rolled oats and steel cut oats. I’m starting to venture into GF cooking and their stuff makes it taste better and makes it easier for me

  10. Andrea H says

    There are so many…hmm, I love their coconut flour (among others.)

  11. Joelle Machado says

    I love the All Purpose Flour!

  12. Beth Goudreau says

    My favorite product is the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie mix. I use coconut oil instead of the butter to make it extra yummy! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Leola Stotts says

    I love the brownie mix.

  14. I like Bob’s Red Mill gluten free oatmeal and their Gluten free All purpose flour.

  15. I have had good success using Bob’s all-purpose gluten-free flour mix, but what I use the most (several times a week!) are the gluten-free oats and steel-cut oats. My family loves baked oatmeal, and I have also been making some wonderful no-sugar oat drop breakfast “cookies” that are my mid-morning snack nearly every day.

  16. I personally love Bob’s Teff. It is high in protein, makes yummy pastries and nothing is better than Teff pancakes. Before finding their teff and their Millet products …never thought Gluten free tasted good … Now I know I was wrong … it is totally awesome when made with the right flours.

  17. Kelly W. says

    I ALWAYS have about 2 boxes worth of Bob’s Red Mill GF Flour available (in case I run out of any 1 of the 18 or so others I have on hand to make something I’m craving!!!) A reliable standard for any GF kitchen!

  18. Pancake Mix!! All of the flour varieties are a must for GF cooking!!

  19. I love their quinoa so much! We eat it several times a week! What a great giveaway!

  20. I love using the coconut flour to make Coconut bread.

  21. I use many of their GF products but the Oats are my favorite!

  22. I use lots of Bob’s red mill products, but my favorite one is the GF Oats, they are the best! I LOVE OATS, in everything!!!

  23. Mmmm…gf oats! We ate some for breakfast today!

  24. Can’t pick one!!! We love going to the factory store and getting our faves… Brown rice, amaranth, sorghum, …

  25. I love Bob’s Red Mill’s GF oats. I use them in so many recipes.

  26. I’m a newby @ all this and just learning the process, I have Guys in the house so they love thier Pizza – and we all seem to really like the BRM Pizza Crust.

  27. I use a lot of their products too but really appreciate the GF oats!

  28. Bob’s red mill coconut flour! 😀

  29. I love Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour…It has worked great in my baked goods. 🙂

  30. Shelly M says

    I just found your website and love all the recipes and information you provide, we use Bob’s rice, oats, sorghum, baking mix, pizza crust and others! We love their products! it’s hard enough going gluten-free and the products have made it much easier

  31. My favorite is also their GF oats. Close second is their GF Pizza Mix.

  32. Almond flour…or coconut flour–can’t decide which trumps the other…

  33. It’s hard to pick just one, but right now I am loving their almond flour!

  34. Gerri Roberts says

    I use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill products, but the all purpose flour is my favorite. I use it to replace the flour in my old recipes, and it works great!

  35. I enjoy their oats, and gf hot cereal, the oats are great for making overnight oatmeal in the crockpot.

  36. I am new to gf baking, but I am loving their brown rice flour!

  37. Sue Bush says

    Hard to choose which Bob’s product i like best… I like them all. However, this month I like the Gluten Free Flour mix.

  38. I love the hot cereal! And I don’t live close, but my parents do so I take advantage every time I am in town.

  39. GF oats, GF flour blend, aluminum free baking soda, GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal…we love BRM!

  40. I have a wheat allergy that causes anaphalaxysis and Bob’s Red Mill is my “go to” section of the store. I use dozens of the products and never have to worry if I will have a reaction. The gluten free oatmeal is my very favorite for eating and baking Monster Cookies. The brownie mix runs a close second. Bob’s has become a regular family member of our household :>)

  41. I love bob’s gf rolled oats!

  42. Catherine says

    The GF oats are one of the few Bob’s products I’ve tried – I was really loving having baked oatmeal again, but have since realized I’m intolerant to all oats. I’d love to win and try more of their products!!

  43. Rebekah Shaver says

    My favorite Bob’s Red Mill Product is their Gluten-Free Old Fashioned Oats. I use them to make Homemade Chocolate Dusted Almond/Dried Cranberry/Cinnamon Granola and Chewy Cranberry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. I also use my food processor to grind them into Oat Flour, which I use for Pancakes and Bread. I have never tried Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour, so perhaps it will be my NEW favorite! 🙂

  44. I love their gf oats and their biscuit mix 🙂

  45. I have an Amazon subcription to have Bob’s GF oats delivered by the case!

    I have your basic Baked Oatmeal recipe memorized! 🙂

  46. It is hard to choose but we love the gf oats. My son asked me yesterday to make baked oatmeal for his birthday, in November! Looks like I will be making it again soon.

  47. Bridget M. says

    I love the Almond flour, but have seen a lot of interesting recipes for coconut flour, plan on getting some of that!

  48. I love Bob’s Red Mill products, but haven’t tried the gluten-free yet. I will be though because I just found out I have gluten issues and need to go gluten free.

  49. I use tapioca starch and potato starch ALL the time in my flour blends

  50. I really enjoy the quality and taste of all the gluten-free Bob’s Red Mill products I’ve tried but my all-time, hands-down favorite is the Pancake Mix. It’s easy and makes delicious pancakes and it’s also versatile. I’ve been using it for other things, like gluten-free Oven Fried Chicken and apple desserts. I always keep a bag or two in my freezer.

  51. My favorite is the almond flour, to make cupcakes with walnuts, that my two grandsons that I home school love. They both have type 1 diabetes, and I try to feel them healthy foods.

  52. I use most of their products because I can find them in our local stores, since I live in Oregon. I like Almond and Coconut flour. I’ve been in their store outside of Portland, and just about bought out the store!

  53. Stephanie says

    I love all their flours and have many in the freezer right now! My favorite product is the pizza crust mix, as my family really likes homemade pizza.

  54. Gluten free pizza crust, its great!

  55. My favorite gluten free Bob’s Red Mill product is his brown rice flour, and I’m so excited to try his coconut flour…I LOVE coconut!

  56. Robyn Harris says

    I would LOVE to win this! Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten free oats and cornbread mix are staples for our family of six. And I would definitely like to try that coconut flour oven pancake – what a great idea!

  57. Colleen M. says

    My favorite is the GF oats!

  58. Gluten free pizza crust

  59. I’m enjoying their coconut flour, as well.

  60. My favorite Bob’s Red Mill product is definitely their GF All purpose flour. I love it and use it all the time. I don’t know what I would do without it!!

  61. Denise Fedor says

    We love Bob’s Red mill GF oats! I also love that I can buy Bob’s products almost in every grocery store. Thanks for the chance to win, Dee

  62. scotchgrrl says

    I use the heck out their tapioca starch. I love the Brazilian dinner roll recipes and play with them all the time, adding spices, trying different cheeses. I recently found a recipe for using the tapioca starch to make a crepe like thing. It’s lovely smeared with a little butter and some home made blueberry jam. Bob’s Red Mill rocks!

  63. Oh my goodness! I’ve been wanting to try coconut flour for the longest time! A friend of mine is following the Paleo Diet and has been making all sorts of goodies… Don’t coconut pancakes sound amazing?!
    I am currently hooked on Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Berries! I love their chewiness!

  64. I love that I can get Bob’s Red Mill in almost all of my local stores. I love their Gluten Free Oatmeal.

  65. I would love to try the coconut flour.

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