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Corn Jalapeno Dip and a Birds Eye Giveaway

Have you ever had trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables? If your kids are anything like mine, than I am sure you have. One of the things that I have found helpful in getting my kids to eat and enjoy vegetables is to let them help prepare them.

Kids are more likely to eat, what they help inspire and create. If they make it, they will usually eat it, or at least try it.

That is why I was excited when Birds Eye contacted me about trying a recipe using Birds Eye vegetables that was created by kids.

Birds Eye wants to inspire a new generation of vegetable lovers. And when kids work to come up with ideas and recipes using vegetables you know kids will love them.

So, bring your kids into the kitchen and let them be creative. You may have some hits and some misses, but involving your kids in the kitchen and healthy eating is something you will not regret.

Today I am sharing one of the recipes submitted through a partnership with Birds Eye and Nickelodeon. My daughter helped me make this recipe this week and my kids loved it. Yes, they actually did love it, broccoli and all. 🙂

We did chop the broccoli very fine and I left out the jalapeno. We kept this gluten free and just layered it in a glass bowl, but I love the tortilla idea. It would be a fun way to serve this as well.

Be sure to visit the Birds Eye website for more fun and creative ways to get your gets to eat their vegetables.

Now for the giveaway! Giveaway Over  Hope E is the winner. 

One reader will receive:

1- $50 American Express gift card, 5- Birds Eye coupons (full value), and a reusable insulated shopping bag 

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment, but I would love to hear what your or your kids’ favorite vegetable is, so feel free to share it. 

Giveaway will end Monday, November 12, 2012, at 6pm CST.

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And for the recipe!

Note: I was compensated for my time, but as usual my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. My son loves asparagus. I find that they are more willing to eat something that they have grown themselves.

  2. We all love broccoli and I like any and every vegetable out there.

  3. Of course the favorite veggie is Corn (which i have told them many times is not technically a veggie)…my kiddo is very picky – like his mom….but he does eat Spinach, peas and now thanks to some ingenuity on my part – green beans. To make that happen, when my son was little, i took the french style green beans, using a fork – pureed them to tiny pieces (almost to the point of baby food) and then mixed them into his ketchup – as he eats that with everything…They were disguised enough that he didnt know they were in there and guess what…..he used 2 servings of ketchup that night with his food!

  4. My husband and I love roasted brussel sprouts! We haven’t given them to our daughter yet (she’s 9 months old) but we’re hoping she inherits her parents love for the sprout! 🙂

  5. We love broccoli so we’d love to win! My boys don’t like very many vegetables yet.

  6. Brandi Smith says

    This recipe looks delicious! We love corn at our house.

  7. My son’s favorite vegetable is sweet potatoes or squash. My husband, however, is not as big a fan…he prefers green beans and white potatoes.

  8. I don’t have kids but my nieces favorite veggie is corn.

  9. My daughter Molly loves lima beans. I have found that she will eat any vegetable if she gets to pick it from the garden herself and eat it fresh!

  10. I love almost all vegetables. I enjoy all kinds of veggies in my salad – the more the better. I especially love broccoli in salads, pasta dishes and casseroles.

  11. I LOVE potatoes. Broccoli after that, especially with cheese. Or roasted cauliflower. Or….

  12. I love all kinds of vegetables, but I think my favorite is Broccoli.

  13. My kids eat carrots, corn, english peas, most beans and sweet potatoes.

  14. Our favorite vegetable is broccoli. My husband regularly eats it raw for lunch with some ranch dressing, but my favorite way to eat it is to steam it with some cheese on top 🙂

  15. We love all kinds of veggies.

  16. Surprisingly my children love vegetables like brocolli and spinach amongst others. I am blessed that they are good eaters.

  17. Corn is a favorite in our house!

  18. All kinds of veggies here! But our kids are all grown and have their own families.

  19. Denise Wilson says

    My kids love corn the best, but we eat broccoli and peas a lot, too.

  20. love your recipes would some of your back e-books
    thank you

  21. Believe it or not, we just love, love, love brussel sprouts.

  22. Kris Gamertsfelder says

    My daughter’ s favorite veggie are peppers, red and green being the favorite.

  23. I was able to get my grands to eat their veggies the same way I did their mom/aunt to eat them when they were little. I would make lasagne and hide the veggies that I put them into a blender and almost pulverized them. Then mixed them with the sauce. I did the same with alot of casseroles/spaghetti, at least they would eat em.

  24. Rebecca K. says

    We love potatoes – anyway they come – especially potato skins! Lately we have been cooking up some steamed broccoli (with garlic and olive oil) and they love it!

  25. Jennifer M. says

    My kids love tomatoes. They eat them like apples.

  26. Rachel Lappe says

    My kids’ favorite vegetable is green beens. We eat them all the time!

  27. Keri Brewster says

    My oldest daughter loves edamame, my youngest daughter likes broccoli and my son really likes Winter Blend (a combo of broccoli and cauliflower).

  28. corn and green beans

  29. Awesone! Vegetables roasted! Artichokes deep-fried!

  30. My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I find ways to include it in recipes like broccoli pizza, for instance.

  31. My son loves every vegetable except asparagus!

  32. My favorite veggies are acorn squash, brussel sprouts and mashed cauliflower. My son’s is broccoli and my granddaughter loves whole green beans roasted in the oven.

  33. My son would – and has – eaten lima beans for dessert already. My daughter prefers chocolate to veggies, but she doesn’t complain about peppers, beans, broccoli, tomatoes, cooked carrots, or corn. We love to cook together. This recipe looks good!

  34. I love broccoli and spinach but my children’s favorite veggie is carrots and peas. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  35. My favorite veggie is creamed corn!!

  36. HaydenRossi says

    My kiddo is thankfully not a picky eater, so she’ll eat almost anything, but not spinach (don’t blame her–I won’t either). She sure does love her broccoli and peas! 🙂

  37. I actually love most veggies (or what we culturally call vegetables but are sometimes fruits). Peppers, tomatoes, okra….it’s all good to me!

  38. My family has always really enjoyed vegetables. My favorite is bell peppers.

  39. suzan anderson says

    I dont have a child, but a niece who loves broccoli… dipped in ranch dip….
    thanks for all your recipes and giveaways. its great…

  40. Gala Whitehead says

    One of my daughters uses the frozen mixed vegetables in a lot of recipes to get some veggies in her girls’ diets. One granddaughter will eat just about anything if you put enough ketchup on it. lol

  41. My sons favorite vegetable is cooked cabbage! i can’t stand it, but he thinks it’s great! that and brussel sprouts…

  42. I have two girls and one will just about any vegetable, but the other has an aversion to green veggies. However, recently she has taken to broccoli…… of all vegetables! Funny story though, my two year old only likes the tops and my 7 year old only likes the stems!

  43. I have one child that loves succotash, one that loves green beans, one that loves broccoli, and the other 3 are particularly fond of any.

  44. Lisa Catron says

    My son’s favorite veggie was always raw broccoli. He would rather eat his veggies raw as he doesn’t like the feel of the cooked veggies. He says they are slimy!

  45. Veggies are a hard sell around here, to be honest. Salads and raw cucumbers and carrots are hits, as are corn and green beans.

  46. My favorite has to be a tie between spinach and cabbage. I don’t have children but taught and feed pre-k for 20+ years. Letting the children prepare their own plates with the rule being at least one of everything helped me get kids to try and even like veggies. To much of any food is overwhelming for children, but especially things they “don’t like” or have never tried. Letting them put the amount of food they will eat on their own plates gives them some control over their food, and while sometimes the repeated refills can be a little annoying, knowing they were eating and trying new foods far out weighed the doz trips to buffet table. ( I tried to keep lunch buffet style when I could) yes even with 3-4 year olds.

  47. Laura Cross says

    I am lucky my daughter is a great veggie eater. She eats lettuce, corn or raw carrots nightly. She also loves broccoli raw or cooked with cheese.

  48. My kids favorite veggie is corn. They are big salad eaters too & this is how I get them to eat most of their veggies.

  49. My kids will eat corn, green beans, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower with no issues but my favorite is brussel sprouts. I can’t get my grandson to eat any vegetables so I’m starting to hide them in sauces and such.

  50. Believe it or not my son loves artichokes. I think he likes the dipping into the sauce best!

  51. The only veggie my six year old willingly eats is raw green pepper strips. The other two love them all.

  52. My son loves all vegetables, I got lucky! 😛

  53. The recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it! Our family likes lots of vegetables but I think our very favorite is broccoli.

  54. My girls love asparagus and broccoli…..this recipe looks great and will be a hit at our home….thanks…

  55. Oh, man, my kids eat a lot of veggies, but what I wouldn’t give for them to eat brussel sprouts!

  56. My kids favorite vegetable is carrots…I cut them into “coins” or serve raw with veggie dip

  57. My kids love vegetables-eat just any of them

  58. jessica everette says

    Our family enjoys veggies and its always fun to find new recipes to keep things fresh! This sounds like a great recipe to bring to a party. Very colorful.

  59. My nephew loves jicama, red bell peppers and baby carrots!

  60. My children don’t like vegetables at all unless you count french fries and I don’t! I love them and hope one day they will grow into them!

  61. My kids don’t seem to have favorite veggies. Some days it takes a lot of bargaining to get them to eat them. Occasionally, I do puree them and sneak them into sauces 😉

  62. We are SO blessed that our daughter likes just about every veggie under the sun. Her favorites are broccoli and carrots.

  63. My daughter’s favorite vegetable is green beans (I’d say tomato, but that’s technically a fruit)

  64. My kids would probably pick green beans as their favorite vegetable. This is the one vegetable that they both will eat. After green beans, they are really different as far as what vegetables they will eat.

  65. janice obrien says

    I dont have any children but my husband considers himself a big kid and his favorite vegetable is corn on the cob

  66. Livivua chandler says

    Our favorite vegetables is carrots. What a great giveaway! [email protected]

  67. My family’s favorite was corn on the cob.

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