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Fun and Pink Crispy Rice Treats {And a Pampered Chef Giveaway!}

This is a post is written on behalf of Pampered Chef, but my opinions are 100% mine. 

One quick look around my kitchen will let you know that I love Pampered Chef. I tried figuring out how many Pampered Chef items I owned and I lost count. Yes, I own that many.

After fifteen or so years I now have quite a large collection of Pampered Chef items. From the stoneware to the measuring cups and spoons, I love it all. I love to use it in my kitchen and I love to give it as gifts. 

When Pampered Chef contacted me recently about working with them on their Help Whip Cancer campaign, it was easy to say yes.

And when I found out it involved a giveaway for my readers, the answer was definitely yes. I know you all love Pampered Chef as much as I do.

Here is a little information about the Help Whip Cancer campaign and how you can help.

  • Since the campaign’s beginning in 2000, Consultants and customers have raised more than $10.2 million to Help Whip Cancer®. Make a Difference in May and October with The Pampered Chef®!
  • Funds raised by the Help Whip Cancer® campaign are distributed to breast cancer education and early detection programs across the country.

Here’s how you can Help Whip Cancer®:

  • Host a Fundraiser Show! – When you host a Help Whip Cancer® Fundraiser Cooking Show in May and/or October, up to 25% of Show sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society®.
  •  Purchase pink products! – Pampered Chef® pink products are available in May and October. We’ll contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society® for each one that you purchase.

You can also find out more information about this campaign and the message by visiting the Pampered Chef website 

Since the Help Whip Cancer campaign is to benefit the American Cancer Society I was asked to turn one of my favorite recipes pink in support of breast cancer awareness. When I think of Pampered Chef recipes I think quick and easy. Their recipes are recipes for everyday cooking. So, I knew I needed to turn one of my favorite quick and easy recipes pink.

I decided to involve my kids on this one and make something fun for them. I decided to turn a favorite crispy rice treat pink. And it could not have been easier.

One of the reasons I choose to make these was that it is one of my favorite things to make using my rectangular stoneware baker. The stoneware baker is nice and deep, so it makes a nice thick treat that my kids love.

This is pretty much your basic crispy treats recipe with the amounts changed to fit the deep stoneware baker. And with a few drops of food coloring added.

Nice and thick and delicious! Wouldn’t these be fun for all kinds of things. Parties, kids treats, etc. My girls loved them pink.


Now for the giveaway!!

Pampered Chef is giving one of my readers a set of their Pink Products.

Two of my favorite Pampered Chef items are in this giveaway. A paring knife and the clips. My mom gave me one of their paring knives years ago and I still use and love it. The clips, well those are good for just about anything. From bags of chips and crackers to flour and chocolate chips, I used them on everything. I think you will love these as much as I do!

One reader will win a set of pink Pampered Chef items just like the one pictured above.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment. You can leave any comment, but I would love to hear what your favorite Pampered Chef item is. 

  • Giveaway ends Tuesday May 14, 2013.
  • For more details please see my giveaway policy.
  • If you are reading this through email you must click here and leave a comment to enter. Responding to this email does not count as an entry.

Disclaimer: I have been selected by The Pampered Chef to be an ambassador for their Help Whip Cancer®program. While I have received product in exchange for my post, my opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments.

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  1. I would love to win the Pampered Chef giveaway. Please enter me!

  2. What a great give away!!!

  3. I love my baking stone! I have had it FOREVER!

  4. I love Pampered Chef! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  5. Lisa Thomas says

    I can’t say enough about my PC spatulas and scrapers. They’re heavy duty and have been an extension of my hands in my kitchen for years.

  6. I have “had” to buy some PC things for fundraisers this month – poor me 🙂
    I just got the measuring cups and I love them!

  7. I love their stoneware!

  8. I have so many favorites – all the stoneware, the tool turnabout, can opener, chopper and lots more.

  9. I LOVE Pampered Chef! In fact, I just had a party!! 🙂 It’s hard to pick just one item, I use all of them so much, but I use their flexible cutting mats (the small and large sized) almost every single day. The can opener too, it’s the only can opener I own!! My newest favorite is the microwave chip maker which I just got for free using my free product for having a party! The kids and I all said we’d never go back to store bought chips again!!

  10. My favorite pampered chef item is the pineapple wedger. I love how easy it is to cut a pineapple with it!

  11. Connie W says

    My favorite Pampered Chef item is the French fry cutter.

  12. I have a chopper that I have had for years and I still use it all the time and love it!

  13. My many to choose from. I use my stonewear bar pan all the time!

  14. I love pampered chef products! My favorite would have to be my apple peeler/corer/slicer.

  15. My favorite Pampered Chef products are their apple peeler, their foaming soap bottles, and their oil mister. Excellent quality.

  16. Christy Spurlock says

    I love my pizza stones.

  17. I love that pink paring knife!

  18. i would love the pink kitchen items. would you consider stirring in some red preserves like strawberry or raspberry into the rice treats instead of the red food coloring?

  19. Lisa Collins says

    My favorite Pampered Chef Item is the Chopper. I love my chopper and use it on everything. Actually everything that I have from Pampered Chef is my favorite. There baking pans are awesome as well!!!!!

  20. My favorite Pampered Chef item are the Bamboo Tongs! They are awesome for getting English muffins, bagels and smaller slices of bread out of the toaster.

  21. Love the corn stripper. Have just taken it out of storage for the corn I have planted in my garden. I made these Pink Crispy Treats for Valentine’s Day shaped into strawberries. I mix strawberry extract in, then dipped them in chocolate & a green stem from the hobby shop.

  22. WiffytoJ says

    I love all my pampered chef things as well. Can it be a 3 way tie between my spatulas/scrapers, stoneware, and batter bowl? But then I use my nut chopper almost daily to add chopped nuts to my granola in the morning. What a fun giveaway and I LOVE pink. 🙂

  23. Tammy Ash says

    I am a HUGE Pampered Chef fan. I would love to win this. Love rice crispy treats too (LOL)

  24. I like all the different measuring cups and spoons. I’d also like to eventually get most of the neat fruit/veggie gadgets.

  25. I don’t have any pampered chef items, but if I won, I’d use the clips an awful lot.

  26. Maureen E says

    I don’t know if they still make it but the Barbeque Boss is our favorite item.

  27. Cathy B. says

    I love Pampered Chef products, and wish I had more! I guess I would have to say my favorite is the stoneware–a healthful option for baking in that also work great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. patricia loser says

    I am like you I love all the products..I can’t decide on a favorite ..thank you for the chance to win.

  29. Pretty krispie treats! I love the Pampered Chef baking stones. I have the jelly roll pan one.

  30. I love all my Pampered Chef prodcuts, especially the stones.

  31. Lori Buffington says

    Bruce always says “For as many gadgets as you have, people would think you cook!” 🙂 A chef I’m not, but Pampered Chef makes everything easy. I love my food chopper! I use it all the time. (And Rice Krispy treats are one of my favorites!)

  32. Oooh! I’ve wanted to try some of the Pampered Chef stoneware (like the dish you used for your treats above!) for ages now. Great giveaway! 🙂

  33. Susan H. says

    Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite Pampered Chef Items are my batter bowls and handy chopper.

  34. Emily Adams says

    I love my glass batter bowls & my apple corer form Pampered Chef!

  35. I just recently discovered Pampered Chef. I ordered the meidum scoop and love it to make cookies with. They always come out uniform and just the right size!

  36. I love my santoku knife! I think Pampered Chef products in general are really high-quality. Your giveaway looks like fun! 🙂

  37. I used Jell-o to color some of mine – adds flavor and color. You can do all kinds of combinations for holidays. Red, White & Blue for Memorial Day & 4th of July. Red & Green for Christmas. It was fun!

    When I did Cherry flavoring and put chocolate on top, my husband called them Cherry Bing Bars!

  38. Their rubber spatulas are the best!! I also love the can opener and stoneware.

  39. What a great idea – pink reicpe treats. My best pampered chef tool is the potato pealer, followed by the great clips that have. I use those every day.

  40. I love their cookie scoop – never liked baking cookies until I had that tool!

  41. So pretty! {and those treats looks great all dressed in pink, too!}
    I think YOU should get the PC gift ` beats anything with a cord your hubby might buy you this year!! 😉

  42. my favorite PC item is the mini spatula! would love to win more PC stuff!

  43. My favorite item is the press and seal sandwich maker.

  44. I love PC spices and sauces. I actually ordered some last week! But my favorite pampered chef item is my tool turn around and the matching spice turn around. Great products!!!!!

  45. My favorite Pampered Chef item has been my pizza stone. 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win these items!

  46. I think everyone loves Pampered Chef so enter me too.

  47. a former roommate was a pampered chef junkie, and i loved using her liquid measuring cup that you could push ingredients out of. not sure what it’s called but it was great for making recipes involving peanut butter!

  48. Jodi Pavlik says

    My kitchen sounds a lot like yours! I have so many favorites! I would say #1 is rhe large bar stone!!

  49. My favorite is my knife! It works so well – it’s the one I always reach for.

  50. I don’t know how to pick just one! I love the pizza cutter (still sharp after 10 years!) and the strawberry tool. And of course, my baking stone!

  51. Jennifer W. says

    I could not live without P.C.’s chopper. It makes quick work of ground beef/turkey or anything you need to chop up!

  52. Mama Owl says

    I love pampered chef!!!! I love there stoneware stuff, esp the pizza stones, and the glass mixing/measuring bowls the best. Oh! And the measuring cup that has liquid on one side and dry on the other that you can push up… I can’t remember the name LOL! We use that measuring cup EVERY DAY! This would be great! Thanks!

  53. I have a couple of pizza stones that I love.

  54. I love Pampered Chef!! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have learned to enjoy cooking. I love the chopper!

  55. I would love to win another item from Pampered Chef. I love my rectangular baker which I have had forever and use it all the time.

  56. I love Pampered Chef and used to be a consultant. I honestly cannot choose a favorite item. I love the Measure-All Cup (I have 5!), all the stones, the can opener, the Twixit Clips!, and so much more.

  57. Marcella says

    My favorite PC item is the new measuring cup/colander, it makes it so easy to rinse and measure for recipes as the same time !

  58. I love the pizza stone! It consistently delivers a perfectly browned pizza crust. And I use it for more than just pizza.

  59. tammy d. says

    Love Pampered Chef..the pizza mix is great but I LOVE their pizza stone!

  60. I LOVE, LOVE my Pampered Chef cheese slicer.

  61. Pampered Chef has the best!

  62. I love the skinny spatula, the stones, and the twixits–I need some new ones. I have a kitchen full of Pampered Chef–and I use it!

  63. Dawn Morrison says

    I LOVE Pampered Chef!! I have so many favorites but I use my mini spatulas and pizza cutter all the time.

  64. I really like my large measuring cup.
    I use it almost every time I cook.

  65. I like the cheese grater and container that measures it as I grate the cheese.

  66. Lynn, I love you newsletters, keep em coming. I also love my Pampered Chef deep covered baker, I can throw a few items in it pop it in the microwave and walla it’s a healthy, delicious meal in no time and you would have never guessed I did it in the microwave! I love Pampered Chef products!

  67. I absolutely love all my Pampered Chef items so it’s hard to pick a favorite. It would be the liquid / dry messuring cup and
    my pizza baking stone! Use them for something every day! Love your e mails too!

  68. cmcfadden says

    I love Pampered Chef. My favorite item is their large stoneware bar pan. Or maybe their garlic press…. I use both items on a regular basis.

  69. Love my PC baking stone!

  70. Betty Garland says

    I love my measuring cup & food chopper they are my favorites.

  71. Stephanie T. says

    I adore P.C.! And I am a former consultant. All of the products are so great it is hard to choose a favorite. The scrapers, scoops, and baking sheets top the chart in our house as we bake cookies often.

  72. Samantha says

    I use my pizza stone all the time, I have it in 2 sizes.

  73. I’ve been looking at that kind of paring knife for a LONG time! 🙂

  74. Cassandra Byrd says

    I would love to win. I don’t have any Pampered Chef so no favorite!

  75. I love your blog…rice crispy treats, and Pampered Chef. I couldn’t survive in my kitchen without PC clips!

  76. I would have to say my baking stones are my favorite item. I love my stones!!!!! I don’t even have a regular cookie sheet anymore.


  78. Louise Wright says

    I also use a lot of Pampered Chef items. I really love the stoneware deep dish baker. I make bread in it quite often and use it for a lot of your slow-cooker recipe’s. Works out great.

  79. L Tietje says

    I like all of what Pampered Chef has to offer.

  80. HaydenRossi says

    I can’t think of any Pampered Chef products that I don’t like, but I especially like my spatulas and wooden spoons. Sometimes, you truly do get what you pay for. 🙂

  81. Would love this, my fav item is the pizza stone thank you

  82. Janah S. says

    Love Pampered Chef! Love the ice cream scoop and can opener, oh! and the little prep bowls.

  83. Connie Orr says

    I would LOVE to win this Pampered Chef Giveaway! I do not own ONE thing Pampered Chef, although I think I was given a dip mix at one time distributed by Pampered Chef and it was yummy! All of my friends and family work, so we rarely have the opportunity to attend parties, such as those by Pampered Chef!


  84. I have several Pampered Chef products and I LOVE them all, but if I’d have to pick one, I’d probably say the ice cream scoop and my mini spatula are two of the most used items in our household .

  85. Terri Gossage says

    This is a fun giveaway! I don’t have any Pampered Chef items, but sure would love to try them out!

  86. Jennifer G. says

    I love the double sided measuring cup, I have had and used for years!

  87. I love my adjustable measuring spoons–I use them all the time! Also love my mini-spatula.

  88. My favorite Pampered Chef items are the bamboo spoons and the ice cream scoop. I have bought these items for several friends also, always get great compliments on them. Thanx for my chance to enter !

  89. I love the garlic press, stoneware pans, and glass measuring cup!

  90. { can. opener. no doubt! }

  91. I love the trifle bowl. It makes a nice presentation with the stand which can separate for easy storage.

  92. The Pampered Chef item I use the most is my pizza cutter.

  93. Maria Miller says

    I have lots of favorites. I also love the clips. They are even great for bags of veggies and fruit in the freezer. But, I also love the metal scoop for muffin batter. Makes making muffins so much easier and neater.

  94. My favorite PC item–such a hard question! Things I use often: the glass batter bowl (2 qt size), bread knife (love that it has a cover to keep it safe in the drawer), the simple vegetable peeler that can’t be beat, the adjustable measuring spoons. And my older kids swear by the micro-cooker for heating up soup and leftovers. I bought my son one of those to take to college.
    On my wish list: the metal scoop!

  95. I love Pampered Chef.

  96. Tricia d says

    I love my pizza stone and adjustable measuring spoons!

  97. janice j says

    My absolute favorite Pampered Chef product would have to be the bamboo spoons. I use them pretty much everyday. I also use my 9×13 pan every week to make rolls for lunch. Pampered Chef products are awesome.

  98. I love the baking stones!!! Have had my rectangle and pizza one for over 10 years:)
    great giveaway! Thanks!

  99. LOVE Pampered Chef!! My 2 favs that I use ALL the time are the chopper & garlic press 🙂

  100. Paula Pegram says

    I have a few Pampered Chef products. I like my stone ware and use my measuring spoons most often. their stuff is great.

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