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Home-Ec 101 Review and Giveaway

I have been looking for a good book to use for teaching my kids the basics of keeping a home.

Yes, they help me often around the house and in the kitchen, but since we home school I have been looking for something more book or curriculum like to use with them.

I was looking for something they could read, learn from, and refer back to in the future. So, when I was contacted a few weeks ago about reviewing the book Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos, I was very excited.

Heather is the blogger behind the website Home Ec 101 and I love the concept of what she does. She teaches the basics of housekeeping. She teaches Home-Ec to you, which is a skill many people are lacking today.

I received the book last week and I love this book, but my 13 year old loves it even more.

She found it the day it arrived in the mail and started reading it right away. She spent the next few days telling me all the things she had learned from it. In fact she has pretty much claimed the book as her own.

And this was all her choice. I had planned on reading and reviewing it, and have her read it sometime in the future, but she had other plans. She wanted to read it now.

She kept telling, “mom, did you know that you can do this…..”, and. “mom you should not be using this to clean, you should try this.”

She also informed me that our light bulbs needed cleaned/dusted. I am not sure I am glad that Heather let her know that I have been slacking on that one, but now that she knows all about cleaning them, she is free to do it anytime she wants. 🙂

What I love about this book is that it keeps your attention. This is not a simple how to book with tons of details. Heather makes it fun, while teaching you. She keeps it real, but is very informative.

And any book on cooking and cleaning that grabs a 13 year old, has to be good.

One of the things that really I liked about this book was how it was set up. There are four sections and each section deals with a different subject.

Section one is Clean it and is all about cleaning.

Section 2 is Wash it and is full of laundry and garment repair tips.

Section three is called fix it. If you need some basic around the house handyman type tips, this section is great.

The last section is all about cooking and cooking basics from recipes and techniques to pantry and meal planning.

Although much of the information in this book is information I already know, most of it was new to my daughter. So, I think this book would be great for those needing to learn the basics of house keeping.

It would be a good book to give a teen or someone college age that is starting out on their own. This would also make a really good gift for someone getting married. Or if you are needing some new inspiration to tackle those cleaning jobs you have been putting off, this book may give you the inspiration you need.

The  Home-Ec 101 book was just recently released and is now available in both a book and a kindle version.

Now, not only was I sent a book to review, I have two books to giveaway to my readers.

And I am excited to say this one is available to all my readers, including those that live outside of the US.

Giveaway will end Sunday April 3, 2011 at 6 pm cst.

I will choose 2 winners from the comments left on this post.

To Enter: Just leave me a comment

For bonus entries please leave separate comments for each:

For any questions please see my giveaway policy.

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  5. Melinda Montgomery says

    I am a new subscriber and I love your site! Also, I signed up for the Home-Ec 101 newsletter.

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  22. This book sounds wonderful and I bet my children would love it!

  23. I SOO would love to have this book for my own reference, but I’d also love to give it to my 14 yr old (homeschooled) son – who already has declared he’s never going to get married! LOL! Thank you for your many recipes and tips! I check here first for my “corn-free” needs!

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  31. I’m a new subscriber and thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. This entry in particular grabbed me because first, I swear we have the same 13 year old — I have often teased my daughter about her penchant for dusting the lightbulbs — and second, it sounds like a fun take on an old but very useful subject. Keep the blog posts coming!

  32. Julie Hendrix says

    Greetings Lynn,
    I’m a mother of three and have a teenage son age 15. I am a subscriber to your site and I would love this book for some inspiration on planning, cleaning and all things cooking :)’ Thanks for all the great info about the book.

  33. I read Home ec 101. Great ideas, simple. I am a subscriber to Lynn’s Kitchen Adventure already. I would love to win a Home Ec 101 book.

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    I am a current Home Ec teacher and would love this book to use for education purposes!

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  62. I am new on your site. Home Ec 101 caught my eye, because I wanted to be a home ec teacher. I started college in my 30’s to start my journey toward my degree in home ec, then surprise, I became pregnant. Having complications, I had to drop school. We now have to wonderful boys !

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