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Homemade Vanilla Update

Back in March, I posted about making homemade vanilla extract. I know several many people thought this was a strange idea. I am pretty sure my sisters thought I was a bit crazy for making it. But I really want to make most of our food from scratch and making homemade vanilla is so simple to do. I figured it was an easy thing make myself.

I started using my vanilla a few months ago and I love it. I really, really like the homemade vanilla. It has such good flavor. You can just tell by smelling it how much better it is.

One tip though is that I really should have let it sit longer. I was out of the store bought vanilla and I really hated to buy more when I had some almost ready to go. I started using it when it was about 4 1/2 months old and I really should have waited a while longer. The longer it sat the better it got. So, I am enjoying it even more now that it has sat longer and developed an even better flavor. It now has a much stronger flavor than it did when I first started using it.

I have been enjoying the vanilla so much I started my second batch. I even have a friend from church now making it for herself. In fact we ordered vanilla beans from amazon and split them in order to make them cheaper for us to buy. I was not sure about ordering vanilla beans through amazon, but I read the reviews and decided it was worth the savings to give it a try. I was really happy with them, especially since they were so much cheaper.

One other thing that I did different this time was to use more expensive vodka. I know nothing about vodka, so last time we just bought cheap vodka. After talking to a friend and reading comments and emails from several of you, I realized I should not have used the cheapest vodka. So, this time I used better vodka and I think it will make a difference.

I can’t imagine why I would ever go back to store bought vanilla. This is so simple to make and it is so much better.

Do any of you make your own vanilla?

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  1. I have also made homemade vanilla this year for the first time with organic vanilla beans ordered from Frontier. I was extremely pleased with the results, don’t think I will ever go back to store bought again! I read somewhere that you should try pouring rum into the mixture when you use about half of it. Not sure if I am going to do this or not. Thanks again for your great info!

  2. I haven’t tried this, but it has been in my mind a while to try.

    With the order from amazon, how much did that make? Did you only need to buy one bottle of vodka? I guess I need to go back to the original post and check amounts.

    Thanks for the heads up on the amazon link!

  3. The amount I oredered and linked to from amazon is enough for 4 or 5 batches. Which is why I split it with a friend. But you can order smaller amounts from the same company. And yes the amounts are in the original post. 🙂

  4. I have been making my own vanilla for years now. I just love the way it tastes in baked foods. I split the beans to distribute the seeds in it because I like the little seeds!

  5. This sounds so fun. I think I might have to try it! 🙂

  6. I made some, but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s been sitting for about 4 months now so I can try it soon. I’m getting impatient to try it too.

  7. I was just wondering how long this would keep for, particulalry once you have opened it, do you think it has a shelf life? I would love to have my own homemade good vanilla extract but would take a long time to use a bottle that size! Any thoughts?

  8. Lindsay, from what I can tell real vanilla has a pretty long shelf life b/c of the high alcohol content. I also have wondered that, but could not find a good answer. Most said well over a year, some said quite a bit longer. Here you can also find smaller bottles of vodka which might be an option for you. I am also planning on giving some as gifts. I am going to find some small nice looking bottles to put it in. I think it will make a nice gift for a couple of people that I know that love to bake. I hope that helps. Let me know if you try it and how it turns out.

  9. I like the gift idea, I found a UK website today that looks reputable and sells 10 premium vanilla pods for £4.75 ( just under $8!) and free postage so I think I will give it a go. Some nice local cheeses and some “no cook homemade chutney” that I have a good recipe for could be a lovely Christmas gift for family and friends this year. 🙂

  10. Now that I know your results I will definitely give this a whirl. So your consensus is to go with the higher end vodka–like maybe a middle price one?? And amazon for the beans? I can use my swagbucks on those dudes!

    Thanks, Lynn! 🙂

  11. I’m so glad you posted this update! I had been wondering. Glad it turned out well and had wondered whether you would decide to upgrade your vodka. Is the pic you posted the new one or the old? I don’t know that brand name, but it looks Russian! How bad can it be? Vodka is what they do! haha. Maybe I can get Faith to make some of this for me… I lack patience.

  12. Pheobe, I would def. go with a med priced Vodka. I think the one I used this time was about $12, so about twice the price of the one I tried the first one. And yes I was quite happy with the beans I got from Amazon that I link to.

  13. drinking glasses says

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

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    Great post – thanks for sharing!

  15. My sister and I just purchased vanilla beans from Costco (10 for about $12). We are planning to make vanilla for Christmas presents, but it looks like we’d better get on it right now 🙂 (or maybe include a note that says to wait a month before using!)
    I love your blog! I’m planning to use several of your recipes this month and will be back to find more later 🙂

  16. i wanted to add this to both vanilla topics to make sure it was seen by as many as possible. below is what i posted in the other thread

    “I just wanted to comment on this old post. i just got in to making vanilla and researched the heck out of it.

    i found Madagascar extract grade B beans (ideal for extract) from a reputable seller on Ebay for 20 dollars a POUND. i got over 150 beans. these are extract grade high quality beans perfect for this task. and only 20 dollars. there is one specific seller i recomend. (Vanilla products usa) they have a web site and are power sellers on ebay with 100% positive feedback.

    good luck.

    PS. i use high quality vodka. “kettle one” with the low price i paid for vanilla beans i thought i would splurge on the vodka.

  17. I use Bourbon-richer flavor- same idea. And mimiks the high vanilla sold at the kitchen stores at the mall.
    🙂 Enjoy your site!
    .-= Barb in Palm Beach, FL´s last blog ..Yes- it’s been a while… =-.

  18. tracy olson says

    I really want to try this, could the links (websites, you ladies have purchased the vanilla beans at be posted or e-mailed to me) a few have been mentioned amazon, but not the website address. ?????

  19. I am doing the vanilla project. How many months total would you recommend? I started mine at the beginning of November and it does smell great, but isn’t very dark yet.

    • I like to wait at least four months, but six is better. I have used it at four and it is fine, but the flavor is much stronger six or more months. If you did a large bottle, I would start using it at four months and it will get darker and stronger the longer it is. I hope you enjoy it!

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