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Missing Food and Keeping It Real

This post is all about keeping it real and admitting that I recently had a really tough day.

I was really worried about the holidays this year, but we made it through gluten and nut free just fine. I thought we would miss some of our favorite candies and desserts, but we experimented and found some new favorites.

Overall I was surprised that November and December went so well. I know those are always tough months when you have food issues to deal with.

Because the holidays went so well, I was very surprised that I recently had a brief melt down over a salad. Yes, a salad.

I was eating a salad and all of a sudden I missed croutons. I have gone almost a year and a half without a crouton, but all of the sudden I really wanted one. I missed the crunch that croutons gave my salad and I felt deprived that I could not have one.

I looked around the house and I had nothing crunchy to put on my salad. We have no nuts in the house and haven’t for almost a year, so that was not an option. I had no gluten free bread, so I could not even make croutons. Yes, I could have made some bread and then made croutons, but whenever I make gluten free bread, everyone is so glad to have bread, there is none left for things like croutons and bread crumbs.

I had no gluten free crackers either. Gluten free crackers are a whole different issue with me. Gluten free, nut free, and sesame free crackers are hard to find, and the ones I have found are not very good. So, I ate my salad without the crunch I was craving, but I still wanted croutons and felt deprived that I could not have them.

But after my brief meltdown, I realized that I did not really want a crouton. I knew what one crouton would do to me. It was not worth it for one crouton. It was just a crouton after all. I knew I needed to focus on what I could eat and what I could use to replace what I was missing.

I also felt kind of silly for missing croutons. Who misses croutons? A piece of chocolate cake or a piece of pizza, yes, but croutons?

So, the next time I went to the grocery store I bought some sunflower seeds, (which was a chore to find a brand that did not the cross contamination issues with nuts), and I also bought all the makings of a salad.

I went home and had a very nice salad,  made with ham, vegetables, homemade lemon dijon dressing, and  full of sunflowers seeds. The sunflower seeds were a great addition and it helped replaced what I was missing.

My point of sharing this is not to whine and complain, it is to share that dealing with food allergies, no matter what they are, is not always easy. We all have tough days. We all have times where we miss certain foods. It is normal. It is part of it.

But if you try hard, you can almost always find a replacement for what you are missing. It may not be quite the same, but it will usually fill help fill the void of the food you miss.

Is there something that you have been missing? Did you find something to replace it?

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  1. I add sunflower nuts to my salads frequently b/c I’m allergic to nuts and especially when I was pregnant I couldn’t eat bread. So, those were the perfect alternative for me.

    Sounds like you had a delicious salad in the end!!

  2. Try pork rinds for a salty crunch. They’re…airier than bacon.

  3. I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve heard that you can fry up some steel cut oats with a bit of butter to get a nutty-like crunch substitute!

  4. I’ve been dealing with yeast overgrowth for almost two years now, since my youngest was born. I really know what you are feeling. Without trying to be dramatic, sometimes I feel like I ache for cheese or a huge slice of cake, or better yet just coffee with lovely half and half. I have found things to “replace” these items but it can be SO hard. You are definitely not alone. And evidently I’m not either! 🙂

  5. Yes it really can be challenging. We had Thanksgiving with good friends who have 2 family members with Type 1 diabetes and we have food allergies: gluten, corn, cow’s dairy, chemicals. The hostess and I were very proud of
    ourselves for pulling off a very tasty Thanksgiving feast. 🙂

  6. Hello, I have just found out that I am allergic to nuts. I have been eating very close to vegetarian, not quite, I still eat some cheeses, which is a toss-up because I am allergic to dairy. But, I was drinking almond milk, and eating lots of nuts and seeds, and had a bad reaction, really surprised me, but I remembered about a year ago I had to give up cashews, they started making me sick whenever I would eat them. Didn’t think much about that, always ate lots of different nuts, but no more. I am also allergic to acidic foods like lemon, and lime. So it is real challenge, but, nice to find your website.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.