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My Daughter’s New Project

I have shared in the past a few of my daughter’s crochet projects. And I shared her Mother’s Day gift to me a few years ago. The above picture is one of the more recent project that she finished and entered into our county fair. I shared the above picture on Facebook recently and I think it got the most likes of any picture I have ever shared.

My daughter Brianna has a special talent for crochet work. A good friend from church taught her to crochet when she was eight years old and she took to it like a pro. Her work amazes me and almost anyone that sees it.

She has turned her work into a business and has been selling it to family and friends for several years now. But my daughter not only has a talent for crochet, she has a heart for giving and she is turning her talent, and work with crochet, into a special project. Today, I told her that she could share a little about what she is doing with my readers.


I am Brianna. I like to crochet and have been crocheting since I was eight. An older lady at church taught several girls and I to crochet and I just took off with it.

I have crocheted a lot of things since I first learned how. I have made dish cloths, coasters, doilies, table runners, and baby blankets. I recently opened an Etsy Shop where I am selling my work.

I do not want to keep profiting from all my crocheting. I want to use my crocheting talent for God’s glory. He gave me this talent, and I wanted to use the ability to also give to others.

I want to help needy people in other countries, so I decided to donate the profits from my Etsy Shop to Compassion International. I originally wanted to sponsor a child, which means that I would have to donate a certain amount of money each month for a child, but right now I do not have the money to do that.

So, for now I will donate my Etsy shop profits to various projects on Compassion International. If my shop does well, I plan to eventually sponsor a child.

Right now in my shop I have a few dish cloths and a set of coasters available. I have several options for dish cloths including several large, square dish cloths, several ridged dish cloths, and a set of four off-white coasters for sale.

In the future, I hope to also sell doilies and Christmas ornaments.

If you have any questions about my work, please leave a comment or contact me through my etsy shop or use the contact form on this site.

Note from Lynn: I debated on whether or not to share my daughter’s project with all of you. It is not the normal type of post that I do, but it is a project that I want to encourage my daughter to work on and to support her in. I hope you all understand. If you do not need dish cloths, or have money to purchase from my daughter’s Etsy shop, please do not feel like you have to. My goal is simply to share what she is doing. If you love old fashioned crochet work though, and would like some hand crocheted kitchen dishcloths like your grandma made, she has some great things available. 


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us! She sounds like a precious daughter! And to Brianna-As soon as I get to my laptop (I’m on my cell right now) I will visit your etsy shop. I can’t wait to see what creations you have! You do such beautiful work! God bless your giving heart!

  2. What a beautiful daughter you have. She’s been taught to love the Lord & in doing so, to love His children. Awesome! Have you posted this on facebook? I know you worry about your daughter & what the world might do but it just might surprise you. (I’ve got my eye on one of the blue/green washcloth combos & plan on visiting after payday 🙂 )

  3. I thank that’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing. It makes my heart fill up when I hear about young people giving to others and following God’s path. Wonderful. I might add, while I’m a knitter and am awful at crochet…lol That these hand made dish cloths are fantastic and hold up wash after wash after wash. I’ve been knitting ours for years.

  4. that is so awesome! you must be so proud. 🙂

  5. beautiful…what an great talent.

  6. I am so thrilled you are doing this, Brianna! What a sweet heart you have of generosity. 🙂

  7. beautiful handiwork!

  8. Vicki russell says

    Your daughter did a wonderful job on the heart doily… I showed it to a lady I work with she told me to make her one… I said RIGHT!! like I can crochet like that….

  9. What a talent! And I love the new post and topic.
    Lynn, please frame that doily and the ribbon…
    That is a memory to be cherished forever.
    WTG Brianna ! Congrats !

    There could come a day when that talent will be less than today,
    and the memories that the framed piece will bring,
    are priceless.

    Keep up your good work Lynn and you too Brianna.
    I know that your family is very proud of you.

  10. What awesome work, Brianna! I will definitely check out your Etsy shop. That doily is stunning! And I love all your work. What a fantastic thing you are doing with your Etsy income!

    Lynn, so glad you shared this with us all! Hugs,

  11. Your daughter has an amazing talent. I have been brought to tears by her compassion. This is absolutely awesome!

  12. Bless your heart…I learned to crochet at the age of 60…my profits have gone to the new kitchen construction at our church….

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. Brianna good luck on your etsy shop. You are very talented and I love the doily you made. Keep it up!

  14. What a talented young lady, with a caring heart. I worked with a lady who knitted little caps for newborns and donated them to the local hospitals, and also knitted hats and scarves to donate to the homeless during the winter. (Just a few extra ideas so share your way). God Bless.

  15. Lynn, what a great daughter you have; so compassionate and thoughtful! It may not be the usual fare for your blog, but it’s a welcome one. This is why I enjoy your site so much: real life. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Lynn, that purple doily caught my eye, it’s my favorite color! lol 🙂 It’s exquisite work. Love it!

    I love to crochet and really don’t have the time I thought I’d have when I created my crafts blog. I was so gung-ho on creating that blog and getting into quilting and even purchased a brand new sewing machine as an incentive for the blog. Sad to say, the blog is mainly collecting dust (other than a guest blogger) LOL. Maybe this winter, I’ll get more into it.

    Thanks for this post. 🙂

  17. Oh, I have a couple of (what supposed to be dishcloths) posted on my craft blog. However, they turned out a little bigger than I wanted, so I called them hot pads. LOL 🙂

    Your daughter does awesome work! 🙂

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