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Olive Garden Style Salad Dressing

mock olive garden dressing

My sister was recently telling me about a salad dressing recipe that she had made and really enjoyed. She had found it in the food network magazine. She also told me that she really likes that magazine. I think it is becoming one of her favorite cooking magazines. She gave me several other recipes that she has made from the magazine that I look forward to making soon.

Since my sister liked this salad dressing so much I decided  to give the recipe a try. We really liked this. It was good. Not exactly like Olive Garden, but good. I did not have Miracle Whip. I do not like Miracle Whip, I like good old Hellman’s/Best Foods mayonnaise, and so does everyone else in my house. Did you know that Hellman’s Mayonnaise is known as Best Food’s west of the Rockies? Yep, it says it right on the side of the jar. When I moved to Oklahoma I was quite disappointed that they did not have Best Foods Mayonnaise because it was my favorite. Then I realized that they were the same and I was quite happy. Seriously, mayonnaise is one of the foods I will only buy a certain brand on. I am a mayonnaise snob I guess.

Now, back to my salad dressing, I did not want to buy a jar of Miracle Whip just to make this, so I used mayonnaise. It was very good with mayonnaise, but a little tangy. I think Miracle Whip may be a little sweeter, and give it a more authentic Olive Garden taste. However, since my family liked it fine with the mayonnaise, I will keep making it that way.

This is also best several hours after you make it. I served it right away the first time we tried it and it was a little thin. By the next day it was thicker and the flavors were blended together better. So, make this one up ahead of time and refrigerate it until ready to use.

Making your own salad dressing is very easy to do. It is cheaper to make it and I think much healthier because it does not contain all the extra ingredients the the store version contains.

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  1. It’s always nice having a GREAT!!! dressing. THANKS!!! for the recipe. Geri

  2. I just stole this recipe right off your site. Yup I stole it. I admit it. We have not had Olive Garden in Canada for long and whenever I would go I would buy some bottles of dressing to bring home but you know what they never taste the same as the one they serve. I look forward to trying this one. Thanks.
    BTW I am a total “name brand” snob. I find most deals on others are really not worth the savings because no one likes them.

  3. Lori, I think if you made this like the Olive Gardens salad with black olives, peppers, etc it would be even closer to the real thing.

  4. I did NOT know that about Best Foods and Hellman’s! My husband loves Best Foods; I buy it by the gallon at Sam’s club and it doesn’t last long here.

    I’ve been wanting to get some white wine vinegar for several recipes, and now I can’t remember what the other ones were–but I want it for this one! Do you have an inexpensive source?

  5. I just get my white whine vinegar at Walmart. It is right next to the other vinegars. It is pretty inexpensive, a couple of dollars for a bottle, but it usually lasts me quite a while. I don’t go through it very fast.

  6. You aren’t alone in being a brand name/mayo snob. I don’t like any other kind but Hellmann’s, either, and always try to keep at least one backup jar in my pantry (besides the one in the fridge.)
    This recipe looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it! (With mayo–the only way I like Miracle Whip is in tuna fish, and only sometimes. Mostly, it’s Hellmann’s all the way.)

  7. You can’t go wrong with a great recipe for salad dressing. Thanks for sharing yours with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  8. I prefer mayonaisse over Miracle Whip any day, but my husband loves Miracle Whip. I can’t wait to try this recipe–I think I’ll follow your lead and use Mayonaisse!

  9. That is so funny about the differences between Miracle Whip and mayonnaise. I grew up on Miracle Whip but because my husband preferred mayonnaise I changed and don’t like Miracle Whip but my sister thinks it is the best so when we are together we voice our opinions about it. So funny. Thanks for the recipe it sounds great and I would use mayonnaise too:) maybe add some sugar.

  10. I’m with you love old Hellmans the best! Miracle whip is just too sweet for me but we were raised on it as kids.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. You can buy wee jars of Miracle Whip. I prefer mayo over MW — never have the stuff in the house! I always make my own salad dressings — easy and good and fresh tasting! I’ve tried this and it is good.

  12. I know I am seriously LATE (0verdue) with this post, however I just wanted to say “GO HELLMAN’S!!” My husband is a MW fan but I cannot stand it. I agree that it has to be HELLMANS or its not quite right! I recently bought a jar of hellman’s made with olive oil (trying to be health conscious).. I hate it.. it does not taste like hellman’s at all and makes my tuna fish taste nasty! Just needed to state that since I have had this sentiment for a lil bit and have not had a mayonnaise forum to post it on. LOL

  13. There isn’t mayo in olive garden’s dressing…

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