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Quinoa Tabouli

My husband loves tabouli, but tabouli is not allowed on the gluten free diet because the main ingredient is bulger and bulgar is wheat.

Now my husband is not gluten free, so he could freely eat traditional tabouli, but except for the occasional dessert or baked good, I pretty much cook gluten free so that the whole family can enjoy the same things. So, tabouli is not something that we have had in a long time.

A few months ago when I went to a food blogging conference, I received a few samples of quinoa from Bob’s Red Mill. I have had a lot of fun experimenting with the quinoa and creating new things.

We love my Mexican Quinoa and I have also used the quinoa is several other things. In fact, we have been enjoying it so much that I purchased a large bag of  Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa.

On the back of the bag of quinoa was a recipe for quinoa tabouli. As soon as I saw the recipe, I knew I had to try it. I knew my husband would really enjoy having tabouli or at least something tabouli like again.

The Bob’s Red Mill recipe was a little different than most tabouli’s that I have had. The recipe did not contain cucumbers and it had a little different seasoning than most tabouli’s that I have had. But tabouli is one of those things that everyone seems to fix differently and according to their own taste.

I ended up using the basic idea of the Bob’s Red Mill recipe, but I tweaked it quite a bit and added some cucumber to it.

I wrote the directions below using dried herbs, but this would be really good with fresh herbs. My herbs have not survived the incredible heat that Oklahoma has had this summer. So, I have not had many fresh herbs on hand and have ended up using mainly dried ones for this. Use what you have and it will be fine.

Many tabouli’s also contain mint. I don’t like the mint taste in tabouli, so I left that out. If you like mint and have some fresh mint, feel free to add a little to this recipe. I am sure it would be good, that is if you like mint.

What I love about this recipe is how easy it is. It makes the perfect gluten free side dish for any summertime meal.


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  1. YUMMY! Sounds soo good Lynn. I’m bookmarking it and I shared it on my FB page since I know several peeps who like quinoa

  2. I made this and ate it right away — it never got to the fridge to marry! Even so, very nice! Can’t wait to try leftovers tomorrow after the proper marrying time!

    This was a good way to use an overripe cucumber from the garden. Served on lettuce, it went great with a coconut-flour Pumpkin Walnut Carrot Cake for a light supper.

    Changes I made to the recipe to suit me: half the quinoa, olive oil, and salt; and double the cucumber, garlic, and spices. For the lemon juice, I squeezed 1/2 lemon and added the pulp. I also did not seed nor peel the cuke.

    Thanks for the wheat-free tabouli idea!

  3. I love tabouli but am also avoiding wheat and am the better for it. I enjoy quinoa as a replacement for bulgar in tabouli but also millet – very high in minerals – works very well.

    I am assuming your photos are of just cooked quinoa because tabouli…it is not! :>)

    Having spent much time in the Near East, I would call this recipe a quinoa salad in its own right…basil is never, ever in any tabouli nor garlic. Tomato and lots of parsley and mint or just one or the other yes (Turkish recipes, for example often use only parsley) and always, always fresh so that the green is very noticeable…dried just doesn’t do it and the herbs no longer have their health benefits (like high vit. E in parsley). The flavor difference between dried and fresh is huge and worth purchasing or growing.

    Your quinoa salad recipe looks delicious though and I will surely try it as it is!

  4. Sorry, but I find it ridiculous to call this recipe “tabouli”. No mint or tomato and 1/2 teaspoon parsley? No way!

    There should be enough parsley for it to look very, very green….and lots of tomato. A little onion wouldn’t hurt it either. Otherwise just call it “Quinoa salad”

  5. uhhhhhhhhhhhh…… this is not Tabouli. It looks good…. and I hope your husband liked it… but calling this tabouli is like calling flatbread a pizza, it’s ridiculous. Again, whatever it is, it actually sounds pretty good. But if I was sitting down for a meal at some place and saw quinoa tabouli on the menu, I would think “YEAH that sounds great!” if the waiter brought me this I would probably say “What the hell?” out loud.


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.