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Saving Time and Money In the Kitchen with ALDI

Aldi 2

This is a sponsored post on behalf of ALDI, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

One of the things I love to do is to share ways to help you save time and money in the kitchen. We are all busy, but we still need quick and easy family-friendly meals that don’t break the grocery budget.

Because I love sharing quick and easy budget-friendly meals it was easy to say yes when I was contacted a few weeks ago about working with ALDI.

When ALDI first came to Oklahoma I was not really sure about them. I had heard good things about them, but I still was not sure what to think. And it took me awhile to even venture in to one of the stores. Once I did though, I was hooked. I instantly saw why everyone loved them and why it was a sure way to save money on groceries.

Aldi 5_11-04-2013

The produce prices are unbeatable. The prices on the strawberries and bananas to the green peppers and avocados are almost always lower than anyone else.

And the cheese – I love cheese. Really love cheese and ALDI has some great prices on cheese. And not only the regular everyday kinds – they often have specialty cheeses that I love to buy.

I can’t talk about ALDI without talking about the chocolate. Shortly after I started shopping at ALDI I tried their chocolate candy bars and was amazed at the quality. It is their exclusive ALDI brand and it is good.

At some point we tried the chocolate bars with hazelnuts and were again amazed. My dad loves hazelnuts. I mean he really loves them.

He grew up in Oregon, which produces something like ninety percent of all hazelnuts grown in the US, so it is no wonder he loves hazelnuts. And a little hazelnut fact is that in Oregon growing up, we always called them filberts, not hazelnuts.

My dad has grown to love the ALDI chocolate hazelnut candy bars. The problem is that they don’t have ALDI in Oregon, so we ship my dad chocolate. Yes, oh yes we do.

I can’t even begin to count how many candy bars have made their way from Oklahoma to Oregon. Boxes of chocolate get shipped for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, and just about any other time I ship a box of anything to Oregon, ALDI chocolate is almost always included.

Aldi 3_10-28-2013

One of the great things about ALDI is that they have so much more than food. Each week they offer Special Buy products which often include things like toys and kitchen items. I was recently sent a few of their upcoming Special Buy products to try and I had so much fun experimenting with them.

Two of the items they sent me were a cast iron frying pan and a cast iron Dutch oven.


I love cast iron. I have a couple of pieces by that really expensive brand that everyone loves, so I was not sure what I would think of the ALDI version. Well, let me just say I was impressed, especially for the price.

Nothing cooks and browns onions like cast iron and this pan worked great for cooking dinner the other night.

And the cast iron Dutch oven worked great for a new pasta dish I made this week. The pans heat evenly and cleaned up well, especially for the price. I mean really you can’t beat the price here.

Aldi 4_10-28-2013

Here are a few of the weekly Special Buy products that ALDI has coming up. These Special Buy products are available starting on the dates below and are available while supplies last.

Special Buy items include:

  • Kitchen Living Two Speed Hand Blender, $19.99 – Special Buy beginning 11/13
  • Kitchen Living 6 Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven,$29.99 – Special Buy beginning 11/20
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Grill, $14.99 – Special Buy beginning 11/20
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Frying Pan,$14.99 –Special Buy beginning 11/20
  •  Kitchen Living Heat Resistant Glove or Oven Mitt (2), $4.99 –Special Buy beginning 11/20
  •  Kitchen Living Cast Iron Trivet, $4.99 – Special Buy beginning 11/20

 If you shop at ALDI I would love to hear your favorite product or products to buy. 

Be sure to follow ALDI on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more money saving ideas and tips.

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  1. I love Aldi! Great post! So excited to know about the cast iron specials coming up. Can start budgeting now! Thanks!

  2. Lynn, I am so glad to see your post this morning about Aldi. I’ve been shopping there for 2 years now. The amout of money I save is the reason I go back each week. When I leave Aldis I feel like I have my money’s worth rather than the feeling I get after walking out of most other grocery stores of “what did I just spend $80 on?” Second, my husband has Celiac and we eat gluten free and mostly natural foods. This is where I was skeptical with Aldi but I have found foods that are suppose to be gluten free, ie canned vegetables, peanut butter, nuts are truly gluten free there. Not to mention the occasional gluten free baking items, or frozen pancakes, or chicken nuggets. That’s the one complaint I have, they are only occasional. The clerk did tell me the other day I could go on their website and ask for specific items to be stocked, so I am checking into that. The last reason I love shopping at Aldi is how quickly I am in and out with a weeks worth of groceries. You don’t need to wander up and down 10 or more aisles to find the coffee or canned goods. My advice is if you haven’t tried Aldi, try it.

    • I love it for the naturally gluten free items as well. And I have heard that they plan to carry more and more gluten free items, so hopefully more and more ALDI stores will start carrying them.

  3. We don’t shop at Aldi, yet! A new store just opened in my area, and we plan on checking it out when I need to do our grocery shopping next week. I was excited to see your post, I can’t wait to check out the store!x

  4. I also am a little fanatical about ALDIs – I think my favorite thing to buy there is a tie between the triscuits and the pineapple for 1.29! Just the other day I was shopping there and thought, oh, my cart is pretty full this is going to be expensive (leftover mindset from other grocery stores) and it rung up at $55 . . . yeah. for the whole week’s worth of groceries. unbelieveable. I will never shop anywhere else.

  5. Julie Dukowitz says

    I too love Aldi – to the point that I find our ‘regular’ grocery story overwhelming (and overpriced!). The staff at our store is also incredibly friendly and helpful. Love them!

  6. I also love it, especially their produce. I wanted to share that I often shop on Tuesday mornings, and they often have their chicken breasts reduced 1/2 off. That made them less than a dollar a pound yesterday. Gotta love that!


  7. I also love Aldi’s! The produce is wonderful, both taste and prices. We go through so much fruit every week, I couldn’t do it without Aldi’s excellent prices. I also love to purchase my baking staples there. It’s good to know that there is a company who likes to take care of their employees by paying them a very fair wage and still can offer good prices to its consumers.

    I know some people might be skeptical because it’s not full of name brand (overpriced) items, but the quality is great and with their one-time Special Buys items you can really stumble on some wonderful finds.

  8. I grew up with Aldi as a child and it helped my mom feed the 8 of us within her budget. It has changed and evolved since then but I still love it. It’s a great value and they are so much cheaper for produce and staple items like eggs, milk and baking supplies than other grocery stores in our area in MO. It’s a little adjustment to get used to the layout and not being able to use a credit card for new shoppers (they do accept debit cards) but if you can get past that, it saves you money.

  9. Aldi is the only store I can send my husband to alone. When he comes home with a bunch of impulse buys in addition to “picking up some milk on the way home,” I at least know he didn’t overpay for anything!

  10. I grew up on Aldi’s and when I moved to Texas I was disappointed there wasn’t any store. I recently discovered they finally came to Texas and was I excited. I have cut my grocery budget by half and I love all of their products. Haven’t found anything yet I don’t love. Oh yeah also love that chocolate!!

  11. Brandette W. says

    Yes, we are an Aldi family here too. I LOVE that store! Most all of our basics I purchase there: produce, snacks, peanut butter, fat-free salad dressings, lunchmeat, cheese blocks for shredding, white bread for homemade uncrustables, pasta, pasta sauce (our fav!), grated parm, white rice, pinto beans, all canned goods, baking supplies, bottled water, apple juice, freezer bags, paper plates, plastic utensils. I love that I can go in and buy cases of things like canned goods to store in our storage at rock bottom prices!

    I was there yesterday and my store had the Beef Sirloin fresh fajita kits marked down to $1 a package, I couldn’t believe it! I bought the 3 they had left and they immediately went into the freezer. And with the recent coupon that was released for $10 off $40 (my store in IN is still accepting it until Nov 15, I checked with our mgr), it was even more amazing.

  12. Having a large deep freezer is a blessing when ALDI’s fruit is marked down. When strawberries are 99 cents we go “bananas” with as many flats as we can budget in! Right now 3 lbs apples are $1.88 so we bought 12 bags last week to process! Right now we are also stocking up on bagged fresh cranberries. We just throw these bags directly in the freezer and use in smoothies and pies. Don’t get me started on all their cheese and chocolate, girl!! lol

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.