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Southern Living Style and Giveaway

Giveaway Closed

kathy [email protected] is the winner. I have emailed you Kathy. Congratulations!


To say I love Southern Living Magazine is an understatement. Yes me, a girl born and raised in Oregon, and a transplant to Oklahoma, loves Southern Living.

I cannot remember how I first found Southern Living Magazine, but we have received it at my husband’s office and/or home for years. It is a favorite both at home and the office.

Of course I love their food ideas and recipes, but I also love just looking through their magazines. From the garden ideas to the home ideas, it is a magazine I never get tired of looking through.

So, I was thrilled when I was contacted about reviewing Southern Living’s new book Southern Living Style. This is a book full of ideas for the home and I loved looking through it.

They talk about defining southern style, style on a budget, why things work, and how to reclaim it, which deals with turning old finds into something new.

And the good news is that not only did I receive Southern Living Style to review, Southern Living is giving away one book, to one of my readers.

To enter: All you have to do is leave me a comment. (But I would love to hear what you love about Southern Living.)

The giveaway will end Saturday October 1st at 6 pm CST.

If you are reading this by email you must click here and leave a comment on this post. Replying to this email will not count as an entry.

For more information please see my giveaway policy.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Southern Living Style to review, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I’ve been eyeing this since I first saw it was coming out, & would love to win. Thanks!

  2. I would love to win!

  3. I love reading my Southern Living magazine every month. I always find something I want to try… could be for my home, garden, or a new recipe!

  4. I have a book shelf full of old Southern Living magazines. Just can’t seem to part with them. Would really like to see this book!

  5. My mother subscribed to Southern Living for as long as I know. When a new issue arrived in the mail, the first thing I would always do was look at the house plan. I was obsessed with visualizing that plan, and it’s fitting that I went on to study interior design and architecture in college. I know subscribe to Southern Living and love everything about the magazine. I wish they would still include a houseplan in each issue.

  6. One of my earliest memories is of the Southern Living magazines always lined up on my grandma’s coffee table! It was – and still is – the quintessential guide to culture and life in the South. I love it!!

  7. It is a great magazine!

  8. I would love to win!

  9. Love Southern Living so would love to win this book! My favorite recipe from Southern Living has been the Banana Pudding with the Vanilla Wafers-has been a go to recipe for years! Oh, and the Peach Cobbler with pecans!

  10. Love Southern Living! I’m sure I’d love the book!!!

  11. I have been reading Southern Living for years, love the recipes and everything that’s in the magazine. I have an app on my IPad that I can import the recipes so I always have the recipes on hand.

  12. I love to get new decorating ideas so it would be wonderful to win this book.

  13. I would love to win this book! I love Southern Living as well.

  14. Southern Living has been a favorite of mine for many years. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, I can remember dreaming about the many places in the south that I’d like to visit. I also can remember clipping and enjoying the fabulous recipes that are included in every copy of Southern Living!

  15. Being a Southern girl married to a military guy, I’m so happy to be back in my south. 🙂 Southern Living puts that all in their magazine. If you aren’t a Southerner, you may not understand. If you are, there just aren’t words.

  16. Robin in New Jersey says

    I am a native northerner, but always felt drawn to the south.

    I would love to win!

  17. I love everything about Southern Living, the food, the home and the garden section! I am still using a BBQ Brisket recipe from an issue about 10 years ago that always gets rave reviews, even from people who don’t like red meat.

  18. I love Southern Living magazine — the photos, the food, the South! So lovely!

  19. I have always subscribed to So Living… Just never checked out the Style. Would love to win. If So Living puts it out, I know it is great. Thanks for chance to win.

  20. Donna Lambeth says

    Who doesn’t love Southern Living? It is wonderful.

  21. I would love to win this book!

  22. I would love to win! I live in Ohio, but my husband is from West Virginia. I enjoy visiting the South because the living is more laid back and I love the food and the homey feel in decorating. Thanks!

  23. My mom, a transplanted Yankee, has received Southern Living since I was a little girl. My husband got me my own subscription for our first anniversary! I’m with you- I love everything about it! I just never get tired of looking at all of the beautiful things, whether food, homes, clothes, etc.

  24. Southern Living is the epitome of style and class!Would loooovvveee to receive a copy.

  25. I love Southern Living! I have always said that I’ll subscribe when I own a home. I actually love their food and gardening sections. You are right; looking at all those gorgeous pictures puts a smile on one’s face.

  26. I love the decorating tips and model homes. I save up my Southern Living magazines before each remodel project. I didn’t know they had come out with a style magazine, but I can so see myself getting it!

  27. I love Southern Living recipes! Yummy!

  28. Have loved Southern living for years!

  29. I love Southern Living magazine too. The problem is it is so beautiful I want to keep it around and never pass it on!

  30. julie stinson says

    This would come in handy… we are right in the middle of a major remodeling project on our old house.

  31. Would love to win – love southern living!

  32. I love Southern Living, I would love to win this book.

  33. Southern Living is PERFECT for any born and raised southern belle! It has been great as my husband and I move from place to place. Since we are in the military, we don’t always have the opportunity to be stationed in the south, so this magazine has helped me to stay true to my southern roots! Love to win this for sure!

  34. No matter where in the world I live, I am a True GRITS woman! (Girl Raised in the South!) You can take me out of the South (I now live in Israel) but you will never take the South out of me! I would love to win this book to stay in tune with how to decorate my home here to reflect my love for my roots. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win. I love your website and messages.

  35. would love to win this. thank you for offering.

  36. We’re planning a big remodel and I love getting my hands on magazines with beautiful style!

  37. I love the pretty flowers and great recipes.

  38. jamie tjaden says

    Great magazine! I would love to win. their gardening & recipes are amazing!

  39. Always inspirational! Thanks!

  40. I am a midwestern girl so the magazine we have is Country Living (which I think is affiliated) and I LOVE that magazine and save my copies for all the ideas they have. Would love to see what Southern Livin’ has to offer! Thanks!

  41. I love Southern Living magazine! I’m a southern girl but live in Ohio. I love the style and everything about the south!

  42. Southern Living Magazine is my favorite. I would love to win this.

  43. I really like the recipes in this magazine and I would like to win. Thanks.
    [email protected]

  44. I love the recipes in Southern Living Magazines!

  45. I love the magazine, but don’t read it often, as the cost of magazines is outrageous. I would love to win this book.

  46. I love SL but had not seeen this yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. LINDA STOKES says

    I would love to win! I have years worth of Southern Living magazines I wouldn’t give up for anything. Oh, and the yearly cookbooks, too! My Mother is 86 and the one magazine that she still reads every month is Southern Living. When I didn’t live in the South it would come every month and remind me of why I wanted to come home. You know, most people don’t understand why a true Southerner never seems to adjust to living some where else, but the people at Southern Living really get it. First opportunity I had to move back home I packed up my magazines and came back to the South where I belong!

  48. I love the decorating ideas in Southern Living. And of course I am always looking for nice new recipes to try.

  49. Even though I don’t live in the south anymore (Iowa) I still subscribe to Southern Living – except it makes me home sick! I love the receipes the wonderful pictures of home and the highlights of vacations places! Please pick me, pick me.

  50. Love Southern Living’s recipes!

  51. I have never lived in the South, but Southern Living is one of my favorite magazines! They have fabulous recipes in there and overall just great articles!

  52. I like Southern Living because the style of decor as well as food fit a lot of what I like or would like to do myself. Hopefully in the next few years I will have a new house to style and can’t wait to add a little Southern Living touch to it!

  53. Having lived in SC for so many years I always loved when I would get this wonderful, comforting magazine. I would love to receive it again even in CO because Southern Living is about the heart and home and not location.

  54. I’m like you, I love the photos and just looking at the gracious old homes and gardens. It’s been years since I subscribed to the magazine, but I always anticipated its arrival. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. I love all the color that Southern Living uses in their magazines; no matter the section. And would love to win this book!

  56. I have been reading Southern Living for many years. The decorating, recipes, and southern cities and towns spotlight are always great reading! I find it very hard to get rid of my magazines and tend to have baskets full around the house. I actually go back through older issues looking for recipes and decorating ideas quite often.

  57. Southern Living is one of my favorite magazines (after Cook’s Illustrated)! My favorite part is their cooking section. They have some of the best recipes ever! They do have a great home decorating section too, unfortunately I have more expensive tastes than I can afford right now! 🙂

  58. For as long as I can remember, my mom always got the Southern Living magazine in the mail and bought the cook book every year. There are so many great recipes and tip inside every edition!

  59. Thanks for the chance to win the book. Southern Living magazine is just beautiful! Enough said. 🙂

  60. Love the recipes. Also the decorating is so homey and just makes you want to try everything. It takes the stress of the day away to sit and look at the magazine. Love it!

  61. I’m born and raised in KY but love Southern Living mgazine too. Would love the book!

  62. I would LOVE to have a copy!! I Love Southern Living!

  63. I am definitely a fan of Southern Living….even growing up on the West Coast too!

  64. Cathy Keeling says

    I would love to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. The magazine is great and a book would be even better.

  66. The magazine is great and the book would be even better to have.

  67. I love the decorating ideas and the recipes.

  68. I’m a southern girl who loves everything about living in the south. Southern Living magazine is one of my favorites and I would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. I would love to win this. Their magazine is beautiful!

  70. I moved to Georgia in 1996 from California and have loved Southern Living magazine since I discovered it! 🙂

  71. I would love to win this book! I try to buy Southern Living magazine when I can, and love seeing the books at the library. I’ve loved Southern Living ever since I was a young girl . After school for awhile I’d have to go to my dad’s place of work and wait until quitting time. In the office / reception area was always a stack of Southern Living magazines, and I got lots of ideas from them.

  72. I like to get fresh decorating ideas and recipes… would love to win <3

  73. love the whole book!! great ideas

  74. Southern Living has been my go-to place for traditional southern recipes for as long as I’ve been cooking! Love love love their food section!

  75. I also love this magazine. I discovered it when I attended a Southern Living Party.

  76. Geri bocchieri says

    Love Southern Living. I have one of their hardcover holiday books!!

  77. Personally born & bred in the South, Southern Living has always been on the coffee table! I love the recipes and travel information most. I often give gift subscriptions of Southern Living to ladies who appreciate such publications!

    I wanna win! Thanks!

  78. I had never heard of this magazine before. Looks lovely! Can’t wait to see it in book form too!

  79. I love Southern Living magazine! What i love most about the magazine is that it really reflects the Southern way of live–easy, comfortable, homey and welcoming. Don’t forget the recipes! What Southern gal doesn’t love good food?!

  80. Susan Fisher says

    I love the recipes in Southern Living. I have discovered several new favorites on its pages.

  81. Growing up my mom read Southern Living and still continues her subscription today. Southern Living is such a classic. I would be interested to see Southern Living Style.

  82. The obvious answer why I would love Sourthern Living? I live in Minnesnowta! I Sooooooo love their cookbooks though!!

  83. I love the recipes! My Mom and I have Southern Living Annual recipe cookbooks dating back 30 years! Always a source of a good recipe!

  84. I absolutely love looking through Southern Living! I get so many ideas! Now, if I could just move South, everything would be perfect! hahaha

  85. Looking forward to your review. Love the magazine and would LOVE the book!

  86. I would love to win this book!

  87. I LOVE Southern Living magazine and the cookbooks. I would love to have this new book.

  88. I’ve enjoyed looking at the magazine because of it’s decorating & entertaining idea.

  89. I don’t know much of anything about Southern Living, but it sounds pretty neat. I’d love to check it out.

  90. The best magazine out there! I love the decorating ideas! Oh, the gorgeous idea houses, too!

  91. I love their beautiful photography and the great recipes!

  92. I love to look at their pictures for home decorating ideas!

  93. I love the recipes!!

  94. I love the recipes in Southern Living…have collected them for years!

  95. I had a subscription to Southern Living when I lived in Georgia and watched for it everymonth. The recipes were great and I often got great hints for southern gardens (I came from CA).

  96. I’m a northern girl who loves all things southern, and I would love to win this book!

  97. I have given up all subscriptions but Southern Living. Just couldn’t see not having it every month, I love it! Have subscribed for years, at least 10.

  98. I would love to win this! I am what I would call “organizationallly challenged”, so I really like the good ideas for organization and decoration Southern Living puts out. Also I like to see all the places in the south that they feature.

  99. I don’t regulary read Southern Living, but I love all magazines that have home decorating, re-doing, remodeling stuff in them!

  100. I love Southern Living magazine. I started reading it shortly before moving to Houston in the late ’70’s and it’s been a constant ever since. The articles on gardening, houses and especially recipes are all my favorites. Since moving to Omaha a few years ago, I truly enjoy it as it helps alleviate my feelings of homesickness and nostalgia for my favorite house, city and friends I’ve ever known.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.