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Starting Your Day Right and a Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway

Giveaway ended. The winners are:

Lenice-My favorite breakfast is a Denver omelette with hash browns and fruit. I have celiac so I eat gluten free!! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

sarah-green smoothies…(kale, spinach, banana, frozen fruit and flax oil)…When I crave breakfast food I usually have it for dinner..and that would be my homemade gluten free waffles w/chopped pecans and pure maple syrup…BUT I also love organic eggs w/lots of veggies..

Kathy-I love eggs with all sorts of veggies in it (I can relate to that commercial where the dad is cooking and it turns into scrambled eggs because that’s all I can do to…lol) along with fresh fruit and some hot 9 grain cereal (I get at Sprouts in bulk) sweetened with honey…on my healthy days that is…lol!

Susan B-I enjoy oatmeal, cream of wheat, and almost every other breakfast food. I am currently on a weight loss journey and am trying to incorporate healthier foods into my whole family’s diet.

I have sent you all an email. Thanks for entering.


It is no secret that I love Bob’s Red Mill. I grew up in Oregon and have been familiar with Bob’s Red Mill for years and I love theirย products.

I used many of their whole grain and whole wheat products for years and now that I eat gluten free I really appreciate all the gluten free products that they offer.

Bob’s Red Mill is committed to healthy eating and they offer a wide range of products in both whole grain regular food products and in gluten free items.

In fact, no one does a healthy breakfast quite like Bob’s Red Mill. They offer so many great products that are perfect for breakfast.

Today in honor of my New Year’s goal to start the day with a healthy breakfast we have a great giveaway from Bob’s Red Mill.

Bob’s Red Mill is offering a healthy breakfast sample pack giveaway for my readers.

The breakfast sample pack includes 1 package of rolled oats, 1 package of quick oats, 1 package of steel cut oats, and 1 package of their brown rice farina.

And four readers will win this healthy breakfast pack.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite thing to eat for breakfast is. (And if you are gluten free, please let me know in your comment so that we can be sure to send you the gluten free version of those items if you win.)

One entry per person please.

Giveaway will end Wednesday January 18th at 6 pm.

Note: If you are reading from your email update you must click here and leave a comment to enter. Responding to this email does not count as an entry.

For more details please see my giveaway policy.

Bob’s Red Mill is providing the product to giveaway, but I was not compensated for my time. And as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love breakfast! Hard to pick a favorite, but I love eggs. I also really like Rob’s Red Mill 10 grain hot cereal.

  2. Eggs and pancakes are favorites around here. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Sharon Scott says

    I love oatmeal for breakfast and in baked goods. Oats make everything better and makes you feel full for a long time!

  4. Amanda Dein says

    We all love scrambled eggs. My almost 2 year old actually shovels them in with both hands at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Egg whites and turkey sausage! Yum!

  6. Kimberly in NC says

    I love weekend breakfasts when my husband fixes us eggs and bacon. Gotta love bacon!

  7. My favorite thing for breakfast is eggs. You can do anything from a simple scrambled egg to fancy quiche to french toast. Love me some eggs. My all time favorite is so simple it’s hard to believe how good it is. I simple soft scramble a couple of eggs with sliced green onions. Salt and pepper to taste then add just a little bit of cream cheese just as eggs are setting. They are rich and fresh and fill me up for a nice long time.
    Second on my list of breakfast favs is oatmeal. For many of the same reasons. Unlike most people however I prefer my bowl of normal oatmeal with butter salt and pepper. Not sweet. I’ve not tried other add ins as yet, but a nice hardy bowl of oatmeal is a good stick to your ribs breakfast. Especially if its the steel cut type. sooo good

  8. It depends on the day, but on busy mornings I eat cereal. My favorite is Fiber One. When I have more time I love stove cooked oatmeal made with almond milk, old fashion oats, and fruit. My most recent creation was Mango oatmeal!

  9. Colleen M. says

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I follow a GF diet and eat oatmeal or brown rice hot cereal every day! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  10. Biscuits and gravy. Not very healthy but very yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My new favorite thing to eat for breakfast is steel cut oats with honey, cinnamon and raisins. YUM!

  12. On workdays, I eat a quick bowl of toasted oat cereal (generic brand). But on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, I cook oatmeal, add a little butter, a little brown sugar and even, if I’m feeling a little decadent, a squirt of maple syrup. I grind half-decaf coffee beans, make nice fresh coffee. Makes the day start very well, I assure you.

  13. I have a Green Monster Smoothie for breakfast almost every single day — spinach, peanut butter, blueberries, a frozen banana, milk, and some flax seed. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I am a big breakfast fan. Oatmeal pancakes are a particular favorite. I actually like oatmeal anything-plain oatmeal, cookies, cake, pancakes, adding it to meatloaf and on and on. Living in the northwest, I can find Bob’s Red Mill products easily. They make great stuff.

  15. My favorite is farina during the cold months and eggs and toast during the warmer ones.

  16. My favorite for breakfast is biscuits and gravy with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon. This is definitely not my everyday breakfast which is usually a bowl of special k.

  17. My favorite breakfast would be a yogurt parfait with cocoa nibs, nuts, coconut and coconut oil. Yum! I’ve just had to go GF and would be thrilled to win the items!

  18. Sabrina Cooper says

    Oatmeal! I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with various baked oatmeal recipes – blueberry, apple, cinnamon chip, banana and of course, chocolate chip!

  19. I love eggs scrambled, in a quiche, as an omelette, whatever! I put fresh salsa on however it ends up. Bacon is always good with it for a low carb breakfast. I also occasionally will have oatmeal with flavored coffee creamer added for flavor.

  20. my favorite thing to eat in the colder months is steel cut oatmeal. Right now, it is with almond butter, cut up banana, almond milk and walnuts

    In the summer, I like to have a green monster (basically it is a smoothie with fresh spinach). I make a large batch, freeze them, and then let one thaw over night.

  21. I love things for breakfast that aren’t real sweet. Like oatmeal, rice chex, puffed riced cereal….potatoes, eggs…. I don’t like the prepackaged flavored oatmeals you get at the store. Way too much sugar for my taste.

  22. Lisa Guyer says

    We love to have a protein breakfast to get our day started. Usually eggs of some sort. But I also LOVE an occasional cinnamon roll! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. French Toast and Waffles are a favorite at our house.

  24. Oatmeal with dried cranberries and walnuts is my favorite breakfast

  25. Erin from Long Island says

    i love breakfast foods anytime of the day. I LOVE eggs in the AM!

  26. I love bobs red mill my sister and mother bh haves celiac and I feel safe using that label. I make baked oatmeal about every other week for b’fast and I make my boyfriend eggs and sausage after you blogged about it back so easy!

  27. WE would LOVE this pack. My oldest eats oatmeal every morning, if I let her. Thanks Red Mill!!!

  28. I love bread and muffins! Pumpkin bread, banana and poppy seed are always
    staples at our house!!

  29. My favorite breakfast is waffles, but they have to be light and ‘cake-like’. The ones in restaurants are too oily for my liking! Second favorite is cream of wheat but I am bad and put sugar in it!

  30. My favorite breakfast is donuts ๐Ÿ™‚ Since we don’t have those very often, we really enjoy all different kinds of baked oatmeal.

  31. We love eggs and oatmeal…my son loves egg yolks!

  32. I love yogurt with homemade granola! That or cottage cheese

  33. I love oatmeal. I eat oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. I put 2T of Bob’s Red Mill ground flaxseed meal and blueberries or bananas.

  34. Wendie Woodward says

    I eat Mrs. May’s Trio bars but would love to try something new!

  35. We just tried the Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats last weekend. I used them to make Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal overnight in the crockpot. YUMMY! My 14 month old daughter fully approved of that meal!

  36. Granola is my go-to!

  37. We usually have an Herbalife shake for breakfast, but we have recently fallen in love with your double chocolate baked oatmeal. I am gluten free.

  38. Nancy Michel says

    I LOVE oatmeal, so much, that sometimes I have it for dinner. Plain oatmeal with butter and brown sugar…Ummmm! Bob’s Red Mill is such a great company, great service and the BEST steel cut oats (and all their products are great too!!)

  39. Eggs and Hashbrowns YUM! I am Gluten free.

  40. Jolene Nash says

    One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal made with chopped apple, cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts! Served with an ice cold glass of milk, yummy!

  41. Cathy Keeling says

    Our favorites for breakfasts are oatmeal, hot cereals, and homemade granola with yogurt!

  42. Our favorite breakfast is baked oatmeal!

  43. I would love to win this since oatmeal is my favorite breakfast!

  44. Patrice Charles says

    Nothing better than a nice hot breakfast on a cold wintry morning. Now if we could just get the weather to cooperate and give us the “wintry” I’d be a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Ham and cheese omelets are my favorite breakfasts. I also like scrambled eggs and fresh, homemade biscuits. Sometimes I’ll even make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which is filling and fast.

  46. I like oatmeal and english muffins.

  47. Pancakes are my fav!

  48. My son loves breakfast, as long as it’s gf. Pancakes or oatmeal with mini chocolate chips are his top two. But during the week he gets gf chex before preschool.

  49. Jennifer Hall says

    I love baked oatmeal. I like oatmeal in general.

  50. My favorite breakfast is homemade (not belgian) waffles!

  51. what a great give away, would love to try these out! Our favorite breakfast is baked oatmeal!

  52. Baked oatmeal or granola with yogurt and pineapple, especially granola with coconut in it… yummy!

  53. Christy Ripa says

    I absolutely LOOOVE french toast made with whole wheat bread and my own homemade syrup. Delish.

  54. I love food and it is really hard for me to choose a favorite, because it really depends on what I am wanting at that particular moment. Add in the fact that I am currently pregnant, and that means my cravings change moment by moment. Saturday, I had a fabulous fresh cantaloup for breakfast and it was the best breakfast I could have had, but earlier in the week, nothing would have satisfied me other than a cheese and sausage omelet ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. One of my favs is oatmeal with toast – brings back memories of my childhood! Another favorite is cream of wheat! Grand kids favorites are waffles or pancakes.

  56. I love all sorts of breakfast food….everything bagels with peanut butter is one of my favorites.

  57. I either have what I call yummy oatmeal (oatmeal with chopped apples, chopped nuts, and a little dried fruit of some kind– YUM) or eggs and toast in some form. This would be a delightful package to receive!

  58. Holly Hodges says

    I love all things breakfast…pancakes, waffles, french toast but usually only get those once in a while. During the week it is cereal and sometimes oatmeal which I love.

  59. I would love to try some of these items for breakfast. I love oatmeal and have been working my way through your baked oatmeal recipes. Thanks so much for sharing!

  60. I love oatmeal.

  61. I have been trying to eat breakfast more. My usual is an egg sandwich because it is quick. Have been wanted to try oats.

  62. I love eggs with all sorts of veggies in it (I can relate to that commercial where the dad is cooking and it turns into scrambled eggs because that’s all I can do to…lol) along with fresh fruit and some hot 9 grain cereal (I get at Sprouts in bulk) sweetened with honey…on my healthy days that is…lol!

  63. Oatmeal is by far my favorite. I’ve learned how to make it in the microwave so I can make it quickly! Love adding cinnamon and vanilla extract. Sometimes I’ll add maple syrup. Whenever I have fresh strawberries I make some oatmeal and stir them in!

  64. My favorite breakfast is corned beef hash, toast and pancakes. Yum!

  65. I always have to have breakfast! Whether it’s a quick cereal and soy milk or a hot oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins, I need food to start my day off right! I am trying new things right now, or planing to anyway. Although my schedule demands something quick and on the go, my body is demanding something healthier. I was so excited to see all your whole wheat recipes recently! They will certainly help with my pre-diabetes!! Thanks so much!!

  66. Oatmeal w/ chopped figs & dates ๐Ÿ™‚
    My family is trying to Gluten Free to see if it helps w/ my sons ADHD.

  67. Ok, I am so boring when it comes to breakfast. I really, really eat oatmeal every single day!

  68. beingjennifer says

    Favorite breakfast would be buckwheat pancakes, with sausage and eggs. Oh so yummy! Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!!

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