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Double Chocolate Chex Mix

I love Chex mix type recipes. They are quick and easy to make. Kids love them and they are easy to make gluten free for those that need it. Today’s recipe is one I quickly put together this week and I ate way too much of it. Like really, I could not stop eating this. I kept putting it away and then getting it back […]

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

There is something about fall and cooler weather that puts me in the baking mood. And lately I have been doing a lot of baking. Since several in my family eat gluten free many of my baked goods end up going to work with my husband and his staff does not seem to mind at all. These were a recent treat that I sent to […]

Copycat Cracker Barrel Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

Double Chocolate Fudge Cake anyone?! If you love Cracker Barrel’s Double Chocolate Fudge Cake you will love this copy cat version of it. It has been years since I have had the real version of this cake, but from what I can remember of it, this tastes very much like the real thing. This cake is so good. It is rich, dense, and so very chocolatey. Add […]

Gluten Free Version of Cracker Barrel’s Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

If you love chocolate this dessert is for you. It is a gluten free version of Cracker Barrel’s famous double chocolate fudge cake. Eating out when gluten free is very challenging. Eating dessert while eating out is even harder, so I love it when I can come up with a copy cat version at home that I can make gluten free. This recipe is a […]

Gluten Free Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins

  After sharing my most recent gluten free disaster earlier this week, I thought I better share a good recipe with you all. After all, I did not want you to think I was losing my gluten free baking abilities. Gluten free baking is challenging. I have learned that disasters are just part of it and I have come to expect them occasionally. The good […]

Gluten Free Slow Cooker Hot Fudge Sundae Cake

Gluten free hot fudge sundae cake anyone?! This gluten free dessert is so good that you could serve it to anyone. Both non gluten free eaters and gluten free eaters will enjoy this. This is a cake that is sure to please everyone. Serve it warm with vanilla ice cream and it is even better.    

Slow Cooker Hot Fudge Sundae Cake {Cooking Through My Collection}

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake is an old fashioned type dessert that goes by many names. I have heard it called chocolate cobbler, chocolate pudding cake, and several other names. But no matter what they are called, I have yet to try one that we did not like. How can a chocolate cake served with a warm pudding type sauce be bad?! One of the best things […]

No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake with a Gluten Free Crust

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my sister made some really good gluten free desserts when I was visiting my family in Oregon. One of the desserts she made had a chocolate rice crispy type crust that I loved. I knew this crust would work great for all kinds of no bake desserts, so I gave it a try recently and used my no […]

Chocolate Creme Cheese Raspberry Brownies and Please Help and Vote By Leaving a Comment

Remember a few months ago when I posted my creamy bacon and cream cheese potato salad as part of a virtual barbecue? Well, the bad news is that I did not win, but the good news is that I got invited to another one and this time I am bringing dessert. So, I have another chance to win $500 and a years supply of cooking […]

Fudgy Gluten Free Brownie

I want to thank all of you for your comments on my keeping it real post last week. Knowing that others understand, and go through times where they feel the same way, really does help. So thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and struggles. Now on the some gluten free brownies, because chocolate makes everything better, right?! I love the magazine […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.