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Chocolate Macaroons {Cooking Through My Collection}

Today’s Cooking Through My Collection recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks. I love to make cookies. In fact, cookies are one of my favorite things to make and eat. And my all time favorite cookie cookbook is Martha Stewart’s Cookies. I love how this book is set up and how the sections are divided by the types of cookies like soft, chewy, hard, […]

Chocolate Quinoa Crepes

A couple of weeks ago I shared a recipe for a Chocolate Quinoa Cake that we love. And today I have another quinoa recipe with you that my family really enjoyed. This recipe is adapted from the cookbook Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood and I am loving this cookbook. I have tried a few recipes out of it so far and they have been great. This cookbook is […]

Triple Chocolate Flourless Brownies

If you love chocolate this brownie is for you. So dense and rich. And oh so good! These are so good that my husband, who is not a huge chocolate fan, requested that I make them for his birthday a few weeks ago. And of course I willing made them because in my opinion you can never have too much chocolate. Adapted from Martha Stewart

Chocolate Quinoa Cake

This chocolate quinoa cake recipe is adapted from the cookbook Quinoa 365 that I bought last year. I have not tried many recipes from the cookbook yet so I cannot give a full review, but so far I have enjoyed the book and the new ideas for adding quinoa to our diet. Quinoa is one of the healthiest grains that you can eat. It is an ancient […]

Soft and Chewy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This soft and chewy gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe is based on a cookie recipe that my sisters and I have been making for years. It came from an old Taste of Home  magazine from the mid 1990’s. This cookie recipe is a little different because it contains a box of pudding mix that you add in dry. Now if you know me, you […]

Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day just goes together, so today I am sharing a few of my favorite gluten free chocolate desserts. This chocolate bread pudding is a dessert that I have been making for years and it works great gluten free. Gluten free chocolate mug cake anyone?! This is so good! Gluten free sheet cake is one of my favorite gluten free desserts and it […]

Double Chocolate Gluten Free Muffins

We love muffins in our house and usually have them several times a week. When I make muffins I almost always make a large batch and put some in the freezer for those busy times when I don’t have time to bake. They make a great addition to almost any meal, but they also make great snacks and desserts. This double chocolate muffin today is definitely  more […]

Easy Chocolate Coconut Cake

A few months ago I needed a quick and easy dessert to send to work with my husband. I did not have a lot of time and I knew I could make an easy dessert by doctoring up a cake mix. I pulled my Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook off the shelf and started looking through it. If you  are a beginner cook, or […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins

If you love bakery style muffins, but miss them since going gluten free you need to make these Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins!  My family loves muffins. We love them! Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and desserts we love them. We have several muffin recipes that we have been making for years that I have adapted to be gluten free. When I first started adapting muffin recipes I […]

Chocolate Rice Krispies Crunch {Grandma’s No Bake Cookies}

Last week I shared about my grandmother’s recipe box. Then I shared a picture on Facebook for no bake cookies that were made from a recipe I found in my grandmother’s recipe box. Several of you asked that I share the recipe. I was more than happy to share it, but I am afraid some of you may be a bit disappointed because this recipe […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.