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I’m Making Vanilla, Really I Am…..

Last week I walked into a liquor store to buy vanilla making supplies, and I think the store clerk thought I was crazy. You see I am a bit clueless in a liquor store. The only time I really venture into one is to buy Vodka┬áto make vanilla. This time though I wanted to try a few other liquors to make my vanilla, so I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

The Perfect Time To Make Homemade Vanilla

I love homemade vanilla. And after having homemade vanilla, I do not even want to think about going back to the store bought kind. It really is that much better. I know I have mentioned my love of homemade vanilla before. I have done a post on making it. And I did an update post on it, and I even did a video of how […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Homemade Vanilla

I posted last year on how much I love homemade vanilla and how I made my own. Once you have homemade vanilla the store bought stuff is just not the same. This is an easy gourmet type item that is great for those that love to bake. It also a great gift to give friends and family that love to bake. This needs to sit […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures