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Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Dump Cake

I recently posted my mom’s recipe for Peach Cobbler Dump Cake. I love that recipe and it is a childhood favorite that I still enjoy. Now that I am eating gluten free, I can no longer eat many of the desserts that I used to enjoy. I am slowly learning new favorites, but I miss a few of the things that I used to eat. I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Peach Cobbler Dump Cake

This is a recipe that my mom made all the time when I was growing up. We always called it peach cobbler. It was not until I was married and had other versions of this dessert, that I realized it is really a version of the dump cake that many people make. This dessert is easy and frugal, yet really good. It is one of […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures