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Too Many Bananas……..

I made a quick trip to our local small town grocery store this week and found a really good deal on bananas. They were 99 cents a bag and I bought three bags, which I think was probably about 15 lbs.

Yes, that is a lot of bananas, but we love bananas and it was a great deal. So, now I am thinking of all the ways I can use them.

I see lots of freezer smoothies and homemade smoothie mixes in our future.

Banana Baked Oatmeal is always a favorite in our house and I love to make a big batch that will last several days.

I have been making Banana Oatmeal Cookies for years and they are a nice semi-healthy treat. I recently made them gluten free and I will be posting the recipe in my allergy section soon. I even admitted on Facebook yesterday that I ate one of these for breakfast, but it has oatmeal and bananas in it, so it is healthy. Right?!

I think banana bars would make a good weekend dessert. This is another recipe I have been making for years and I have already made these gluten free several times and it works great.

I might even make a large batch of banana waffles to freeze. Those would be good for breakfast next week. And I have a gluten free version of those also.

I can’t forget banana bread. It is always a favorite in our house.

And last night I made a banana bread pudding that I served with caramel sauce and it was so good. I will post the recipe soon.

I actually think having too many bananas might be a good thing if we get to make all kinds of treats with them.

What is your favorite way to use extra bananas?

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  1. I have made Chunky Monkey icecream using just frozen bananas…yummy

  2. I just freeze the bananas in the skin and all and when I need bread or muffins, they are ready to slid right out of the skins and place in recipes!

    • I peel and freeze, they don’t seem to darken. Squeezing them out of the skins when they thawed was so disgusting I couldn’t continue that way 😉

  3. I make banana chocolate chip muffins.

    I had bought some bananas from Aldi on Wednesday and my daughter and I dropped them, pretty hard, and they all bruised. So I made banana pudding. I was surprised how many bananas it used.

    I’ve also heard of others that make a sorbet (faux ice cream) with them.

  4. What do you have to do to bananas to freeze them?

  5. Banana Milkshakes! Frozen bananas, milk, sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg to taste.

  6. shirley….do nothing to them…I don’t even put them in a plastic bag. Leave the skin on them. A plastic Bag would protect them and keep them together. When you get them out they peel easily or let them defrost a little. They will be soft….but you won’t be having to mash them into submission for bread/cookies/smooties etc. If they were really ripe and you thaw them completely they will be almost runny….otherwise they do need to thaw enough so they mix into the batter.

  7. banana ice cream, i’ve heard is great 🙂 But, I’d make dehydrated banana chips!

  8. oooh i’d love all those bananas! what a great deal!

  9. Hi, I just bookmarked your recipe for banana bread, will definitely check it out next time that I have an excess of bananas. I always make banana tarte whenever I have too many bananas, I love them with a biscuit crust instead of the normal plain flour base.

  10. I live in Alabama, and we love to make banana pudding with our ripe bananas.

  11. I have made these banana muffins from – used the Tofutti sour cream and the earth balance butter sub to keep them dairy-free and I always have to fight the rest of the family to get my fair share!

    Also – stole my sister’s suggestion and go ahead and peel and mash and then stick them in the 1 cup plastic containers and put them in the freezer. Takes up less space than storing them whole and you can thaw them in warm water.

    Definitely going to have to try your cookies and waffles!

  12. Banana cream pie, frozen chocolate covered banana pops, banana splits, microwave baked bananas in the skin, bananas sliced up in cereal, homemade vanilla pudding with nilla wafers, banana jam, in fresh fruit salads, plus a lot of the ones already mentioned. Yep, bananas are popular fruits in our house.

  13. They make a fun facial, as well!

  14. I make a super yummy banana nut muffin. Every time I have extra bananas I go right to this recipe. Here it is just in case anyone is interested

    I love the idea of smoothie mixes. I think I will try that next time.

  15. I buy and freeze soon-to-be overripe bananas quite often, peel them, mash them up and freeze them. Then I have banana when ever I want to make something with bananas. When my baby granddaughter visited, she loved the “fresh” banana baby food. Maybe that is why she now calls me “banana nanna”.

  16. you’re making me wish I had all those bananas 🙂 you have soo many great ideas on how to use them! I’m going to be looking for bananas on sale now!

  17. I’m oh so jealous!!! Here in Australia bananas are about $13.00 a kg due to storms earlier in the year that wiped out the plantations. I gave in and bought my four daughters a small banana each the other day (for a treat would you believe!) and that cost me $8.00. Last year though, I couldn’t make enough banana bread, chocolate covered frozen bananas and banana smoothies.

  18. You should try the Filipino turon recipe. Its very easy to make, my 4 year old girl loves it. Its basically a banana with brown sugar, wrapped in spring roll wrapper, and then fried. I prefer to put a small slice of ripe jackfruit from can with the banana. My sister likes hers with mashed banana inside and rolls them like cigars.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.