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Two Years Ago

Two years ago this week I wrote a post called Gluten Free Meltdown and then shared a recipe for Gluten Free Meltdown Soup.

I was in the middle of my gluten free trial diet. At the time I had no idea how much the gluten free trial diet would change my life. It has been quite the two years.

In my mind my gluten free life started in October of 2009, not in September. For me September was a trial, October 2009 was when life changed. So, I do plan to do a full update post in a few weeks on how my life really has changed over the last two years.

This morning though, as I realized that it was two years ago that the idea of gluten free eating entered my life, I remember something that someone mentioned to me about the two year mark.

Several months after I went gluten free, Shirley of Gluten Free Easily told me that it might take a full two years for me to see the full benefits of a gluten free diet. At the time I remember thinking, that she had no clue what a difference it had already made, and that I did not see how it could get any better. I was so happy with the difference I had seen already, I did not see how I could improve any more.

Well, as I approach my two year anniversary of being gluten free, I can thankfully say that Shirley was right. As I hit the two year mark I am amazed at the difference. And yes even the changes I have noticed in the last few months.

Healing takes time, and in many ways I think it has taken me two years for my body to heal. I am not the person I was two years ago, and I have gluten free living to thank for that.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I do not claim to be one. This is just my story and my journey with a gluten free life.


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  1. Carol Guzman says

    Hi. Because of you I am going gf too. I have thyroid problems and also been diagnosed with MS but thankfully it hasn’t become a issue yet. I have tried some of your recipes and love them. Also it has made me more conscience of what I am putting into my body. Thank you.

  2. So true…I have been gluten free and dairy free for about 16 months and it was so hard at the beginning and now at home it is not a big deal at all. I also was so hungry and so focused on what I couldn’t eat at the beginning but once I made the switch to what I could eat, it seems like my choices are endless. I also didn’t try to substitute at the beginning. No pasta, no bread, etc. because it just made me miss what I couldn’t have.

  3. This is so true! It actually took me three years to completely heal. I suspect because there was so much damage done internally, after years of misdiagnosed symptoms. Now, I feel great, love the gluten free food and am so grateful, to be free of illness.

  4. You inspired me! I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant (non-celiac) over 10 years ago. I felt so much better when I ate gluten-free, but over the years I have been less and less faithful to it. Intestinal problems and skin breakouts – in my 50s!- always clear up when I leave out the gluten, but I didn’t realize it could be causing my reflux too. I just found your website, it is great!

    • I am so glad that you found my site. I know gluten free is not the cure or fix for everyone’s reflux, but it has made a world of difference for me.

  5. Jeanne Foerch says

    I love your website and the gluten-free recipes are GREAT. My sister and I and one of my 5 daughters eat gluten-free. That is the only way to feel good and enjoy life. Thanks a lot for all your knowledge.

  6. Yesterday was my first full day of my GFCF “trial diet”. I’m not sure if it’s dairy or gluten that’s bothering me, I just know I need to feel better NOW! I find it easier to be dairy free since my husband is lactose intolerant & I am already using almond milk in everything, but I cried on the way home from the market tonight ~ I feel like I can’t eat anything! I know it’s not true, but the list of foods I can’t have & all the different (expensive) flours I need to buy is just so overwhelming.

    I am thankful for your site (which I have been faithfully following for a couple months) & encouragement!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.