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Venison Stew

Venison Stew from

Venison Stew is a simple, hearty, basic recipe. A classic stew with a few twists like the venison and ingredients to help tenderize the meat.

As I mentioned yesterday I am starting to feel better, but my asthma is still not quite under control. It is getting there, but I am not 100% myself yet. Which means I am sitting around a lot, not doing much. Too much moving around means not breathing well and for now I am just going with it. Sometimes in life it is good to just slow down and realize what your body needs to recover.

All this slowing down though means I have plenty of time to do computer type work. I have been going through my pictures seeing what I have shared and what I have not, and am trying to get them better organized. If you ever wondered, bloggers and food writers have crazy amounts of photos. Really crazy amounts.

As I have been trying to better organize my pictures, I am finding quite a few pictures for recipes I have never shared. This is a good thing since I have not been doing much cooking. I really have no idea why I have never shared some of these. They are good recipes that I think just got lost in my huge picture files.

Today’s recipe for venison stew is one of those pictures that I found. Now, I know why I have not shared this one. I have been hesitant to post it because it contains venison, also known as deer meat.

I grew up with a dad and many friends that hunted. My husband and all three of my kids hunt. Yes, even my girls hunt. I am the lone non-hunter in the family. So we often have a freezer full of venison. Much of it we get done into ground venison and I just use it in place of ground beef, but we also get some of the other cuts as well.

I always wonder about sharing venison recipes though because I am not sure how many of my readers have deer meat in their freezer. I know many of you don’t have a family full of hunters like I do. I also know that although there are a few tricks to cooking venison, in general, it is not a lot different than cooking beef or other game type meat.

Since I found this picture though, and it is one of my favorite ways to cook venison, I decided it was a great time to share the recipe with you.

I think this recipe works well for two reasons. It cooks for a long time which tenderizes the meat. It also contains beer, yes beer. You really can’t taste the beer, it just adds a little extra flavor. It’s main job though is in tenderizing the meat. Beer is a great tenderizer which works well for venison which can often be tough.

And if you don’t have venison in your freezer, you could easily use stew meat or another cut of beef for this. It would work just fine and be delicious as well.

I am not sure what cut of venison I used for the stew when I took this picture. Our venison is not always labeled the best. Sometimes it will just say steak or roast. Then when I defrost it, it is not always what I thought it was, but for this stew I think quite a few different cuts of venison would work fine.

Venision Stew


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  1. Thank you! Me and my family love venison, my husband has not gotten us a deer in 3 yrs. I really miss it, this is one of our family’s favorite recipe, and plus deer meat is much better for you!

  2. So glad you’re feeling better, Lynn, but also that you are still resting and taking advantage of your quiet time as you continue to heal. Yes, I have a crazy amount of photos and tons of posts in draft. And, ironically, one of them is a venison stew that we love. The recipe is on a piece of paper temporarily lost somewhere in my kitchen though. LOL So this recipe is timely and I have a bottle of gf beer in the fridge from Son’s last visit. Will definitely try this very soon. Thanks!


    • Thanks Shirley! And I think the beer and the venison would work well together in so many venison things. Basic stews, etc. I never realized how much the beer would tenderize the deer meat until I tried it and now I love it.

  3. I love that you are haring recipes for venison. We are blessed to have a freezer full. I grew up in a non-hunting family so we never had it growing up. It’s easy to use up the ground venison but I am always looking for recipes to use the steaks and other cuts. Thank you and I love your website!

  4. My family does not like the taste/smell/flavor of beer. At all. As in we’ve rinsed it off of a roast before. I hear you on the tenderizing, but is there another option? We are wine people either. Most of the time I just skip recipes altogether if they call for beer/wine and I often think they sound really good except for the beer/wine. But we have a venison roast in our freezer that a friend gave us to try and I’d love to cook it since we have all of this snow continuing to fall!

    • For this I think red wine would work fine. It would still tenderize the meat and would still add great flavor. I think wine is a stronger, more concentrated taste, so I might use less wine and up the broth a little, but I definitely think it would be delicious and give you similar results with a taste you would enjoy more. If you try it I would love to hear how it turns out!

      • Big typo on my part! We are NOT wine people either. Egads….brain moving too fast! Or fingers? So other options for tenderizing with flavor?

        • I need to do a post on this tip, but you can also use broth and red wine vinegar. About 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar to 1 cup broth is usually good. The flavor is not going to be quite the same as using wine or beer, but it does help tenderize the meat. I thought I had shared that tip a few years ago, but just searched my site and did not find it, so I will try to share it soon.

  5. Keep the venison recipes coming! I am also wondering if there is an alternative to beer for this recipe. I live in the south in a dry county. Since we don’t drink alcohol at all I would have to drive 45 minutes for one beer. Not going to happen! Lol

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.