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Vintage Cookbook

I love cookbooks. I love all kinds of cookbooks. A couple of years ago my mom gave me a cookbook published in 1915.

I loved looking through this old cookbook. It talks about cooking over coal.

It also shows me a fireless way of cooking.

When I look through this cookbook it reminds me of how easy we have it today. Some days I complain about cooking breakfast when I should remember how easy it is to cook breakfast in our time. I don’t have to bring in the wood or coal. I don’t have to worry about all the prep work involved in just getting things ready to cook. We just turn a knob and we have heat for our morning oatmeal.

This book also shows me that cooking has changed a lot, but in many ways it is still the same. These recipes are simple and everyday foods. No gourmet ingredients or instructions. Many of these recipes are similar to what I cook today. Maybe I will have to try a few and post them just for fun.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful cookbook! I love vintage cookbooks too, though the few I have aren’t quite that old (I like 40’s and 50’s cookbooks). But that is a treasure, for sure.

  2. Coloradolady says

    Vintage cookbooks are the best. I love to cook, but can you imagine having to cook like this everyday?

    I bet it is fun to browse the recipes. How fun.

  3. I love vintage cookbooks! In November, we are going to start a FIFTH blog on our site that is all about recreating recipes from these old cookbooks. We’ve found some from as far back as 1802 when the farmhouse was built. Stay tuned. Some of them are pretty interesting

  4. I never tire of vintage cook books. Fascinating. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for our conveniences. Pouring pre-made granola into a bowl with milk that someone else got from the cow, can go unnoticed sometimes. I AM thankful for not having to cook over coal.

  5. That book is great!
    Just looking through the recipes must be a riot!


  6. Vintage Mommy says

    Make one thankful for modern conveniences! I’m sure there were many things considered modern “conveniences” back then, as well.

    Thirty years from now my daughters will wonder how I ever managed in my kitchen without the things they will soon enjoy!

  7. Grandma Faith says

    You have a special treasure. Take good care of that coobook.

  8. I like old cook books too – they harken back to a more charming age. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I enjoy flipping through old home keeping, etiquette and cook books, also. However, I’m no chef or homemaker myself!

  10. Pink Slippers says

    What a fun book to look through. I have one that I was given as a gift..I just love it.

  11. Your cookbook is a treasure. I have cooked on a woodstove and on a coal stove. I remember getting up early and starting the cookstove in order to cook breakfast when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories and I loved seeing the cookbook.


  12. You cook breakfast? Just kidding. I use to make more cooked breakfasts when my son way little. We sometimes have breakfast food for dinner.
    Love the vintage cookbooks!

  13. What a great cookbook! My grandmother cooked on a wood stove, and you are so right when you say we have it pretty easy today.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hello Lynn, What a great cookbook!
    My Mom gave me hers that she received as a wedding present in the 40s. Old recipe books have the greatest recipes in them, so simple!
    Thanks for sharing this Show and Tell Friday!
    Love, Ann

  15. I enjoy vintage cookbooks and have a small collection of them too. That is a very interesting one that you have there. Thanks for sharing. Kathi

  16. Penless Thoughts says

    I have a couple of very old cook books. I get amused when they say somethings like “use 25 cents worth of hamburger”!!! Some of my favorites are the old church cookbooks where the ladies put in their best recipes.

  17. What a wonderful old book. It’s so great to look at things they used to do. We’ve got it very easy now, you are so right.
    Those recipes might be worth a try. It’s wholesome food, which is very in again at the moment !!
    Thank you very much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. I love all the vintage cook books. I use to have on from the depression era, but can not locate it. 🙁

  19. Hootin' Anni says

    This is fabulous!!! Wow….what a treasure.

    My Show n Tell this week is Halloween. Come by if you can find some time. I’d love to have you visit with me and critique my project.

  20. Beautiful, Lynn! I absolutely love all things kitchen and vintage. :o) I even had a friend named Carlota in school, so seeing the author of your neat book was another treat.

  21. Threeundertwo says

    I can’t imagine all that work. We are so lucky these days. That book must be fun to read. Thanks for sharing it!

  22. the pleasures of homemaking says

    I have one vintage cookbook and the recipes are so interesting! We should be gratful for our conveniences – I just couldn’t imagine devoting so much time to preparing meals (especially 3 times a day)!


  23. That sounds so interesting!

  24. I love cookbooks and especially vintage ones.

    My Show and Tell

  25. What a treasure-a cookbook from 1915. I also love cookbooks and have some from the 30’s and reproductions (or reprints) of older cookbooks. Definitely try a recipe and let us know how it goes.

  26. Melissa Wertz says

    What a wonderful treasure!

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