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What Is It Wednesday- Item Eleven

My What Is It Wednesday posts are doing just what I had hoped they would do. They are encouraging my kids to try new foods and they are having fun doing it.

A few weeks ago when I was grocery shopping with my girls, one of them said, “Mom can we get these to try for one of your What Is It Wednesday items?”

And of course I said yes, because I knew it was teaching her to be excited about trying new foods. I also knew that it would be a perfect choice for a What Is It Wednesday item.

Any guesses on what the item was that she was so excited about?

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  1. Well… It kind of looks like the purple passion fruit that I search high and low to find in Minnesota. I do know that there is such a thing as a yellow passion fruit, so I guess that: passion fruit.

  2. I’m thinking Asian Pears. I’ve never actually tried them though!

  3. Asian Pears! These are delicious, my kids BEG me to get them whenever they are available. Let asian pears ripen on the counter until they smell yummy but don’t let them get soft. The texture is like a firm apple with a hint of pear gritty-ness. We just slice and eat but I know some people peel them.

  4. I’m going with Asian pears.

  5. Asian Pears – YUMMY!

  6. I’m going with Asian pears as well, but (depending on the size) they could be some kind of plum – can you photograph next to a dollar bill so we can judge the size better?

    If they are Asian pears, they’re WAY awesome! And they come with their own cat toy (the weird styrofoam net that protects them during shipping – my cat goes wild over it!)

  7. I say Asian pears. Yum! I have been buying them a lot lately since they have been on sale with the rest of the pears at our store.

  8. When I showed the picture to my 6 year old she immediately said Asian Pear. She has to buy one every time we go to the grocery store. At $1.00 each it’s a sure budget buster. I went directly to the Asian Market for them and they are still $1.00 each but probably 3 times the size of the ones from the regular grocery store. ๐Ÿ™‚ Both of my kids and myself can share one for our evening snack or to pack in our lunches.

  9. Asian Pear

  10. Asian Pears…delicious. My family likes them so much my mom just planted two trees a few years ago – now we get tons of them every year!!!! And they keep much longer than normal pears and don’t bruise.

  11. Asian pear?


  13. Well they are Asian Pears of course-delish! Mix of flavor/texture between an apple and a pear- mmmmmm!

  14. Heather Abbott says

    Its an apple pear or Asian pear. My son LOVES these. Thankfully they’ve been on sale recently, but they can be quite pricey.

  15. Yep, Asian pears it is! BUT, Asian pears sold in American stores aren’t very good. If you buy them from a Korean (or Asian) store, they are about four times that size and are AMAZING! Our “Oma” brings them to us every year.

  16. Asian pears.

  17. Asian Pears! They are the BEST!!

  18. Caroline says

    They look like Asian Pears. They’re good … a cross between an apple and a pear. I never buy them because they’re pricey but I love it when I have them at my sister’s house!

  19. We call ’em pear apples but yep it’s an Asian Pear! They make great applesauce too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Asian Pears.

    I have never purchased them, but I always thought that the little stretchy net thingy they come sold it is really neat. Maybe we should try one.

  21. ASIAN PEARS!!!!!
    My kids L-O-V-E these!!!!

  22. Asian pears. We love them. I don’t buy them often, but they are one of my favorite fruits. I love the texture and juiciness.

  23. Melissa A. says

    Those are Asian Pears!! I LOVE ASIAN PEARS!

  24. It’s an asian pear

  25. Courtney S. says

    Asian pears. They are delicious!

  26. I was thinking Asian Pear or a Champagne Mango

  27. looks to me like an asian pear—LOVE those!

  28. I’m going to say persimmon.

  29. Treva Buchanan says

    Asian Pear…we’ve never tried them before but from reading all the comments, I think we might need too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Yup, that’s an Asian Pear, although I think they were called Japanese Pears while I was growing up. My mom loved them, partially because they come in styrofoam with far fewer bruises than many ordinary pears. It’s awesome that your kids are asking to try new food.

  31. Asian pears! Delicious, even baked with cinnamon and brown sugar. Another easy fruit to find year-round here in California.

  32. Francine says

    asian pears, that’s my guess

  33. Julie Huey says

    I have 4 varieties growing in my garden for over 10 years, so I won’t spoil it for everyone. I love organic gardening. I also have 4 varieties of apples, along with persimmon, pomegranate, cuties, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, thyme, oregano, lemon grass, chives, rosemary, green onions, tomatoes, zucchini, etc…

  34. Amandaruth says

    I’m going with Asian pears, my neighbor use to have one in their backyard.

  35. They are Asian Pears. We love them at our house.

  36. Leticia Lewis says

    I would say Asian Pears, a family favorite

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