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My New Favorite Whisk {A Twirl Whisk}

In cooking it is often the simple tools that can make the most difference in making your job easier. This whisk I am sharing today is an example of that. I love this whisk.

Growing up my mom only had one whisk in her kitchen that I remember. She might have had other ones, but this specific whisk is the only one that I remember. My mom used it all the time.

I had not really thought about that whisk until I was recently at my mother in-laws house and saw that she had a similar one. I had never seen it at her house before, so I asked her where she got it. She told me she had bought it not that long ago, but could not remember where she got it at.

I knew I wanted to see if I could find one, so I came home and searched online. I discovered that this type of whisk has several different names. Some call it a french whisk, but others call it a spring whisk, twirl whisk, or mini whisk. I think twirl whisk is the most common name for it. Once I had found out what the whisk was called it was easy to find them for sale at several different places online.

I ordered two different ones from Amazon. I bought the Fox Run French Whisk which is a shorter smaller one. I also bought one that is a little larger with a longer handle that is called a Spring Whisk. I like them both, but the smaller one has become my favorite.

french whisk

Now, I won’t be giving up my regular whisk anytime soon, but I do love these for certain things and think they make a great addition to my kitchen. They work great for whisking more liquidy things like salad dressings and gravies. I love the small one for whisking scrambled eggs. It works great for that.

If I had to just pick one of these to buy it would be the smaller less expensive Fox Run French Whisk. The only downside I have found to it is that it has a short handle so it is harder to use when whisking in a pan on the stove. Besides that I think the small one is the best and the one I find myself using the most.

I am so glad that I decided to add these to my kitchen tools. Sometimes it really is the simple tools that make the difference.

Have any of you used a whisk like this before? I would love to hear what you think of it. 

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  1. We have a whisk like this too. I don’t use it very often anymore, as I find it difficult to clean, especially the part at the end of the handle (right before the actual whisk part) that looks like a really tight spring. Stuff (like eggs) seems to get really caught in there, and tends to rust (maybe partly because it’s difficult to dry thoroughly?) This is our second one, and I think maybe it’s from WalMart. Perhaps there’s a difference in quality, depending where you buy the whisk. I hope yours works out better for you, as I know they are fun/handy whisks to use …………

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