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Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

I realized recently that I had not yet shared my gluten free banana bread recipe and I could not believe it. This is one of the gluten free recipes that I make all the time. It is a favorite in our house.

It did take me awhile to get the recipe just right though. My family loves banana bread and we were really particular when it came to a gluten free version. We wanted it to taste just like regular banana bread.

I did a lot of tweaking and playing around with gluten free flours, but it was worth it. I now have a gluten free banana bread that my whole family loves and enjoys often.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I have tried a few other banana bread recipes with either so-so, blah, or “ew toss it” results. I came across this recipe and thought why not – I am so glad I did! No one could tell it was gluten free (even my hyper-critical dad who asked me if it was my gramma’s recipe!). It was moist, light, not that heavy dense texture alot of gluten free baking has and tasted fantastic!
    (I waited until dad ate 2 slices before I told him it was gluten free – he didn’t believe me!)

    • Thank you so much for letting me know. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I love figuring out how to make gluten free food taste good and I love hearing that the recipes work well for my readers! This is one of my family’s favorite gluten free recipes and I am glad it is now one of yours as well.

  2. Tried this recipe the other day and it turned out great. The first time I tried a piece thought it was a bit too sweet for my taste but second time I tried it, perfect. This is a keeper and I will be looking for more of your bread and muffin recipes. Thanks so much for posting this.

  3. Great recipe! I added about 3/4 cup of raisins since my grandma would bake it that way ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s very yummy!

  4. Danielle says

    Making this for the SECOND TIME in 2 weeks! This is so delicious! I love the fact that it is also rice flour free. It was so tasty the first time. Can’t wait for this second loaf to finish baking! Thanks so much for posting this recipe.
    (PS–Found on Pinterest)

  5. Krystal Kunkel says

    Question. I do not have yogurt….what could I substitute for it? Or could I just leave it out maybe?

  6. Have you tried this in the mini tins and if so how long did you cook them?

  7. Any non-dairy (or soy) subs for the yogurt?

  8. Hannah Wright says

    Hello: We tried this today, and it was really yummy. I didn’t have xanthum gum, using flax seeds instead. I’m trying going to try eating gluten free for a few days and see if I feel better. So it’s daunting to cook a new way. Do you have any recommendations for different baking/cooking ingredients I should have in my kitchen now? I used gluten free flour from the grocery store. It comes in a small box
    , and it’s a bit pricey. Would it be better to use different flours? Thank you for your help! Hannah Wright Columbus Ne

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am not sure why you are going gluten free, but I would give it longer than a few days. Most people that I have talked to about going gluten free say it takes at least two weeks to notice a difference. And I totally understand how overwhelming it can be when first going gluten free. I found it easiest to focus on what I could have and what was naturally gluten free. Things like vegetables, fruit, meat, potatoes, rice, eggs, beans, corn tortillas, and even desserts like homemade pudding made with cornstarch to thicken it. Most ice cream and chocolate are also gluten free. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I know those all get old after awhile and we all want breads, cookies, and muffins, too. During your trial period of trying gluten free, I would probably just buy a store bought blend. They are expensive, but are easier while you figure out if gluten free helps you. If you go gluten free long term, I prefer to buy the individual flours because what works best in something like a pancake may not work the same in a cake or bread. I have not found one blend that I like for everything. I buy quite a bit of my gluten free flours online from Amazon and also from a food co-op called Azure Standard that has a drop in my area. So if you stay gluten free long term there are some ways to keep the cost down a little when it comes to the gluten free flours and blends. I hope that helps. And have we met at a church conference at some point? I think I recognize your name.

  9. Is there a flour you can use in place of sorghum flour, I don’t use it in any of my recipes.

    • I would try rice flour. White rice or brown rice flour should work fine. I have used it many times in banana muffins and it works great, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t in this recipe. I used to use sorghum a lot more than I do now. Now I don’t use it in very many recipes. I need to try this recipe with a different flours and share what else works. Thanks for asking about it because it reminded me that I need to do that. Have a great day!

      • Thank you for your quick reply, I’m going to go make the banana bread right now. I love your site and appreciate all the experimenting you do to help us, who have to do the gf baking. God bless you!!!

        • Baked this today, used brown rice flour in place of sorghum. Turned out great. We love it. Thanks for your recipes.

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