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Grilled Black Bean Quesadillas

We enjoy quesadillas at our house. We like to change it up a little so a few years ago we tried grilling them. We really enjoyed the results. They do get crispier with a slightly different texture but it also gives them a smokey taste.

I made a black bean version last night for dinner. Since it was a bean recipe I decided to add another recipe to Jen’s Bean Week at frugalupstate. This recipe is quick and simple. You can change it up depending on your tastes. You can easily cook this like you would normally cook a quesadilla.

Black Bean Quesadillas

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  1. MommaofMany says:

    This is a great summertime recipe. We eat it almost every week for a light dinner. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I think I am going to add this to my list of protein lunch ideas. I love your blog and all the yummy recipes!!

  3. Kirstin says:

    I’m doing “build your own quesadillas” tonight and grilling them. I’m a bit nervous about the flipping so I’m going to try putting them in foil and seeing what happens. They might not get crunchy though..guess we’ll find out. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

  4. I made this for lunch on Friday and it was delicious!! The next morning I put the extra filling on my eggs. Yummy.

  5. Thanks for letting me know, Anne. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  6. We like this with Trader Joe’s frozen roasted corn–it gives a smoky flavor. Yum!

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