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Chex Muddy Buddies

I am not a fan of the traditional Chex Mix. I never have been. I just don’t like that taste of it. But I have heard a lot about a different kind of Chex snack. My sister first told me about this recipe. She said it was great. I also read about it on several blogs and everyone said it was so good. I decided that I needed to try it and to let me kids help make it.

This was a great recipe to make with kids. It was really easy and they loved helping make it. They loved eating it even more. I think we enjoyed this to much. This is kind of like popcorn or caramel corn. Once you start eating it, it is hard to stop. I found myself continually snacking on it. I had to put it out of sight, so I would stop snacking on it.

The recipe says to mix the powdered sugar on it using a ziplock bag. I did not do this, we just mixed everything in a large bowl and it worked fine. If you have little kids a ziplock bag might work better, but I think it is a waste of a ziploc bag.

I hope you try this recipe. It is so good and so easy. Let your kids make it or at least help. They will have fun with this one.

This recipe and cooking with kids works for me.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!! I have been meaning to make some of this!!

    I grew up eating this and really enjoyed it so I am hoping my kids will too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My family loves this stuff! The only changes I make is I double the peanut butter and add more powder sugar so the chex mix is white. You are right and this definitely has to be put out of sight or I will eat way too much of it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I shake the muddy buddies in the bag the cereal comes in. You can put half in at a time and…


  4. Catherine R. says:

    I think putting peanut butter and chocolate in something is a way to make pretty much anything taste good : )

  5. YUM! We love muddy buddies!!

  6. Raggedy Girl says:

    I made this. Grandkids loved it. Hubby says… never never make this again. But he always says that when it is something he can’t resist.
    Have a smiley day!
    Roberta Anne

  7. In Michigan they call this…puppy chow.


  1. […] Muddie Buddies might just be our favorite way to eat Chex. And I have tried these with SunButter and it works really well. […]

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